How to win at the online casino? Techniques and tips

Existing since the 17th century, games of chance are an entertainment practiced by millions of people around the world. In recent years, we have seen a whole new type of money game appear: the Online casino.

Blackjack, roulette, baccarat, bingo, slot machines, scratch games, all the best casino games are now accessible from sites of mobile games. But these are not without risks for new players. Just like in a terrestrial casino in Las Vegas, it is possible to lose large sums of money if we do not know the strategies and the techniques to adopt.

Indeed, it is completely legitimate to wonder how to win a Casino online when you start in this universe? In this article we will try to give you the best advice to win the casino against the croupiers. To earn money in the casino, everything is not only based on luck, it is possible to optimize your gaming experience and therefore increase your chances of making earnings.

We will see how to win the online casino on the 3 most important types of games:

  • The slot machine
  • Table games
  • Casino Live games (live casino with croupiers)

Earning money on the best online casino sites

Online casinos are private game establishments that offer their players to enjoy exclusive bonuses and promotions. Play on Best online casinos can allow you to increase your chances of making earnings.

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🎡 Online roulette
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Here are the casinos offering the best times:

  • casinozer (100% up to $ 1,500 in bonus money offered)
  • NEVADAWIN (100% up to 2000 $ in bonus money offered)
  • Mystake (100% up to $ 1,000 in bonus money offered)

Thanks to the regular work of our online casino expert team, find on more than 20 welcome bonuses and dozens of Free without deposit bonus To be used now.

How to earn money by playing the slot machine?

The slot machine has become the most popular game over the general public. Not requiring technique or particular knowledge, slot or slots are accessible to all types of players, new and experienced.

However, it is possible to increase your chances of gaining the slot machine knowing how to choose them well. All the slots are based on a precise mathematical model and therefore they do not offer you all the same chances of victory, nor the same potential for earnings.

Several characteristics must be taken into account to choose your online slot machine well:

  • The redistribution rate (RTP)
  • Volatility
  • The characteristics (number of payment lines, type of connection, bets, etc.)
  • The type of bonus (progressive jackpot or free spins bonus)

First step: knowing the characteristics of a slot machine to increase your chances of earnings

It might seem complicated for a new online casino player, but get the details on a slot machine is very simple. Thanks to the work of our team, provides almost 1000 slot machines with all their fair characteristics ici.

To get more likely to earn money from slot machines you need to choose a slot that has a redistribution rate of 96% or more. The RTP or return rate represents the share of money given to the players by the machine. The higher this percentage, the more the game will make money to these users.

For example, the famous RISE OF MERLIN machine has a 96%RTP. This means that if a total of $ 10,000 is bet on it, $ 9,500 will be redistributed to players, and the casino will earn $ 500.

Then, you need to adapt volatility to your style of play. This term symbolizes the explosiveness of a slot machine. If volatility is very high, it means that you will earn less often but potentially larger sums of money. For example, if you are an “aggressive” player, prefer volatile slot machines.

Second step: test a free slot machine before launching into real money

If the online casino has an overwhelming advantage on the physical casino, it is accessibility to free games. Indeed, this demo option of slot machines allows any user of an online Paris site to train and test the latest games without any risk. Thanks to this game option, players can discover the different types of slot machine bonuses.

We find :

  • Classic slot machines or 3 -roller slot machines
  • Progressive slot machines or machines with progressive jackpot
  • Slot machines with free spins or free towers bonus

If you want more details and advice to choose your online slot machine, see our article now: How to choose your slot machine?

How to win at table games?

Table games are the oldest casino games that exist. Roulette, poker, video-poker, Baccarat, Blackjack or Craps, find on online casinos all possible and imaginable games.

Each game has its own rules and therefore its own strategies to win. The advantage of table games is that their return rate for players is very high:

  • Roulette RTP : 97%
  • Baccarat RTP : 98.5%
  • Blackjack RTP : 99%

How to win the Blackjack?

Table games are partly based on chance but also a lot on technique and control of its rules. Blackjack is a demanding game that will ask you to know its rules on your fingertips if you want to make money.

For this it is imperative to learn the basic strategy of tableau the Blackjack.

Discover all the possibilities and all the possible blows according to the cards you have and that of your opponent, the dealer.

To train, do not hesitate to go to a free casino (like Cresus Casino) to play without risk and learn to use the basic strategy of blackjack. The Demo mode of the Blackjack tables allows you to play without betting a penny and therefore take no risk of losing.

How to win roulette?

Despite its reputation for a completely random game, online roulette is very technical. There are many very interesting strategies that allow you to increase your chances of gaining online roulette. Who has never heard of the famous Martingale?

Find the different variants of roulette as well as the rules of each of them in our section Online roulette.

Roulette requires training and patience. Put a strategy like Martingale or Fibonacci and wait for the right time. Do not change your technique along the way, it could lead you to your loss.

Use free games to establish and master your strategy. Once the free roulette has no secrets for you, go to a reliable online casino, use your welcome bonus and win!

How to win in poker?

Poker is a unique table game. Indeed, unlike roulette, blackjack or baccara that are played against the dealer and therefore against the casino. The poker opposes each player against each other. The dealer is only there to distribute the cards and return them.

To learn to master it perfectly and win in poker you will need more time, because beyond the techniques to be put in place, you have to know how to adapt your strategy to each situation. Each hand and each part are different, and your goal is not necessarily to have the best winning combination. The poker asks the player a significant adaptation talent.

To win on online poker, do not hesitate to train on poker applications that offer free tournaments like Winamax. But that's not all, get the experience of professional poker player on live Twitch or YouTube videos. Many poker experts play on streaming platforms every day to share their poker experience and make the rules of the game discover.

Winning in poker is not easy, but with work it is the table game that can ensure the greatest potential for long -term earnings.

There is a video-poker version that you can find on online casinos.

How to win at the live casino games?

If you are a physical casino player, Live Casino is an opportunity that you will appreciate. Face real deales on more than 200 exclusive games including Blackjack Live, Live Roulette, Live Baccarat, Live Craps but not only. Indeed, in addition to the classic table games live, the online casinos now offer games like the Crazy Time, the Monopoly Live or the Lightning Roulette.

To live an impeccable gaming experience it is necessary to use an online casino platform that is fluid, reliable and which has a reactive customer service.

To increase your chances of earning money at the live casino here are some tips:

  • Favor experience publishers such as Evolution Gaming (live casino game leader).
  • Establish a strategy and do not change along the way.
  • Discover the rules of the game you have chosen before you start betting. Casino Live games do not have demo or free games mode. Do not hesitate to observe a few laps without betting before playing real money.
  • Check your Internet connection so as not to be cut right in the middle of a game.
  • Take your earnings and don't go too far. Each player is always tempted to blame more but as saying the saying: 1 yours is better than 2 you will have it. If you earn money, remove your profits.

How to earn real money on online casino?

Online casinos have become more interesting than land casinos due to the promotions and bonuses of casino offered. Despite everything, the atmosphere of a physical casino cannot be found online, which is why there are still many players who prefer reality to the virtual.

As for the Internet casino, our advice can be adapted to earn money in a real casino, however. Some game houses do not accept strategies such as roulette martingale (often authorized online, it is only very rarely in real casinos).

To increase your chances of making real money at the online casino, it is advisable to use techniques and tricks. For example, choose your slot machine according to its redistribution rate. If you prefer table games, learn the basic strategy as well as the blackjack painting to increase your chances of making earnings.

Among the most profitable games of the casino, there are many. Here is the classification by return rate to average players:

  • Slot machine - RTP: 96%
  • Roulette – RTP : 97%
  • Baccarat – RTP : 98.5%
  • Blackjack – RTP : 99%