Top 5 live casino games

Live casinos games are in enormous success around the world. And this is possible in Europe in particular thanks to Evolution gaming which simply revolutionized the world of online game. These games are authorized and regulated by three very famous games of chance regulation. These include the Maltese Gaming Authority, from UK Gambling Commission and some Alderney Gambling Control Commission. These games become cult are places of pleasure, distraction and relaxation accessible with your Bonus without deposit and with unique possibilities like the live cat which allows players to communicate with each other and with the dealer to share their feelings in joy and good humor of course.


Evolution gaming In use, getting out of classic games from Online casinos To offer unique games inspired by television shows or simply popular culture. This time we are on the set of Deal or no Deal. No need to cast a cast to participate this time, the game accepts an unlimited number of players.

How to play Deal Or Deal?

No casting, however there is a pre -selection phase. This takes place via a safe wheel that you need to run to align golden segments. For this, you have a few seconds. Once this step has been validated, you can access the game and a host, his assistant and 16 suitcases numbered will be waiting for you. Like the television show, each suitcases will wear a separate number and an amount in euros. The objective, as a player, will be to increase the amount of some or one of these suitcases to succeed in the continuation of the game with the most full of these.

On each new lap, you have the choice between take or let The offer of banker. As long as you opt for the second option, the game will continue until there are only two suitcases left. At this stage, a very last proposal from the banker will be made, you can take, let but also swap. Your final choice will of course determine the amount of the gain you will pocket.

You will be able to win until x500 your initial bet.

Top 4 : Crazy Time

Crazy Time is the last live game of the provider Evolution gaming. The best of Monopoly live et Dream Catcher Combined in a completely crazy game!

How to play Crazy Time?

To play Crazy Time, access the Live Casino section and choose " Crazy Time ».
Then you can place the sum you want on 8 different boxes (as in the photograph below).

Then the wheel begins to turn then a multiplier is defined. The wheel has a total 54 segments. When the wheel stops on a segment that included a multiplier it is then activated.

If the wheel stops on a segment with a number and you have bet on this number, you win. If the wheel stops at a bonus, the bonus is activated. If you have placed a bet on this bonus, you play the bonus. If you have not bet on this specific bonus, you can only watch it.

When the wheel stops on a number, each winning player is paid immediately. On the other hand, if the wheel stopped on a bonus, the bonus game is triggered. Once the bonus is played, all the winners are paid.

The 4 bonus boxes:

Cash Hunt will briefly display a screen filled with multipliers before they are transformed into colorful symbols. Then the game allows you to choose a multiplier in the most nags as possible: by dynamiting the playground with a cannon.
Coin Flip is very basic in principle. It is a two -sided room: a red and a blue, and each will have a multiplier value which will be assigned to it. The room is then turned over, depending on its color you will have the corresponding gain multiplier.
Pachinko reveals a large purple screen, with prices below. A ball will be released at random at the top and it will go down, bouncing from left to right until falling on a multiplier.
Crazy Time is the name of the game, but also the name of a bonus. It’s a massive wheel that can go up to 200x up to 200x at once. It can also come across a double, which will double the price of your future victory! The big wheel has three valves, and the players choose between them. The valve you choose is the price you will earn at the end of the tower.


Evolution gaming offers you a simple game that looks like the bingo or to keno But without being the copy. The game has incredible gain potential, allowing you to win until x10 000. The last final ball will be delivered to you with a multiplier that can increase your gain until 100x. Put these two together, and you look at an incredibly fun bingo version that can pay X1 000 000 Your bet.

How to play Mega Ball?

In your online casino, you go to the Live Casino section and choose " mega ball ».

You must buy cards filled with numbers. But first you need to choose the value of each of your cards, and then the number you want to buy them. The minimum is 0,10 $, the maximum is 100,00 $.

To participate, you must play at least one card and until 200 cards by maximum part.
There are 51 balls which are released in the machine. She then pulls 20 balls in a row. If a ball fired corresponds to a number on your card several times, lines of figures are filled. The more lines on your card, the more money you earn.

Then the large wheel with all multipliers is launched. The minimum multiplier is 5x, the maximum 100x. Once the last ball is drawn, the multiplier is applied to all your earnings. If you have filled one or more lines, you are paid and the next game begins.

Top 2 : Monopoly Live

Monopoly live has become an institution in Live Casino Games. Indeed this game has several features to entertain the players.

How to play Monopoly Live?

In your online casino, you go to the Live Casino section and choose " Monopoly live ».
Monopoly live has 6 Paris options. There are 4 different numbers on which to bet and 2 different bonuses. You have 12 seconds to place your bets and once the hint or the hostess will be completed. If it stops and the cursor points to a number and have placed a bet on this number, your bet will be multiplied by the number. If the wheel stops on the bonus game, it becomes active and the bonus game begins.
During this phase, Mr. Monopoly Built multipliers before launching the dice and it will take as much steps on the game set as the total of dice. If a double is launched, an additional throw is added.
The bonus game ends and if you have won, the price will be immediately added to your pay. After that, the next round begins.


La Lightning Roulette d’Evolution gaming is a game that doesn't look like any other roulette game. It uses all the best elements of extremely popular European roulette and combines them with extraordinary multipliers.
This multiplier can apply on One to five numbers and can increase their gains of x50 à x500.

How to play Lightning Roulette?

In your online casino, you go to the Live Casino section and choose " lightning roulette ».

Place all your bets on the desired figures (multipliers only apply to tokens placed on full figures, not squares or horses). Then 1 to 5 numbers Lightning are chosen at random. The figures no Lightning will be paid X30, if you come across a figure x500 You will pocket an extraordinary multiplier!

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