What is a MEGAWAYS SOULD machine?

Invented by the famous Australian casino game publisher Big time Gaming, megaways offers a very unique way to play Slot machines. In the center of this amazing concept is a game engine that allows rolls to produce a random number of symbols ranging from 2 to 7 each round. Therefore, each round brings with it a different number of lines going as far as 117 649 at most. Obviously if the number of lines is increasing, your chances of winning do the same. Extended to its maximum configuration, the slot machines megaways can very often have maximum gains potential up to X50,000 your bet. Add to that multiplier Wilds and many effects or modifiers that can explode the gains of your lines, and you can start understanding why the slot machines megaways have become such a popular phenomenon in the community of players Online casinos.

Megaways, a must -have online casinos

Some of you still wonder why the slot machines megaways have become so popular? The story is quite simple, all started when Big time Gaming chose to release the famous Blind On digital casinos in 2016. This superb slot, just as interesting for its power as for its capacity to Wager, has created a craze never seen among players. Indeed in the space of a few years the number of games megaways have multiplied at an exponential speed, and the term megaways turned into a franchise that all game publishers want to see on their latest online slot machines. The appetite of players for this new concept has no limit and the providers have understood this. This is why we see multiplying the "remakes" of very famous slot machines in megaways. We could see the release of Madame Destiny Megaways, the dog house megaways or Piggy Riches Megaways.

Take advantage of all the late MEGAWAYS SOULD MACHINES WITHOUT OUR LIST OF Exclusive without deposit bonus.


There are hundreds, see thousands of games megaways that you can find on your online casinos prefer. We have chosen to make you a selection of 10 slot machines megaways which seem objectively to us the most interesting and promising. The choice criteria are multiple, atmosphere, graphics, potential, volatility, RTP, absolutely everything that can affect the game will be taken into account.

Numéro 10 : The Dog House Megaways de Pragmatic Play

Exit during thesummer 2020, the dog house megaways has become a must when we talk about megaways. Indeed, even if it is not necessarily the favorite machine of the players it remains the continuation of one of the most famous games in the universe of online casinos The Dog House. With maximum potential of gains up to x12 305 your bet, the dog house megaways is not the most explosive of machines like, but it clearly does not have to be ashamed of its possibilities. If you like dogs and kitsch atmospheres, it is for you!

the dog house megaways is playable on all casinos that have Pragmatic Play as casinozer, Prince Ali or Wild Sultan.

Number 9: Who Wants to Be Millionnaire de Big Time Gaming

Exit in End of year 2018, Who Wants To Be Millionaire Megaways is a slot machine may not be as legendary as the show it is inspired by, but just as promising anyway. In effect, Big time Gaming We have concocted an atmosphere reproduced with accuracy. Whether it is the visual, the atmosphere or the bonus, it looks like it! Add maximum earning potential to that X50,000 your, and the dream of winning one day the million may not be one soon. Who Wants To Be Millionaire is an excellent machine megaways Who despite moderately high volatility can really make you rich. If you haven't tried it yet do not wait!

Who Wants To Be Millionaire Megaways is playable on all casinos that have the publisher Big time Gaming as Prince Ali, And intend or Madnix.

Number 8: Majestic Megaways from ISOFTBET

Majestic Megaways bears his name very well. Indeed this exit machine during the Start of year 2020 is simply majestic on all points of view. Graphically very beautiful, with a bewitching soundtrack and a very interesting explosiveness. Indeed, with excellent maximum potential of gains up to x35,000 your Majestic is a casino game megaways Classic in the concept but perfect as a whole. IsoftBet has managed an excellent engine to the engine of the engine megaways And we love it!

Majestic Megaways is playable on all casinos that have the publisher IsoftBet as Croesus, Prince Ali or Wild Sultan.

Numéro 7 : Buffalo Rising Megaways de Blueprint Gaming

We were forced to reveal Buffalo Rising Megaways of BluePrint In this Top 10. It is certainly the least known slot machine of this ranking and yet it is very expensive in our hearts. Release at the end of 2019, Buffalo Rising, despite a maximum potential of enough earnings for a megaways (x10,000 your) is very interesting. At first because we love games with bison but above all because it can allow you to make big gains as much as make your most difficult wager. You can also find it in our Classification of the best slot machines for wager. If you appreciate the machines megaways Classic, you will necessarily like it!

It is rarer for the American -speaking community to meet Buffalo Rising Megaways All Action on online casinos but it is available with VPN on Prince Ali Casino.

Number 6: Piggy Riches Megaays by Red Tiger

Exit in January 2020, Piggy Riches Megaways is a beautiful slot machine to look with a well -constructed mathematical model that has interesting features and good potential of earnings of x10 474 your bet. In short, it is a solid game that is based on the great classic Piggy Riches of NetEnt. The addition of megaways To an old slot machine is hardly a catalyst for an evolution of the game. However, it is an excellent game. Monsieur and Madame Piggy have never been so happy, and this new experience is clearly superior to the original which is starting to be a bit old. By saying that, the first Piggy Riches was a popular slot machine and most fans will be delighted with the remake.

Piggy Riches Megaways is playable on all casinos that have the publisher Red Tiger as NevadaWin Casino, Prince Ali or And intend.

Number 5: Extra Chilli Megaways from Big Time Gaming

As you can suspect, the publisher that you will most often see in this ranking is of course Big time Gaming. Inventor and holder of the famous license, it is not they who produce the most slot machines megaways, but when one of their game is born, it is always a success. And this is the case with Extra Chilli Exit in 2018. Indeed, this essential machine of online casinos is a phenomenal suite of Blind that all fans of megaways will appreciate. The presence of the bonus betting wheel makes it a real roller coaster. It's fantastic when Extra Chilli is on your side but brutally devastating when it is not the case. The concept of the bonus gamble has been taken up many times since on machines like Cherry Pop et Bounty Pop. As such, it is a game for real lovers of thrills rather than those who just want to relax. Generally, Extra Chilli turns out to be one of the best machines to ever created, especially for unconditional players looking for an adrenaline thrust.

Extra Chilli Megaways is playable on all casinos that have the publisher Big time Gaming as Prince Ali, And intend or Madnix.


Aztec Gold Megaways is one of those slot machines that can go from nothing to 100 in the blink of an eye. Produced by IsoftBet and exit in October 2019 This slot machine is the first opus megaways of the publisher. Aztec Gold is rather well balanced, and it is above all very original. Its concept based on multipliers (which may make one think of Money Train) Create an excitation and a single tension. With maximum earning potential up to x19 200 your bet and a very singular gameplay, Aztec Gold is a great slot machine that can delight all types of players, even those who are not fans of the usual concepts of megaways. The first title megaways d’IsoftBet is unique, refreshing and phenomenal.

Aztec Gold Megaways is playable on all casinos that have the publisher IsoftBet as Croesus, Prince Ali or Wild Sultan.

Numéro 3 : Legacy of Ra Megaways de Blueprint Gaming

Exit in start of year 2019, Legacy Of Ra megaways is a slot machine that we hear little about. However, its unique concept combining two gameplay like Megaways and Book of Ra, makes it simply extraordinary. Add to that an extraordinary earning potential of X50,000 your And you will get one of the most volatile and explosive online casino games of all time. We could not offer a podium of slot machines megaways without becoming the incredible Legacy Of Ra. Often overlooked from the American -speaking community this slot of BluePrint deserves your full attention if you like these gameplays.

It is rarer for the American -speaking community to meet Legacy of Ra Megaways on online casinos but it is available with VPN on Prince Ali casesno or Jack21.

Number 2: Gonzo’s Quest Megaways from Red Tiger

We couldn't talk about Gonzo’s Quest Megaways Not to mention his ancestor. Indeed, the first opus Gonzo’s Quest was one of the most played slot machines never released on online casinos. It seemed unthinkable that NetEnt Do not refresh one of these greater successes through Red Tiger. And all anxious fans of the first can push a huge sigh of relief, because remake is a real treat to play, and probably even better than its predecessor. Fundamentally, everything that made the first Gonzo’s Quest If fun has been kept and the engine megaways Simply improved the experience, at all levels. With a maximum potential of x21 000 your bet and a unique gameplay, Gonzo’s Quest Megaways done without any hesitation part of the slot machines megaways The most qualitative you can find on an online casino.

Gonzo’s Quest Megaways is playable on all casinos that have the publisher Red Tiger as Cresus, Prince Ali or And intend.

Number 1: Bonanza Megaways from Big Time Gaming

The first position of this top 10 of the best MEGAWAYS SOULD machines is of course attributed to Blind. Besides the quality of this slot itself, Blind was very influential, popularizing the concept megaways worldwide while propelling Big time Gaming Almost overnight as one of the main suppliers in the online casino industry. Thanks to this machine, the looks turned to Big time Gaming Having the world realized that the game supplier had enormous potential with enormous gains potentials, and a unique game engine. When we write this article, 5 years old, the exit of Bonanza Megaways (Release in 2016), there is always a growing multiplication of the number of megaways sub -machines in the world of Igaming. Bonanza is not the most beautiful, the most volatile machine, or the one that has the biggest gains potential, but it is perfectly balanced and Big Time Gaming has made it an incomparable machine. With a potential of earnings of x10,000 your, it can make you have a very good time but it can also thanks to its superb balance you Help make your longest and complicated wager. Ultimately, Blind was, is, and will remain the slot machine megaways The most qualitative that you will find on your favorite online casinos.

Bonanza andaways is playable on all casinos that have the publisher Big time Gaming as Prince Ali, And intend or Madnix.