Neosurf Casino: a reliable means to deposit on a casino

Among the multitude of payment methods offered by online casino sites, Neosurf stands out for its simplicity and reliability to make deposits or money withdrawals from your player account, all of this without costs and in any discretion. We explain in this review how Neosurf works and why it is a payment solution so appreciated by the players.

The best casinos to deposit with Neosurf

Most online casino sites offer Neosurf among payment methods. We offer below a selection of 3 of the best online casino sites who accept Neosurf.


casinozer is an online casino with a rich and diversified toy library, many promotions for new players and above all a very good reputation with players. Many bonuses and jackpots are also available for existing players in order to increase the chances of winning. It is possible to take advantage of 100% up to $ 500 on the first neosurf deposit.

Prince Ali Casino

Prince Ali Casino is a new online casino which made its debut in 2020 and which provides players more than 2,500 games in its toy library. The site enjoys a very good reputation despite its young age thanks to a professional customer service and a very well developed interface.

Mystake casino

Mystake is one of the best online casinos of the moment. The site is very recent but still offers more than 3000 different games to the delight of players. Welcome bonuses are very attractive with more than $ 1000 available in Neosurf.

How does the Neosurf tickets work?

Neosurf is an online payment solution that works via the use of prepaid cards. With a Neosurf ticket, you can make financial transactions online in complete safety and keeping your anonymity because it is not necessary to communicate your personal data or your bank data.

Whether it is to make purchases on online sites or for online player at the casino, Neosurf will suit perfectly. Neosurf tickets have a unique and secure code composed of 10 characters. The value of a ticket can vary between $ 10 and 150 $.

Good to know : There are also specific neosurf cards for minors. These cards can be activated only on sites where a legal minimum age is not required. In this way, minors will be able to benefit from the advantages of Neosurf without risk.

How to get and where to buy Neosurf tickets?

It is very simple and quick to get a Neosurf ticket. To do this, two methods exist: online purchase or purchase in a physical point of sale.

Online purchase

Online purchase is certainly the fastest method. To get an online neosurf ticket, you can either open a free Neosurf account, or go through one of the Neosurf partner online resellers.

When buying online, you will have to communicate your email address and choose the desired amount for your Neosurf ticket. You will then be asked to make payment online with the payment method of your choice: bank transfer, credit card, etc. You will then receive your ticket with its unique code by e-mail.

Purchase in a physical point of sale

The advantage of purchase in a physical point of sale is that it is not necessary to send an email address or pay bank card. Many traders offer Neosurf tickets for sale, such as tobacconists or service stations. You must ask the merchant for a ticket and indicate the desired amount.

Once the payment is made, you will receive your Neosurf ticket with its single code. Preciously keep this ticket, otherwise you risk losing your electronic currency.

Why use Neosurf on an online casino?

Neosurf is a very advantageous solution, especially to play on an online casino. Here are the main advantages of this payment solution.

Anonymity - You should not communicate your banking and personal information to use the Neosurf solution.

Safety gain - This is a very secure method because there is no longer any risk linked to hacking or online flight.

Widespread payment solution - Most of Online casinos offer neosurf players as a payment method. You can therefore make your deposits and withdrawals of money on almost all sites.

Possible to make withdrawals - unlike other prepaid cards, such as CASHlib Or Paysafecard, with Neosurf you can withdraw your money from your player account directly on your Neosurf account. You can also consult your balance on your account.

How to use Neosurf tickets on a casino?

The operation is very simple and is done in several steps.

  • At first meet in a physical point of sale Neosurf (a tobacco office for example) or on a Neosurf online sales platform (Like Dundle for example).
  • Then go to a casino Neosurf like Casinozer, and Register On the game platform.
  • Once identified, you just have to deposit On the site to take advantage of your Neosurf casino bonus. In the "deposit" tab, the Neosurf payment method is offered to you, click on it. You will then be asked toInsert your unique code made up of 10 characters So that your money is instantly transferred to your player account.
  • You can now Play with your deposit and a bonus up to $ 500 offered !

We just have to wish you good luck for your session!

You can go to the Neosurf website and create a free online account to buy your ticket or go to one of Neosurf's partner resellers. Once the payment is made, you will receive your ticket on your email address.

Go to the online casino website of your choice and choose the Neosurf payment solution from the solutions offered. You will then be asked to introduce your unique code. After that, you will receive the money instantly on your player account.

Most of the best online casino sites or sports betting offer players various fully secure payment methods including Neosurf.