In the space of a few months, a young Lille streamer barely 22 ans is talked about. This online gambling keeper, of his real name William, is known by the pseudonym of Vitapvpey. By dint of work, he becomes an essential character in American -speaking slots. Let's discover his wonderful story!

Who is the Streamer Casino Vitapvpey?

vitapvpey is known for having carried out a dazzling course in the world of games. Is it luck, destiny or professional determination? In the personal case of Vitapvpey, it was above all his determination in the work that has crowned his efforts of success.

Like many streamers, Vita started with activities video games. When he started, he had already made himself known in the field of gaming through Minecraft. Subsequently, he broadcast many contents of Fortnite. At the time, Fortnite was a revolutionary game prized by a very large number of players.

Thread by needle, vitapvpey, landed in the world of Online casino games. Very quickly, he is one of the most followed streamers on Twitch in the American -speaking world and finds himself propelled into 5e position. But Vitapvpey does not rest on his laurels and continues to improve over the days.

His joie de vivre, his selflessness, his relentlessness at work made him a young streamer who arrives at Coaling his dream And to live it for a long time. Since early 2021, it is particularly dynamic on many online casinos. But how did it get there? We will discover it by following his career.

The youth and the vitapvpey school career

Vitapvpey is fromLille origin. He spent his childhood in this northern region of USA. At one time, he was with his family in the Paris region. He went through difficult times, especially for school reasons: he was excluded from the college he frequented.

Vitapvpey admits with a humor That it is not the great love between him and the establishment. On the other hand, in parallel with his studies, he started very young on Twitch and on Youtube. As early as 2014, he already offered several interesting content from Minecraft. The incredible crowd of spectators on his lives has earned him a remarkable success. Very easily, he managed to bring together 1500 to 2000 viewers At the same time: a real record!

But despite its undeniable success in the world of games, Vitapvpey does not abandon his studies. He decides to go to boarding school to prepare and pass his patent. And to be able to take over the school career normally, he temporarily suspends his publications on Twitch and Youtube. Somehow, he wins a Professional BAC Electronic Electronic Digital.

In 2018, Vitapvpey turned to Fortnite which was the most popular game of this year. Upon his return to the Internet, he embarked on successful best-of on YouTube. He thus won the massive membership of his large Twitch community, of foolproof loyalty. Such a great success pushes him to make a crucial decision: he will stop his studies to devote himself entirely to streaming.

Du streaming au casino gambling VitaPvPey

Vitapvpey audience rates are gaining more and more scope. So much so that different sites the young streamer. These sites offer him various partnerships, especially in the field of gambling.

Among these sites is the platform Bitcasino. Bitcasino is the most rated online game site during this period. This did not prevent him from taking the first step. He then asked Vitapvpey to carry out sessions in terms of his online casino. The streamer accepted and the experience experienced a huge success, since the field was not new to him.

Vitapvpey did not hesitate to take the plunge, because he had already viewed a large number of Slots streams by bidule, par Develop and even by Teufeurs, among others. The streams were booming. He is aware of the immense potential conferred by full development streams. This is why, Vitapvpey decides to drop everything to devote himself exclusively. From the start of 2021, he suggested that his followers follow him.

He then broadcasts breathtaking gambling sessions. Over four months, he's going to stream Every day for long hours, which is an eExceptional XPloit. He stremed even during the holidays, without any day of rest or exception. This continual presence helps to definitively endorse the ambition of the young vitapvpey. The hard work he shows justifies what he has finally become today.

How to find Vitapvpey on the Internet?

We can find Vitapvpey on different networks and platforms. On his site internet, on his Twitch channel and on his channel Youtube.

The Vitapvpey affiliation site

Vitapvpey's success is no longer to be demonstrated. To professionalize, he decides to create his own affiliation site to which he gives the name of ShadowBonus. This is a Online casinos comparator which brings together many American -speaking online games with which Vitapvpey has established partnerships.

The Shadowbonus site, as its name suggests, displays Welcome Bonus and Exclusive offers For new customers who are part of the various virtual establishments. It also offers without deposit bonuses as well as informative data on many offers. A help support is also available to help you in any of your procedures.

The icing on the cake, you will also find on the Shadowbonus affiliation site a section " Boutique ». This section presents the different offers from which you can benefit from tokens that you can win by looking at the lives of Vitapvpey on Twitch. You can exchange these tokens for an amount in cash on different online casinos or against gifts such as Mug, Air Pods 2, or PS5. You can even Share a live wager, even win 50 % of gains. The creation of the Shadowbonus site is very recent, but promises a very rapid development in the coming months.

Vitapvpey's Twitch channel

Vitapvpey began his adventure on Twitch now 7 years ago. Before that, he spent hundreds of hours on Minecraft and Fortnite. Now it focuses mainly on the slots. Its very first deposit on online casino has something to do with it: with a deposit of 50 $ en raw money, he left with a consequent withdrawal of $ 3,000. It was this incredible experience and the proven feeling that made him want to go for the crazy Casino adventure.

Vitapvpey was right. He is now among the larger streamers American -speaking slots. He follows very close to giants as Teufeurs, Loopoo, Bidule or Casiibro. The success of the young streamer is such that the figures speak for themselves: it has recently been exceeding the symbolic bar of 100 000 followers on his Twitch channel.

Where does this quick success come from? In the incredible rise in the world of online slot machines, you would say. Certainly, but his original animation technique and his strong personality also play a decisive role there. His way of animate pleases viewers a lot. Vitapvpey is a kind and endearing character who seduces a considerable number of spectators.

As its success does not stop growing, Vitapvpey does not stop exporting and continuing its ascent. He decided at the end of July to increase the pace on his Twitch. To do this, he now makes two streams on his channel: one in the morning and another in the evening. For morning streams, you will find Marine, Vitapvpey's partner for 5 years. She is now in charge of Live every morning from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. It even continues beyond 3 p.m. if the session is good. The very recent arrival of Marine as a streamer did not prevent him from adapting very quickly to the middle and of giving the impression of being a long -standing regular. Vitapvpey remains faithful to the position every evening from 9 p.m.

Vitapvpey's YouTube channel

Aside from its streams with Twitch, Vitapvpey offers its large community to support it on His YouTube channel. On the latter, he regularly broadcasts videos, at a frequency of about once a week. These videos are mainly of the best-ofs of its sessions at the online casino.

This allows his followers to live strong and unforgettable moments such as extraordinary calls, breathtaking madness and especially disorderly big wins. Vitapvpey's YouTube channel already has more 54 000 followers, figure that continues to increase over time.

What casino games can we find the Streamer Vitapvpey?

Vitapvpey is a casino player who appreciates all types of games. You can see it most often on slot machines like The Dog House, Gates of Olympus or Sweet Bonanza but also on table games or live games like Blackjack or Roulette.

What are the biggest gains in Streamer Twitch Vitapvpey?

During a stream with his girlfriend, the streamer casino vitapvpey realizes the gros gain possible On the slot machine Rainbow Road of Pragmatic Play by carrying out the X20,000 And pocket the sum of $ 20,000 in 1 $.

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