Tyler Faraz Nikman, better known under his nickname " Trainwreckstv "Is a 31 -year -old American who made himself known mainly by streaming content on Twitch, the live stream platform. His honesty and humor, mixed with some controversial statements, allowed him to become famous in the United States.

Who is the streamer trainwreckstv?

Difficult to classify in a TrainWreckSTV category. Indeed, he is not properly spoken a gamer, but he happens to him streamer Of the video games Like World of Warcraft, Call of Duty or Halo, popular games that allowed him to attract an important audience. Lately, the young man embarked on Online casino games, streamant ses parties et ses gains.

The beginnings of trainwreckstv streaming

Although in 2014, Tyler graduated from analytical philosophy to the Arizona State University, he begins to stream on Twitch, first video games, especially combat and MMORPG, such as World of Warcraft, Counter Strike or League of Legend. He also shares His opinion on various subjects And discuss live with people looking at his live.

At first, few people look at his live, but the young man perseves and continues to stream his game sessions and debate with his audience, sometimes even serious subjects. Little by little, he abandons video games and begins to stream his daily life and share his opinions on more and more subjects, which allows him to attract the sympathy of the public and to win many followers.

His personality distinguishes him from other streamers, hence the interest that spectators have to him.

His success gradually allows him to live from his lives and his videos.

Between 2014 and 2018, TrainwreckSTV managed to multiply by ten The average of its spectators and its content has completely diverted video games to focus on subjects of debate and the explanation of "drama", that is to say the explanation of controversy, which sometimes sometimes concern him, not without consequences on his Twitch channel.

Trainwreckstv et les bans Twitch

The streamer and known, and appreciated by some, for his franchise and his trenchant On some subjects. During his lives, he launched many debates and did not hesitate to argue his point of view, even on subjects deemed sensitive. Sometimes his too trenched opinions have earned him banishments From the Twitch, this point of view of respecting community rules.

While his channel was in full expansion, he is then banished 5 days. Indeed, in 2017, the young man protests against the presence of young bare women streaming on Twitch by playing their physical assets and, according to him, the despair and loneliness of certain spectators, ready to give very large sums to these women .

He believes that these women do not deserve by their success unlike other creators who are less known than they, and uses insulting terms to qualify them. These words earn him a first banishment.

He ends up explaining and apologizing in half a word, explaining during an interview given to a video game blog, Kotaku, that his words were intended for a minority of women on Twitch, the "0.1% who use their bodies for money ”.

A year later, in 2018, he was again banished because he recurred: during a part of the Overwatch game broadcast live, he pronounces words deemed sexist, considering women as lower than men and having equality of equality unfounded, because one of his live game partners did not come to help him quickly enough. This time the duration of the ban is indefinite.

Unable to stream, TrainWreckSTV then decides to prepare and embark on new projects, including the "Scuffed Podcast" which brings together other streamers, and which is perhaps its most successful project.

The evolution of TrainWreckSTV on Twitch

After its banishment, TrainWreckSTV launched the " Scuffed Podcast "(Literally the" scratched podcast ") which brings together several other streamers, with various opinions and personalities, sometimes different from TrainWreckSTV, to discuss various and varied subjects, whether it is Politics, of the'economy or society.

The speakers in this podcast are very numerous and change from one episode to another: it can be gamers, personalities from social networks, other streamers, sometimes even Hollywood actors, professional sportsmen or even Pornographic films actors.

Thanks to the diversity of stakeholders who have their fanbase themselves, the podcast is quickly a success and gives the impression of a simple discussion with friends: all those who are present participate from their house and broadcast their image by camera.

Thanks to the popularity of the podcast, TrainWeckSTV succeeds in bringing together several large sums to make donations to charities. In 2020, the streamer and the participants of his podcast managed to bring together more than 40,000 dollars of Australia For the protection and restoration of nature in Australia after the fires that hit the country during the year 2019.

During another episode, still in 2020, 35 000 dollars are lifted for the benefit of the association "Color of Change", a non-profit organization allowing the defense of civil rights in the United States, especially those of African-Americans.

At the same time, TrainwreckSTV manages to regain control of its Twitch channel, and begins to stream its games on the game Among Us, strategy game where it is gifted thanks to its persuasion capacities of other players and its analysis of different situations. At the end of 2020, he participated in the tournament Code Red Among Us and wins first place, winning by the same 5000 dollars.

In November 2020, during the electoral night in the United States, which opposed Joe Biden and Donald Trump, he is the Second most watched Twitch channel, with over 600,000 hours of viewing. The first and third most watched channel being those of his colleagues also participating in the Scuffed Podcast: Hasan Piker and Mizkif.

A 2021, Trainer StrugsTV Dengage AU USA In order to escape the cryptocurrency tax that the United States has set up, and is almost exclusively launched into online casino games.

Today, his Twitch channel accumulates more 86 millions view and 2 millions de followers. Her YouTube channel accumulates more than 27 millions of views and 200,000 subscribers.

The arrival of TrainwreckSTV in the online casino

The streamer turn to online casino games is difficult to explain. It turns out that Trainwreckstv invited the streamer Roshtein In his "scuffed podcast", but this streamer specializes in Casino games And only does that on Twitch. It is therefore possible that Roshtein initiated Trainwreckstv to the casino games.

In 2021, TrainwreckSTV therefore started streaming its games Online casino, and as usual, he embarked entirely in this hobby. He thus puts very large sums, up to several tens of thousands of dollars, while playing on the most risky slot machines with the biggest possible bets.

Its energism and aggressiveness in the game attracts spectators and allows it to garner huge gains sometimes exceeding the half-million dollars.

Immersion jackpots and gains from TrainWreckSTV

By dint of playing casino games, TrainWreckSTV has started to bet more and more important, up to several hundred dollars. Obviously, this practice is very risky and is not recommended for beginners. Anyway, this risk -taking allowed him to obtain large gains several times, especially two notables:

  • On the game Buffalo King, he wins 720 000$ : When he plays on Buffalo King, an online slot machine, he puts $ 500 per spin. He gets a bonus allowing him to run the machine for free. After two laps, he gets the jackpot!
  • On the Cash Hunt game of Crazy Time, he wins 501 000 dollars : This is a game where the player targets targets where his hidden multiplicators, allowing to win the sum required multiplied by the affected multiplier. He then puts $ 1,000 when he plays with a bonus, and affects the X500 multiplier. So he managed to win half a million dollars

How to find Trainwreckstv?

If the character intrigues you or if you are interested in casino game streams, you can find TrainWreckSTV on several platforms: YouTube et Twitch.

The TrainWreckSTV Twitch channel

Trainwreckstv is particularly present on his Twitch channel. He does not have a specific program and does not stream on specific dates, but once subscribed to his channel, you can receive notifications when it is live.

The Trainwreckstv YouTube channel

Trainwreckstv also rebrobshes some of his streams on his Youtube channel, you therefore do not necessarily have to have a Twitch account to follow it. He also sometimes publishes other videos with other creators. He publishes several times a week, but the videos are not all about casino games.

What are the biggest gains in Streamer Trainwreckstv?

Trainwreck is an extraordinary casino streamer. You can see him playing in turn up to $ 1,500. These incredible figures therefore lead to gains which can sometimes go up to $ 15,000,000 in gains in a single bonus. Discover in video some of his most beautiful casino gains on Twitch.

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