Florian, better known by his nickname " Kawabouka », Is a 24 -year -old young Americanman who has gained popularity thanks to his YouTube videos where he played Clash of Clans, Clash Royale et Fortnite. Recently, he turned to the platform Twitch To streamer in particular its poker and casino games.

Who is the Kawaboumga streamer?

Bordeaux and practicing surfing, the young man is appreciated by his viewers thanks to his character. He holds his pseudo not ninja turtles in the cartoon of the 1990s as he said himself but of a cry that he would have pushed when he was surfing.

Kawaboumga's journey on YouTube

Kawaboumga is starting to play video games when he is a teenager. He launches on YouTube at 17 ans While he is still in high school and he is about to pass his baccalaureate. Although of his own opinion it was perhaps not the best time to get into the videos, at the time, few videographers produced content on mobile video games.

He therefore decides to start making videos on the game "Clash of Clans" and succeeds in gathering a small community. He also films his games on Clash Royale, always a mobile game, then on the PC game Fortnite As soon as it was released, even before the game became a huge success with the youngest.

It is gaining more and more popularity, especially among the youngest, as Fortnite becomes a hit. He then succeeded in reaching medium of views revolving around 100 000, and its use of Twitch will not come until much later. Indeed, he certainly creates a Twitch chain in parallel to his YouTube channel but does not really use it.

Kawaboumga arrival in the online casino

It is only from 2018 that Kawaboumga decides to broadcast his Casino parts on YouTube, especially on the game site " Crest Casino », What interests a certain number of people, however, broadcasting games of chance on YouTube is prohibited and during the third live, the diffusion is stopped and the chain is suspended For an undetermined time. The Youtuber therefore decides to migrate to the Twitch platform, however the number of spectators is not the same and is much lower.

Unlike other English -speaking casino game streamers, Kawaboumga Do not put huge sums on his spins, he prefers to stay on sums revolving around a ten euros, which makes even more impressive the sums he has won, going as far as Over 30,000 euros, although this does not equal the sums won by English -speaking streamers like Trainwreckstv who was able to win up to a half-million dollars.

Kawaboumga has already stremed games where he succeeded in winning big gains, compared to the sworn sum. Thus, on the online slot machine Yum Yum, who had just come out, Kawaboumga plays several parts in order to try to understand his relatively complex functioning, and to obtain a bonus.

He plays there for several hours and ends up getting the bonus and a gain from 1200 euros, certainly quite low, but profitable in view of the starting set of 4 euros. However, at the last spin he managed to pocket 4000$ in one blow, which makes a total of a gain in 5200 euros on this machine.

Very appreciated by the streamer, the slot machine Sweet Bonanza is a known and classic machine. He plays there for several hours and succeeded several big shots, accumulating at the end of his games Over 10,000 euros

Recently, Kawaboumga tried the slot machine Rise Of Merlin For several streams, in order to get the bonus that the machine offers, what he manages to do during a stream where he himself declares to have a good feeling. However, it takes about twenty minutes of play and a hundred euros in betting to finally succeed in having this bonus.

The purpose of this machine is to obtain as many "scatters" as possible in order to unlock other symbols and multiply the sums won.

Kawaboumga gets a bonus allowing him to run the wheel for free 64 times, for ten minutes. During these towers, he managed to accumulate beautiful sums, making a beautiful jackpot at the end: Over 35,000 euros.

How to find Kawaboumga on the Internet?

Kawaboumga's Twitch Channel

According to statistics, Kawaboumga's Twitch channel, which he called " Kawaboupaop ", Created in 2014, and really active since 2016. He really puts himself in 2018 et Since 2020 is almost present daily. He wanted to launch new challenges and show that he was able to be interesting on other videos than video games.

So he starts from scratch to Twitch streaming his poker games, a game he appreciates. If at the beginning, during his streams, only one around twenty people gathered to watch him play, gradually this number increases to arrive today at a medium -sided around 900 to 1000.

In 2022, his Twitch channel accumulated a little more 70 000 followers et 2 million views with peaks of viewers who can go as far as 5000 people during very popular casino game streams.

It is above all thanks to the poker that he managed to bring together a new audience: for a few months, he became a partner with the online poker site Winamax And becomes "WIP" that is to say Winamax important people, allowing it to obtain more and more viewers.

If at the start of his Twitch channel, he shared his time between poker and online casino, today he devotes himself almost exclusively to slot machine streams, sometimes up to three hours in a row. He was even able to sign a partnership with online casino game sites such as Bitcasino.

Kawaboumga streames today almost every day, at various hours, with sometimes a few days of break, without real schedule predetermined time.

Kawaboumga's YouTube channel

Launched 2014, Kawaboumga's YouTube channel allowed him to make himself known to the general public, first by making videos on mobile games Clash of Clans et Clash Royale as well as PC game Fortnite During the hype that this game has experienced. Today, the chain accumulates almost 760,000 subscribers et 168 million views.

The first two years thanks to video games, he managed to obtain 100,000 subscribers, and seeks to make his channel grow by making many live on Fortnite and Clash Royale. From his first live, he brings together many people, with a Pic de Viewers at 6000.

In the following live, he will even reach records at 15,000 spectators. At that time, he did not see the point of moving on Twitch, even if the chain was already created, since it already had a lot of followers on YouTube.

However, since 2020, the young man has put aside his channel to devote himself completely to Twitch. In 2021, he posts a video again, promising to be more regular, but the last video posted on his channel dates fromAugust 2021.

Kawaboumgaop's future Twiboumgaop

In 2022, Kawaboumga announced that he has several projects for the future. He obviously intends to continue his streams on Twitch, but also possibly resume your YouTube channel that he relaunched the first time in 2021 with a video where he talks about slot machine again: he sets a maximum gain goal after buying a bonus of 1000 euros, a video he makes in collaboration with Yoha sale, a professional poker player.

He also moved to Painted In 2021. Although the videographer had promised to regularly republish videos on his YouTube channel, every two days, today he devotes himself almost only to his Twitch channel which accumulates more and more viewers.

What are Kawaboumga's favorite games?

Kawaboumgaop is a casino player who appreciates playing all types of entertainment. You can find it on games of money such as poker or blackjack but also and above all on slot machines. Among these is Pragmatic Play games that we most often see, with virtual slot machines like The Dog House, Sweet Bonanza, Wild West Gold or Madame Destiny.

But it's not all the streamer Casino Kawaboumga, also likes to play on some mini-games like Plinko.

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