How to stop playing online casino?

Normally, stopping the online casino would not be a problem because it would be enough to leave the game. It seems very easy for a person who has just learned at Online casino, the same for those who play in free mode. However, for a player who has already tasted the taste of victory, it is not always easy.

In this case, we can talk about an addiction to the game. Do you think it is not possible to be addicted to the online casino? So you are wrong. There are many people who cannot go out in the addiction trap. This may be due to several reasons, but in any case, these people must regain control. Indeed, theAddiction to money game can cause big problems. This is why, in this article, we decided to tell you more about the means to stop playing online casino.

Why stop playing?

Everyone can have their own reasons, but one of the main causes of the judgment remains addiction. L'addiction is characterized by a strong Want to play continuously online casinos. This is often due by:

  • The desire to regain
  • The desire to catch up
  • Boring

That said, addiction has other even more dangerous consequences such as bankruptcy, debts, theft, marital problems.

The only way not to worsen the player's situation is to stop. Indeed, some players think they can repay their debts while playing, but this is not often the case. Worse, it will only increase the losses.

Our advice to stop playing online casino

Stop playing seems easy for people less affected by addiction. Nevertheless, this is a great task for people trapped in the dependence of the games. Through these tips, we think we help a few players in distress.

Assess the situation

This is the first thing to do when you think the Online casinos start ruining you. To do this, take the time to Calculate the total money of silver That you have invested in the game. Then, do the same on the total amount of money you have earned. By subtracting both, you can assess your total gain or your total loss. If you get a positive value, it is time to consider stopping so as not to loss. Otherwise, it is imperative that you stop playing so as not to worsen your case.

This evaluation also makes it possible to take a step back, and to see if the Online casinos really brought you good things or not. To do the calculations, you can use the data from your bankrolls, your bank accounts or other sources of money.

Detecting games related to games

Sometimes we don't realize the problems caused by gambling. Indeed, addiction to argent games will not only cause financial problems, it can also be the source of other problems. For example, if you spend too much time at games, your loved ones will be neglected, and this can be worsened easily. According to studies, the Argents games are among the recurring causes of divorces within a home. In most cases, other family members feel abandoned by the dependent person.

On the other hand, online casinos can also cause view problems without you realizing it. Indeed, to play Online casinos, you must have a computer, a smartphone or a tablet. These light screens are sometimes the first causes of vision problems.

To decide

Deciding is one of the hardest stages to perform for a person dependent on online casinos. We often say to ourselves "tomorrow, I will stop" or "my case is not that painful". But afterwards, we always end up realizing that it is too late. That said, deciding can be done by a simple whim. This is already a good thing, but stopping definitely is another thing.

Gradually stop

Like tobacco, alcohol or other drugs, online casinos are not arrested overnight. You think it's easy, but we always end up falling back. As a result, the best techniques is to stop gradually. How do we do that ? Start by reducing your playing time. If you are used to playing between 2 to 6 hours a day, decrease this by 30 minutes a day. In this way, you will perceive your daily efforts. Then, by persevering, you will end up stopping definitively.

On the other hand, if you are not strong in self-control, you can get help by a loved one or a friend who will remind you each time you exceed the time limit.

Find other activities

You have stopped the casinos online, but the temptation remains as long as you still have free time. For this, we advise you to find another activity that could distract you. In most of the cases, Practice sports It remains the best solution to fill your free time. In addition, your health will improve and your stress will decrease. Know that some sports can also make you addictive, but in a good sense of the word.

In addition, some former players prefer the video game, the gardening and DIY. These activities do not make you lose money. On the contrary, you can win it if you are very clever.

Also think of voyages and small walks. There are so many places to discover in this world. No need to pay a large sum of money, you just have to visit the neighboring city or a village not far from yours. In this way, you will not only discover new things, but you will also meet new people. Over the days, you will end up forgetting the games of money.

Talk about the problem to relatives or friends

Relatives and friends can find others more effective solutions For your addiction to gambling. Otherwise, the simple fact of talking about it could also relieve you a little. You will get moral support. In speak with people is a more effective solution than other methods. If you can't find someone to share your concerns, you can talk about it with a psychologist or specialists. Right now, there are even seminars for dependent people in the money.

More radical solutions

If you follow these tips, it is very likely that you end up stopping the casinos online. However, these tips are not always sufficient for some people who have played for years. For these people, here are some more radical solutions:

Be voluntarily prohibited from games

Some online casino sites allow you to make a Voluntary game prohibition. What is it about? This option is available on online games and Paris sites approved by the ANJ. It allows a player to apply for a minimum voluntary prohibition of 3 years in American territory. Know that only the person concerned can make the request. The request must be signed and must include details, time slot and copy of an identity document.


L’auto-exclusion Works like the demand for a ban, but it is more flexible. Self-exclusion can be done in gaming sites and other casinos during the request, the person concerned can choose the duration of his exclusion who must be understood Between 24 hours and 12 months.

In case of relapse

Falling for addiction is already a bad thing, but relapting is even worse. This often happens to the dependent players who were able to stop for a while.

The cause of relapses often varies according to the person, their age and their situation. Studies have shown that people who do not have moral support are the most likely to relapse. That said, if you haven't relapsed yet, we advise you to get help before falling back into the trap.

However, if you cannot contain the temptation, you have to re -mobilize as soon as possible. To do this, remember the last time you were in addiction. Remember the bad times you've spent.

In conclusion, we wish you not to arrive at the addiction stadium. The key is to manage your time well. Do not consider the online casino as a full -time job or even a job at all. Consider it as a simple hobby that revolves around luck. Allocate a special budget to your games and never exceed this threshold. So you never risk falling into the addiction of online casinos. Entering this spiral is easy, but getting out of it is very difficult.

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