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With the health restrictions that have appeared since 2020, the casinos have been gradually deserted for the benefit of Online casinos. It has become very easy to relax and play real games using the Internet on your smartphone, for just as real gains.

Mobile casinos offer all the typical games of physical casinos, with for each new features, particularities that make them really attractive. There is thus the roulette, the black jack or the craps. But in the middle of these essentials, little -known games pierce and interest players from all walks of life. the Sic Bo is one of these.

The best casinos to play sic bo

It is difficult to consult all online casinos to get an idea of the best, so we will give you two sites to be missed under any circumstances for player at the SIC Bo.


casinozer is an open money game site in 2021 offers a welcome bonus for registration for new players: 100 % up to an amount of 500 euros, and 50 laps offered.
With its large payment methods, including the cryptocurrency, he's a monster of the genre.


This online casino simply offers a bonus of 100 % for amounts up to 1000 euros. With several thousand available table games, there are many possibilities for playing sic bo on Mystake.

The story of the sic bo

The SIC Bo is a historically popular dice game in Macao, the Philippines and Hong Kong. It is based both on the chance, since he calls on dice throws, but also on the strategy Because many bets are possible.

With the rush on American gold, many companies are looking for workforce to create new ways and cities. Many Asians then change continent, and bring this ancestral deception game. They initiate the inhabitants and other workers. America discovers this exciting game, which will be renamed Chuck a Luck, which could result in "lucky". It was only very late that he arrives in Europe, under his native name. The SIC BO has been authorized in casinos since 2012.

The rules of the SIC Bo game

It is played with 3 dice Despite its name which means "pair of dice" and a special table on which are materialized areas: one for each bet possible. Players deposit or tokens in these areas.

The game finally requires a glass bell, the cage, in which the 3 dice at six faces are located. The three dice are launched by the dealer or the algorithm of the online application when there is no online dealer, and the sum of the three dice indicates the winning result. The losing bets go to the bank.

It can therefore look like a game of chance in every way. Except that it is not. Indeed, some notions of mathematics are necessary to earn more.

The bets and Paris of the sic bo

The bet is generally free. We can take Several types of betting, with very different probabilities.

It is possible to bet only on the obtained result by the sum of the three dice. The gain depends on the probability of obtaining this figure. For example, to obtain a 3, there is only one possible combination: each die indicates 1. To obtain 10, there are more possibilities: a die can indicate 6, the second 1 and the third 3. Or the first indicates 4, the second 4 and the third 2. The more possibilities of obtaining the amount bet, the more the gains will be reduced but the more the result of obtaining this result.

The second type de paris, the least risky is to bet on a "smaller" or "larger". In the case of a smaller one, the sum of the three dice must be between 4 and 10, in the case of a larger one, it will have to be between 11 and 17. We can note that in both cases, the chances are identical (there are 7 winning figures for each Paris). A precise rule, however, that figures 3 and 18 are excluded from this bet because they form a special combination called "triplet". Likewise the triplets of figures (4, 4 and 4) are excluded and therefore losers of this type of Paris.

Finally, the type of most risky Paris consists in guessing exactly the scoring carried by the dice. It can be a particular triplet, a duo (2 identical figures and a third different). In this case, there is no order on the dice, because they are not each of a specific color. It is therefore simply necessary to announce that one of them will bear the 4, another on the 6th and the third the 1 for example.

Super sic Bo online, play against live casino croupiers

Many online casinos use programs that generate dice throws as if a person had launched them. For the player who knows that he is measured by a program, there can be a real feeling of disappointment. The excitement of the game also comes from the feeling of victory over a person in the flesh. The live Sic Bo are made for that. During these events, they are real croupiers who launch the dice and announce the results to the many players.

Some tips for playing Super Sic Bo

We can classify the behavior of sic bo players in two categories : players using a high -risk strategy, and those using a strategy minimizing risks.

In the first case, that of the High risking strategye, the gains are strong but infrequent, and the risks of losing a large maximum sum. The idea is therefore to have a very weak chance of finding the right combination but with a very important gain. These are strategies used by compulsive players, looking for the thrill, and are not afraid to leave a few feathers on the way. The type of player who will place 50 euros on a triple 6, because he knows that if the triple 6 comes out, he then earns 7,500 euros in a single time! But it can also be the strategy of a player who has very strong intuition that a result will come out.

In the case of low -risk strategy, the player does not seek adrenaline or jackpot, but wants to play long, lose as little as possible or win a small sum, which will often allow him to play next time. Players often adopt a "smaller" or "larger" bet.

The best tips for winning at SIC Bo

The sic bo is a game of probabilities. The result is a delicate balance between mathematics and player behavior.

If you want to play without taking big risks, it is easier to win by betting on areas from 9 to 12, which have a stronger appearance of appearance. The gains will be 8 times the initial bet.

If we compare the gains according to the probabilities of the appearance of the result, not all are equal. Indeed, zones 4 and 17 have a gain - chance of weaker gain. They are therefore rather to be avoided.

Each launch of the three from is independent of the results obtained in previous throws, so it should not be taken into account of these last results to bet, even if the probability of obtaining ten times in a row a sum of 12 is very low.

The best tip, which will always remain valid regardless of the dealer or the online casino, it is to establish a table where 4 columns appear. In the first, each possible combination is placed that can fall. There may be particularities depending on the country or casinos that offer this game, it is therefore necessary to find out well at the start.

In the second, we place the probability that this result will come out. It’s quite easy to calculate with some knowledge of mathematics, but you can also find them on the internet. The probabilities range from 48 % (almost one in two chance) and fall up to 0.46 % or a little more than one in a thousand.

In the third column we place the gain (example: 60 times the bet. The gains generally go from 5 to 150 times the starting bet.

Finally, in the fourth column, we can, if that facilitates the choice of the player, calculate the ratio between column 2 and column 3, which indicates a balance between risk and gain. The higher this figure, the more the balance leans in favor of the player. This figure is however difficult to use, and it could be useful to multiply it by 100 or 1000 to see more clearly.

Play for free at SIC BO online

Before embarking on real games with real gains, and knowing the thrill of the game, it can be useful, just like slot machines to discover and Play SIC BO for free on line. The free sic bo demo is available on reliable casinos like casinozer or mystake.
The free sic bo game is done Without registration and without download.

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