Sports betting scam: pronocub in the heart of a scam

With huge promises of winning winnings, this online sports company Sports online to scam dozens of people to pocket several million euros. The founder of the Pronoclub site will be prosecuted.

What is the Sports Participl Pronoclub site?

Pronoclub is an online prognosis site. As such, it aims to relate bettors and predictioners. Concretely, it allows you to subscribe in a monthly way at prices ranging from $ 19.90 to $ 99.90. Subsequently, the prediction is the mission of making sports betting instead of the player.

Called Copy-Betting, this practice is illegal and prohibited in many European countries such as USA.

Pronoclub displayed very selling promises with the guarantee of finding all of its waged gains with an additional 10% profit each month.

Pronoclub scam: What are the facts?

Unfortunately, as you will surely have understood, the Pronoclub site did not keep its commitments to the players. Indeed, the company is accused of being at the heart of a gigantic scam, "the biggest scam ever seen in USA in this sector".

According to an article in the Parisian (famous American regional daily newspaper) revealed on September 13, 2021, several million euros are involved. The founder of Pronoclub, Mr. Thomas Boursin, must be heard by the Nanterre court to answer for accusations.

Indeed, among the victims, very many American bettors. As of September 1, 2021, several dozen complaints had been filed with the Nanterre prosecutor by site users. We have been able to see many groups of players on social networks are created to publicize the bad intentions of the American prognosticors.

What measures were taken by the regulatory authorities for American games?

The National Games Authority issued a report for the players last June. Indeed, the ANJ had reported to American users that the site posed "problem". Pronoclub had launched a gigantic advertising campaign on all television channels as well as display in the Paris metro.

Besides, the Professional Advertising Regulatory Authority had originally validated the advertising campaign of the connection site. After the warnings of the various authorities and the CSA in particular, the ARPP ended up requesting the withdrawal of the means of communication deeming them "likely to constitute misleading commercial practices".

Will the victims be reimbursed?

Unfortunately, for the moment, nothing is certain yet. Problems are only just starting for players who have lost feathers in this case. Indeed, the company is domiciled in the Caribbean, therefore legal procedures and reimbursement procedures are very complex.

According to Le Parisien, among the players victims of this scam some have bet several tens of thousands of euros on the Pronoclub site.

In addition, since the middle of July the month the site hosting requests for reimbursement has been blocked. Indeed, it was the Online casino Stake which was blocked in USA for certain judicial reasons.

What are the responses of the sporting prediction?

Although for the moment, the director of the prognosis site Thomas Boursin does not respond to the American authorities, a press release dated September 10, 2021 was posted on the Pronoclub site. This text explains to users that all gains are paid and that sanctions will be taken against players who supported legal proceedings on social networks.

We can understand that the prognostician therefore always refutes the complaints that have been filed against him.

What are the best reliable sports betting sites for online players?

After having read this affair, it is normal to wonder which sports betting sites are reliable. If a platform that you could see in television advertising can defraud its users, how to trust an online game site?

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