How to avoid scams on online casinos?

Online casinos are sites where it is possible to play games of chance while benefiting from bonuses and promotions. In recent months, we have seen the number of game platforms increase greatly.

There are now several hundred play establishments accessible on the internet. But beware, all online casinos you can access on the internet are not reliable, et Some people operate fraudulently.

This is why, in this article we will give you all the tips and techniques to have fun safely and avoid these scam games.

How to recognize a reliable casino from a scam casino?

If you are a new online casino player, the first step is to differentiate a reliable online casino from a fraudulent online casino. (If you don't know where to choose your online casino, know that each site offered by is tested and verified by our team of specialists and that 100% of the casinos offered are reliable).

The number of casino game sites has multiplied in recent years and we see scam casinos that can spoil your online gaming experience. To prevent your bets and your bets from becoming nightmares, our expert team has established precise and strict selection criteria. Thanks to these it is possible to know if a casino is reliable or if it is a scam casino. For that you have to check:

  • That the game license is official and legal
  • Players' opinions and experience they have had
  • Conditions of use
  • Le service client (Support chat)
  • Security and payment methods

If an online casino does not meet one of these criteria, do not take risks and do not play on this site.

Official and legal game license

Each casino game site must have an operating license or a legal game license. Best reliable casinos Francophones, licenses are often issued by the authorities of the CEG License Gaming Curaçao, the Belgian Gaming Commission (CJH) or the Federal Commission for Gaming Houses (CFMJ) for example.

To see if an online casino has an official license, two solutions: at the bottom of the home page must be indicated a text with the legal license number and also under the conditions of use of the casino.
CAUTION Casino Scam : If no official license appears on these two pages, do not place your money on it because no warranty will be provided to you.

Players' opinions

Just like for the majority of the products you can find on the Internet, user reviews is one of the keys that allows you to learn more about an online casino. Thanks to platforms like it is possible to know the advice of the players and know if a site fulfills the conditions of reliability. You will often find forums with opinions from American -speaking players to guide you. If you read many negative comments concerning an internet casino, change site, there are hundreds (find the Best online casinos of the market).

Conditions of use

If you have chosen a reliable online casino which has a license as well as positive opinions of the players, it must also include its conditions of use. These must be clear, simple and completely transparent for all users of the game of chance.

Few casino players are interested in the conditions before making a deposit, and this is an error. Indeed, if you benefit from a welcome bonus or a promotion on the casino, it will be subject to conditions that it is good to know before spending real money. Bonuses can have conditions of bet (a wager), a maximum bet (max bet) etc ...

To provide you with a complete casino opinion and access the conditions of the sites more easily, provides all the necessary information in each casino sheet (as for casinozer for example).

Customer service

Land casinos like those that can be seen in Las Vegas offer an atmosphere and large -standing customer services. Online casinos, like physical places, must offer the Igaming Community of quality services.

This is why in the advice of a reliable casino still appears customer service. A live chat support must be available to answer all questions about games, casino or bonuses. This live support must be available 7/7 days and at least 12 hours a day. Customer service is an absolute need to have a good online casino opinion.

Security software and payment terms

Online casinos are above all merchant sites, and they must therefore collect and pay for gains to players regularly. This is why, in our opinion Casino essentially figures the presence of SSL security software. All the money game sites present on has a “Secure Socket Layer” cryptography protocol which makes it possible to secure exchanges and transactions between devices.

In addition, the most reliable casinos offer a panel of secure payment methods. We can find conventional means of deposit such as the bank card, bank transfer but also new generation methods like Crypto-monnaies casinos, electronic portfolios like Skrill or prepaid cards like Neosurf or Paysafecard.

Always check that the reliable casino you have chosen has deposit and withdrawal methods that suit your needs.

How to find a serious casino on the Internet?

Ultimately, if you want to find new online casinos that are 100% reliable, we always advise you to apply our 5 criteria mentioned above. This is not always easy when you are a novice in the world of online casinos, which is why our team of Casino expert offers new casino offers and bonuses every week. Each game platform is studied in order to provide a professional casino opinion and retain only the best reliable casinos on the market.

What if a casino refuses to pay your earnings?

Sometimes players do not receive the payment of their earnings on an online casino.

First step, stay calm

Do not panic, whatever it can happen, Stay courteous with your interlocutor. It may happen that a site encounters a technical problem or a financial service problem.

If you utter verbal threats, your player account may be deleted and you can no longer get in touch with them, the watchword: courtesy.

Second step, find the reason for the refusal

There are many logical and legal reasons that can slow down the withdrawal of your game earnings.
If you have benefited from a BONUS, check thees conditions inherent to it. If you have not respected the wager or the maximum bet for example.

During your first withdrawal on a reliable casino, documents de validation You will be requested from your identity, check that it is fair and up to date. An erroneous document could prevent the payment of your earnings.

Third step, the regulatory authority (Casino game license)

If no reason for refusal is clear to you by the casino and you have followed our reliable casino selection criteria, it must have an official game license. In this case, go to the national authority website in question to them and put pressure on the casino to pay you your earnings or give you a real reason not to do it. This appeal works for players who live in a country where the online casino is of course legal. If you play illegally, you will not be able to appeal by the game license.

Fourth step, casino guides and players' complaints

There are many Consumer sites and casino players Who collect complaints from around the world to create black lists of illegal online casinos and rippers players to prevent the entire threat community they represent. (Find our List of scam casinos to be avoided below).

The list of scam sites to avoid

Among the lists of online casinos that you can find on the internet is a black list of scam casinos not to be used. Our team has harvested over time of testimonials Many players to allow us to know what the casino platforms were to boycott.

Lack of professionalism, absence of live assistance or support service, unanswered email, games and housing machines, unpaid payments, unwanted bonuses and many other reasons indicate that you should not register on these sites.

Black list of known fraudulent scam casinos and casinos:

  • Winpalace Casino
  • Play2Win Casino
  • Nogabet Casino
  • 21 Grand Casino
  • Jackpot Grand Casino
  • Royal Club Casino
  • Slots Jungle
  • Brandy Casino
  • Planet Kings Casino
  • Crazy Luck Casino
  • Aztec Casino
  • Balzac Casino
  • Casino Titan
  • Slots Garden Casino
  • Bingomania
  • Casino Fortune
  • Real Vegas Casino
  • Casino Royal Club

To find the best online gambling sites, go to our page dedicated to Best reliable casinos of the market.

To avoid fraudulent online casinos and game sites that do not pay their players it is important to apply several criteria before creating your player account. Check on the casino site if:

  • He has a gaming license is official and legal
  • Players' opinions are good
  • The conditions of use are clear
  • There is a customer service
  • It has SSL security software for transactions
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