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Free online roulette: Best 2022 guide to win

Discover the best roulette tables online. Tips, free demo and exclusive roulette bonuses up to $ 5,000.

Casinos with the best online roulette tables

Today, thanks to new technologies, the biggest Online casinos make available to players Online casters, broadcasts live and in the presence of real Cripissers For the paid version. Mainly based on chance, this popular table game is most popular with casino games, because its rules are simple and entertaining.

With Online roulette, no need to move physically. The games are accessible in one click, 24 hours a day; You can play by being comfortably installed from your computer, tablet or mobile. All levels are available as well as all budgets for bet.

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How to play roulette online?

The goal of the roulette game is to bet tokens on combinations (colors or numbers). The dealer runs the roulette, if the ball stops on your bet, you pocket the earnings.

He then launches a ball on the cylinder and if it stops on one of the numbers or color chosen by the player, he Winning gains. The lower the probabilities of winning, the higher the gains. The chances of winning thus depend on its strategy and its level of play.

With a good internet connection and a fixed or portable digital medium, passionate about casino games can today bet real money on the games of casters with or without CroPArs live from home. Roulette is the game that appeals to the most players at the moment, which explains the number of variations and variants that are offered on Casino sites.

Play roulette in real silver and free mode

You have the possibility of Play for free online roulette. This secure solution will allow you to know more about how the game works, its rules and exercise you.

You will have access to an online simulator and can test different variants, strategies in order toImprove your game technique As you go and define your favorite online roulette. The free version is also relevant if you already have an advanced level.

It offers you the opportunity to improve your game by testing several tables without losing money.

You can also play with real money to win. You will then have access to a live game With two location possibilities: live casters of real casinos and live studios.

In both cases, webcams installed all around the play table broadcast live On the screens of Internet users what is happening at every moment of the game. This immersion makes the game living, it transmits the atmosphere of land casinos, as if you were there.

In addition, the casino regularly offers you bonuses (welcome, on deposit, etc.) that encourage to replay with advantages.

Play for free with roulette

Whether you play for free or withreal money On the casters, the rules of the game are the same. However, with the Free roulette, a player can almost all afford, even the wildest bets since he has nothing to lose.

Note all the same that the Free roulette is much more than entertainment. This game of chance will allow beginners to prepare for real on the real money. Playing for free allows you to learn the rules of the game or understand mechanics to evolve at the right pace.

There are different variants of roulette games on Online casinos, so the best way to test them without losing money is free mode.

The origins of Roulette au Casino

You will find it difficult to believe, but roulette is one of the oldest games of money in the world. The story tells that roulette appeared for the very first time in USA at the beginning of the 17th century under the name of Hoca or Biribi.

The term roulette was only used from 1716 at the Hôtel de Soissons in Paris. When it was created, the casters of the casters were only made up of a simple zero and a double.

However, in order to bait more barges, American owners from Casino had the superb idea of creating a single zero roulette.

This game became democratic in the United States at the end of the 18th century thanks to American immigrants who established themselves in New Orleans. In just a few years, roulette has become the reference game in Louisiana.

The first tables of wheels of the time were somewhat different from those they used today. Instead of the 38 numbers from 1 to 36 with 0 and 00, the roll tables had 28 digits, two zeros and a representation of the American pygargue.

It is said that this symbol gave an additional margin of 12.9 % to the bank which did not please the players. This emblem was therefore abandoned.

Online roulette rules

In a physical casino, the players place themselves around the game table to bet on one or more numbers or colors against the house. On this game table is an bet area and the cylinder which is in the form of a rotating tray with several numbered boxes.

The dealer runs the cylinder and launches an ivory ball in the bowl in the opposite direction of the rotation of the cylinder. A player is a winner when the ivory ball landed in the digital or colorful box on which he placed his money.

This is exactly the same principle that is applied for the online version.

Most of the rules of these table games concern bets and ways of placing.

  • For usual bets, there is what is called full bets which consist in placing tokens On one of the 37 numbers. In principle, the bet pays 35 times the amount played.
  • It is also possible to bet full on a color (black or red) and to place the tokens in color boxes.
  • A player can also place tokens in peer, odd number boxes, pass (the bet is on the numbers between 1 and 18) or is missing (bet on numbers from 19 to 36).
  • It is also possible to bet on a column or on the numbers included in said column.
  • If he wishes, a player can bet on the dozen, in other words, on the 12 consecutive numbers included in one of the three dozen of his choice.
  • Horse on two neighboring numbers is to place the tokens on the line that separates the two numbers. In the event of a victory, the sum paid is 17 times the bet.
  • Sizain is paid 5 times the amount played and authorizes a place on 6 numbers at a time.
  • The square bet consists in placing an angle of 4 numbers which makes it possible to report 8 times the amount bet.

Roulette strategies

Certainly, the roulette is one of the Games of chance, But players are not just for luck to win. To hope to pocket the jackpot, you have to show strategy that can be summed up with these few points.

To win in roulette:

  • You have to know the basics of the game.
  • You have to take the time to choose your game.
  • You have to play with the type of roulette that suits you.
  • You have to place good bets.
  • We must study a minimum the probabilities of earnings.
  • The plowing method must be used which consists in betting on a series of figures.

As the player wins or loses roulette, his game experience will allow him to better understand the way the game is emerging even in virtual.

How to choose which online roulette to play on?

Many casinos offer to play Online roulette. It is not always easy to sort it out and choose your favorite roulette mode. Several criteria are to be taken into account to facilitate research.

First of all, the starting budget: you can play in free mode then start betting on game tables offering weak bets, from $ 0.10, or playing larger on machines with a departure directly of 100 $. The choice of online roulette will therefore be adapted to your level and your budget.

Likewise, each online roulette has its own style of play, with a panel of more or less wide variants. Your game will not be the same according to the table on which you play. Experienced players, for example, will be oriented towards pro roulette tables. These offer useful strategies to diversify the parties and make them more fun and efficient.

Do not hesitate to go cover Online casino sites To find the online roulette that suits you best, while testing several modes to improve and change your style of play.

European roulette

The European roulette is similar to the American version with two differences, there is no box 00. In addition, the bet on the first 5 numbers is not authorized. The game table contains 37 boxes numbered from 0 to 36. These numbers appear in a random order.

American roulette

This roulette was originally designed by mathematician Blaise Pascal. This roulette has a cylindrical tray with 37 boxes numbered from 0 to 36 in a random order. Unlike its European or American cousin, this roulette has only one box 0 and does not allow the bet on the first 5 figures.

English roulette

The English roulette, whether it is practiced online or in terrestrial casinos, is very similar to the American variant, even from an aesthetic point of view. Like the American variant, the English roulette has 18 black boxes and 18 red boxes for perfect equity and total respect for the print probabilities. But unlike American roulette, only 7 players can play English and its game mat is similar to that of American roulette.

The advantages of online roulette?

The first advantage of online roulette is that it allows you to freely choose your bets. In addition, when you finish your registration, online casinos offer welcome bonuses that allow you to play for longer.

In addition, when the player account is not supplied with real money, a member can continue to play for free on a site. And finally, bonus casino are offered to the most active players.

Roulette methods and tips

Many online roulette techniques currently exist. Most were thought of by mathematicians and philosophers who wanted to win money. Well used, they will help you win more easily and increase your earnings. Here are 6 methods to discover and remember to play effectively:

Martingale's technique

This widespread method is to double its following game each time you lose, taking into account the previous games. His advantage: to recover what we have lost previously if we win. The benefits depend on the number of laps that we lose before winning. It is a strategy appealing to the sense of observation, the memorization of the game and the patience of the player. Here, the wait and Management of his money are the key to increasing your chances of success.

Alembert technique

Sure than Martingale but similar, this method consists in reducing its bet when you gain and increase it when you lose. This means that the increased sum must be equal to the reduced sum. The goal: to keep a balance and stop playing when we did profits. The progression is softer and reduces the risks, but it is more difficult to win significant amounts of money.

Fibonacci technique

This popular method is to make its bets by summing up the last two bets. This means that even if you lose more than you win, you can still win the game. The Fibonacci technique is advantageous for players with a small budget because they have the possibility of starting to bet with low bets.

James Bond's technique

The principle is simple: spending $ 200 distributed as follows: betting a total of $ 140 on figures from 19 to 36; $ 50 for lower numbers (13 to 18) and $ 10 on number 0. According to Ian Fleming, the author of the James Bond technique, it is always paid and makes it possible to make sure a substantial amount of money.

The Red and Black Method

She is considered to be The best strategy, fun and comfortable for beginners, because it would offer players the greatest probability of winning. Its operation is very simple: bet on black color or red color, placing its bets on the chosen color. If the ball launched by the dealer is placed on the right color, the player wins his starting bet.

The Roulette of Number Methods dozen

More technical, it is a question of waiting for a gap of at least 9 dozen not released before using this method. Two choices are then offered to the player: play the dozen Not released or play two dozen including the one not out.

There are three dozen : the first dozen (P12) includes numbers 1 to 12; The dozen of the middle (M12) includes the figures from 13 to 24 and the last dozen (D12), includes the numbers from 25 to 36. If the player decides to bet on the dozen not out, he applies a martingale on it .

He will play less, but will also make less profit. He can also double his losses each time, this is more risky, but will allow him to gain much more. If the player opts for the second choice, playing on two dozen including the one not out, he will have 65 % chance of winning.

In both cases, it is important to stop applying this Next numbers When you get a profit.

The lexicon of online roulette

To play in the best conditions, it is necessary to know the vocabulary relating to the roulette used during the game by the players and the dealer:

  • Announcement : the player announces at the start of his bet to the croupier, by putting his tokens on the game carpet;
  • Sprinkler : a player who puts important amounts and randomly;
  • Association : The players come together to use Martingale's strategy;
  • banque : He's the dealer;
  • Burner : the dealer who throws the ball on the cylinder at the start of the game;
  • Corpse : a player who loses regularly;
  • carré : a bet on the 4 boxes located in the center of the carpet;
  • Column : a bet on one of the three series. The gains are double of the play played;
  • Chance simple : the bets carried out on the red, black, pairs, odd boxes, pass and lack;
  • Chances : follow -up of released numbers to allow players to apply a martingale;
  • Against the bank : a player who puts the opposite of numbers or colors released during the last part;
  • Emperor's blow : bet all his money on a simple chance before leaving the table;
  • CroPArs : Casino employee responsible for the game and responsible for paying players' gains;
  • Cylinder : name given to the rotating wheel of the roulette table;
  • Last : the dealer announces the closure of the table after the next 3 laps;
  • Double : a number that comes out twice in a row;
  • Dozen : a bet on 12 games, or 12 digits for example. The gain is double the bet;
  • And square : a successful bet on a number and a color that brings the bet 35 times;
  • Charlemagne : a player who chooses not to replay after a winning tour;
  • Place your bets : expression used by the dealer to encourage players to make their bets and place their bets;
  • House number : zero figure, on which it is impossible to bet;
  • Lack : a bet on all numbers from 1 to 18;
  • Passe : a bet on all numbers from 1 to 19;
  • Paving : a bet on different combinations;
  • Stroller : when a player makes a place after the announcement of "nothing is going well" by the dealer;
  • Progression : Increase the amount of a lap on each turn. It can be fast or slow;
  • Nothing is going well : the dealer announces to the players that the bets are over, because he will launch the ball;
  • Series : designates the release of the same color, number or chance simple twice in a row;
  • Sixtain : a horizontal bet on a sequence of six digits allowing to win 5 times the original bet;
  • Transversal : a bet on three numbers to gain the starting bet 11 times.

What are the elements that make up a roulette?

  1. Table : It consists of a carpet where the bets are deposited. Three rows are drawn, divided into 12 boxes each totaling the 36 numbers of the red and black color play;
  2. Wheel : It is made up of 38 boxes distributed alternately over two colors, red and black. 36 boxes correspond to the numbers of 1 to 36 and the two remaining boxes represent the number 0 and the double 0;
  3. The marble : It is small, but is essential to the game. It is the one that is launched by the dealer on the wheel when the bets are made. When the cylinder has finished turning, it indicates, thanks to its final location, the result of the game and designates the winning player;
  4. Tokens : They represent the real money of roulette. The more the player wins, the more tokens he wins and therefore money.

Are there software to win roulette?

No, no software exists to win the game. To win on online roulette, we must respect the rules of the game and use one of the techniques proposed above by using the strategy and its ability to memorize and adapt.

Other playable table games online

Casinos offer different types of games that each have their own rules. These entertainment are divided into two categories, namely games of chance such as roulette or slot machines and strategy games such as poker, baccarat or BlackJack.

Unlike games of chance, you have to know the rules that govern strategy games with your fingertips before playing it. When you subscribe to an online casino, the welcome bonus you will receive can be used with all the games by chance and strategy games.

To play online roulette with real money, you must register on a site and have a customer account. Otherwise, you can always play in free mode.

To hope to gain online roulette, a player will have to understand the mechanism and familiarize himself with all aspects of the game.

There are a multitude of platforms on which you can play online roulette. But be careful to choose reliable sites.

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