What is the CJH (Gaming Commission)?

Games of money in Belgium are present and authorized in land casinos in the country as well as in certain online game sites. To best protect Belgian players, the Games Commission (CJH) Intervenes and legislates to fight against illegal offers and provide assistance to fight against dependence. Here is what it is good to know about this Casino Games Regulator in Belgium.

What is the Belgian Games of Chance Games (CJH)?

The games of the Games of Chance offers players and support for more information on the authorized games of chance in Belgium. Whether you are curious to know the authorizations that Casinos operators need or even know which online game sites are authorized, the Commission will provide you with all the answers you need on their site: www.gamingcommission.be.

Present since 1999, the CJH is an institution that plays an essential role in a decision to grant official game licenses and domain control. Thanks to their web platform, each player can be informed about the legal supervision of games of chance in Belgium, on his skills and operators who are legitimate and legal. It is even possible to the Games of Chance Commission directly via the site or social networks to have more information.

attention : Although the majority in Belgium is officially at 18, It is forbidden to play before the age of 21 over.

What are the main missions and skills of the Belgian Games of Chance Committee?

The CJH fulfills dozens of different missions to supervise the game of games of chance but also to protect players from the dangers and addictions that this can cause. To carry out its missions, the games commission has 3 major skills:

  • Give opinions to the government and parliament on all subjects related to the law of May 7, 1999 on games of chance, betting, game establishments and the protection of players
  • Granting necessary licenses for the operation of games of chance, Paris and ensuring proactive management
  • Control respect for the provisions of the law of May 7, 1999 on games of chance, bets, games of chance and the protection of players. With the possibility and power to impose sanctions (warning, suspension or revocation of licenses) as well as administrative fines.

How does the Games of Chance Committee protect and helps Belgian players?

One of the main missions of the Gaming Commission is obviously the protection of players. Games are not comparable to any market, they can lead to important dependence and loss of money, which is why several measures are taken to protect players from these risks:

  • The prohibition of access to the game with an EPIS database (excluded Persons Information System)
  • Players' information on the consequences of excessive game with the "APPonsable" game tabs
  • Players and user information on help services
  • Provision of a free telephone line: SOS Games: 0800/35,777 available 24/7
  • Organization of information campaign to educate players about the differences between legal and illegal sites and casinos.
  • Supervision of advertising concerning games of chance
  • Bonus ban (Belgian online casinos cannot offer bonuses to their players)
  • The provision of an e-mail address for complaints: [email protected]
  • The framework of the bets that players can make ($ 500/week/player on online casinos)

What are the online sites and casinos authorized by the Games of Chance Committee?

The Belgian Games of Chance Committee has chosen to offer several online casinos and online Paris sites to Belgian players. Indeed, there are some legal casinos, controlled and approved by the CJH. Find this casino list:

  • Spa Casino: Casino777.be
  • Casino Namur: PokerStars.be and Casino.Circus.be
  • Blankerberge Casino: Casino.unibet.be
  • Casino De Knokke: Napoleonncasinogames.be
  • Casino d'show: casino.bwin.be
  • Casino de Brussels: Casino.betway.be
  • Casino de Chaudfontaine: Starcasino.be
  • Casino of Dinant: Casinoladbrokes.be
  • Casino the mean: GoldenpalaceCasino.be
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