Online sports betting: how to win?

We have seen many games of money emerging on the web for a few years. Scratch games, slot machines, online poker and most popular currently: sports betting and Paris e-sport. Very numerous players from around the world are engaged in online bets with bookmakers or internet casinos.

A question comes up regularly: How to earn money regularly in sports betting?

Thanks to games of we will give you the best advice to win your sports betting.

What strategy to adopt to win your bets online?

Always inquire about the disciplines on which we bet

You should know that there are many different online bets, and if you want to win your bets online, it is necessary to know the field on which you play. There are many sports on which it is possible to bet like football, basketball, tennis, rugby, ice hockey, volleyball, handball, cycling, golf, F1 etc ...
But this is not the only solution. Indeed online bets have diversified and now offers you two possibilities:

  • Sports betting : bet on the games or teams of your favorite sports
  • The Paris Sports : Make your favorite teams or video games.

If you are a new player, or even a little more experienced bettor, you will have to stay in the areas or you can with information. For example, if you don't know anything about the Turkey football championship, it is advisable not to bet on it. To optimize your chances of making money you should not bet only on hazardous results but think strategic.

The error of many sports betting fans is to think that two ribs at 1.10 are equivalent. So you will wonder what is the difference? Bookmakers develop the matches on statistical factors. But in reality, a match depends on many human factors, whether football, tennis or even e-sport like Counter Strike.

To win during your sports or esports betting, focus on the teams and areas that you master and on which you have reliable information. For example, if you want to bet on the next PSG match, consult the supporters and fans forums, go and find capital information to put all the odds on your side.

How to choose your bookmaker or your online casino?

To increase your chances of winning it is necessary to be as informed as possible, and also to bet on the right sites. Today there are hundreds, even thousands of online bookmakers to bet on your favorite sports. Unfortunately, there are many fraudulent and ill -intentioned sites.

Among the most reliable casinos on the market are now platforms offering on one side of the online casino but also sports and esportive betting. This opportunity can be interesting for players since we find for example Casino bonus or freebet (free Paris on which the site reimburses you in the event of a defeat).

From Best online casinos Offering sports betting and online Paris of all kinds we find for example:

  • casinozer : Bonus Freebet the 50 $ On the first bet (won or reimbursed)
  • Mystake : Welcome bonus of 100% up to $ 500 On sports and esports
  • Powbet : Free bet bonus, $ 500 freebet offered on sports betting

If you are new and you have never played. Be careful, do not throw yourself on any offer without being sure that it is reliable. On we only offer reliable casinos with licenses and which have been tested beforehand.

Provide the series of team victories

Although it is not advisable to always play on the same team, it is interesting to bet several times in a row when the opportunity arises. Another of the secrets of online sports betting is obviously to bet on a team that will chain victory after victory. And it will be necessary to bet before this series stops. It means thatYou have to know when to bet and especially when stopping.

For example, if we take the example of an eSport like Counter Strike. Some teams and Astralis have won around 75% of their match in recent years. This team sometimes continues 5, 6 or 7 consecutive victories. Your goal is therefore to find the start of the series, ideally 2 victories in a row. This ensures most of the time to win 2 or 3 times additional and therefore to make earnings and profits from your Paris sessions.

The example given was with esports but it would be equivalent with football teams for example.

Please note: on the other hand if the team you follow or analyze has just won 4 or 5 successful games, do not bet now. Wait for it to lose because the risks are very high. There are series of legendary victory like Bayern Munich in 2013-2014 with 19 games, but that remains rare. To win sports betting, it is necessary to be pragmatic.

Do not always bet on the same teams

Some will tell you: "We don't change a winning team". And yet you should think about it. Indeed, even if you have found a team or a player who won his matches and above all make you make money. Avoid betting permanently on the same horse, athletes are not machines, and if it did not happen, they lose sooner or later.

For example, our advice is rather to find several teams/players who have interesting performances in their championship and to alternate bets. For example in tennis, some players almost always pass the qualifications of the tournaments, find them, and bet on them on the first games.

The importance of information is crucial. Indeed, even the best player in the world can be injured, and therefore represent a risk for your bets. If physical problems have been noted about a player, do not bet on him even if you appreciate him and even if the previous year he won the tournament. A major injury or event can change everything, don't forget.

Watch out for combined bets and system bets

Indeed, the handsets are often the biggest trap for beginner players. It is often tempting to add additional Paris to increase potential gains but it is an error. Indeed, adding an additional confrontation is adding an additional factor of uncertainty, as small as the coast may be.

It is true that system bets are attractive, but be careful. They promise beginners gains, even if some meetings are lost. In fact, it's true. But winning a sports betting does not mean earning money. Indeed, in some cases even when you win your system bets you will not be refunded by your starting bet because the rating will be too low.

Do not re-make to recover a lost stake

One of the main rules of sports betting but also of all games of chance is to never try to regain a lost sum. Money games are entertainment and they are in no way a way to earn easy money. Sometimes you lose and you have to know how to accept it, because if you replay and lose your calm it is the best way to sink into an infernal spiral and lose a lot of money.

If you have just lost your sports betting, your poker game, your blackjack hand or any other game of chance and you have no more money on the player account, disconnect, do not make new deposit.


To win at sports and esports betting it is necessary to have a calm and rested mind. Never force yourself to play, if you have a doubt do not bet and wait for the right time. Games of chance are risky, our advice will allow you to limit the risks but not to delete them completely.

We just have to wish you good luck to win all your sports betting.

To increase your chances of making regular gains when you bet on sports betting matches, several criteria must be taken into account:

  • Choose the right bookmaker or online casino
  • Find out about the disciplines on which we bet
  • Anticipate the series of victories
  • Never play to regain a lost stake

For players and forecastlers, the most interesting sites are among the best reliable casinos offering bonuses and freebets:

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