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Paris ESPORT: The best online bookmakers

Discover the universe of Paris ESPORT, benefit from the best freebet bonuses to earn money by betting on your favorite teams.

What is esports?

The egg sport electronic sport represents the competitive environment of video games. There are leagues and competitions for each game.

Very popular in USA and all over the world, the games of sport bets amateurs or professionals keep growing.

The bets sport On the Internet save a lot of money. If you are interested in this area and you feel ready to get started, then take advantage of our review on The best online bookmakers.

Before you start and select a Bookmaker eSport In USA, to bet and invest your euros, it is essential to know the operation and characteristics of the electronic sport . When we talk about sport , we refer to all video game competitions carried out in LAN, that is to say with a local network or with the Internet.

Like all competition sports, this area is represented by the USA association of Esport. The latter explains that " All the practices allowing players to confront their level through an electronic medium, and essentially video games, regardless of the type of game or the platform (computer, console or tablet) »

What are the best games for betting esport

League of Legend

Lol, the abbreviation of the League of Legend game, belongs to MOBA , that is to say an online Battle Arena multiplayer. It is one of the most famous games. The players particularly appreciate its organization and its readability which allows gamers to make good predictions.

Why bet the money on the League of Legend game?

Here are 5 reasons why it is recommended to play LoL

  • Main game in this area
  • Many data accessible to facilitate analyzes of teams and matches.
  • Very good way to start and start generating money with the sport bets .
  • Attractive coasts
  • A very diverse selection proposed by bookmakers

Counter Strike Global Offensive (CS GO)

This game is very well known and has marked all generations of the 90s and 2000s. Very popular therefore, it is one of the esports where you have to bet.

Why make bets on the CS Go game?

Here are 3 reasons why you must bet at Counter Strike Global Offensive .

  • A game adapted to all levels (from beginner to expert)
  • recurrences of competitions which allows you to perform regularly regularly
  • Bets on these competitions offered by all bookmakers American.

Starcraft 2

Starcraft 2 is a real -time military strategy game in which participants compete. Since he started, Starcraft 2 is an eSport game with many leagues and current tournaments and beautiful prize pools up to $ 170,000. Before betting on this game, it is recommended to take it in hand.

Why make bets on the Starcraft 2 game?

Here are several reasons why you need to bet on Starcraft 2:

  • This is one of the first games that made sports betting possible
  • This is the reference game
  • To bet effectively on Starcraft 2, you have to be experienced, which makes betting even more attractive.


Main game of sport On which to bet in USA, the latter is accessible at all levels and all ages. It’s a unifying game that knows how to bring the players together.

Why make bets on the FIFA game

Here are 4 reasons why it is necessary to make prognostics on FIFA :

  • A game adapted to beginners
  • Matches, teams and results that can be followed and analyzed with ease.
  • A real advantage for making bets for all those who follow football news.
  • Competitions supervised by the eligue1 , the official league.

What are the best Bookmakers and Sites of Paris ESPORT?

Now that you know what is the sport , that you know the most popular games in USA, and why bet on their events, you need to learn to know where to bet and how to follow the news.


Online casino recent, casinozer was able to get out of the lot thanks to its quality graphics, its very intuitive interface, the possibility of playing with cryptocurrency , many BONUS available, secure deposits and withdrawals, and + 3,100 games accessible online such as Crash Aviator , Mines Casinozer , Plinko or Mini roulette casinozer .

The advantage of casinozer rests on his BONUS one of which is directly accessible without prior deposit. You benefit from 20 free laps allowing you to test the platform. To take advantage of it, it's easy: you must register, check your account and ask the support BONUS free towers.

For the deposit , all means are accepted: transfers from your personal bank account, bank cards (visa, mastercard, etc.), prepaid cards, electronic wallets and cryptocurrencies.


Mystake is a very complete esports platform that allows you to prognosis On classic sports such as football, basketball, tennis, etc. It is also possible to play Online casino games , to benefit from a live casino and to increase its earnings thanks to a mini-game system on the Internet. The advantages of this bookmaker are :

  • A wide range of games available
  • And BONUS Very attractive welcome: 100% on the first bet up to $ 500 deposit
  • The right to withdraw up to $ 7,500 weekly
  • Withdrawals and deposits fast and secure.

Powbet Casino

Powbet Casino is a casino game site for experienced players. Like most platforms online games , Powbet Casino provides a Welcome Bonus . The latter corresponds to 200 free laps of Slot machines And 100 % bonus money up to $ 500.

This reliable site offers Best online casino games . For the sport bets , it offers the main world games, such as FIFA, Counter-Strike, Go, Valorant, League of Legends, CGSO or ENBA2K. For money deposits, this is facilitated on the platform. You can use your bank card or cryptocurrencies. Likewise, the process is simplified for withdrawals.


site online games where it is possible to do your Paris of sports . casino360 Offer a bonus Freebet To players who allows you to be reimbursed from the first losing Paris. The offer is valid on all sports: football, basketball, tennis, formula 1, rugby, hockey, etc. The deposit methods are simple, reliable and secure. The platform accepts all kinds of payments. Ditto for withdrawals.

How to make a deposit on an Esportive Paris site?

To enter a little more in detail, making a money deposit on one of the above platforms is something simple, reliable and secure. Here are the different possibilities available to you:

  • You can make a payment with your bank card: visa, mastercard, etc.
  • You are authorized to use an electronic wallet such as Skrill or Neteller
  • You can also make a transfer from your bank account
  • You have the right to present a prepaid card like Cashlib or Neosurf
  • You can deposit cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tron (TRX), Ripple (XRP), Dash (Dash), ZCASH (Zec ) and Bitcoin Gold (BTG), etc.

How to withdraw Paris ESPORT gains?

As with deposit, the process of withdrawing its earnings is relatively simple. For this you must already know the authorized withdrawal ceiling on the platform. For example, on casino360 The amounts cap at $ 10,000 per transaction and $ 50,000 per month for all players. It is also possible to remove your gains in cryptocurrencies, with an electronic portfolio or by requesting a bank transfer from the platform.

According to the wishes of the players, the withdrawal procedures can be normally canceled, if they have not yet been processed by the financial service of the platform in question. Finally, for Fighting money laundering And the embezzlement of funds and thus ensure the safety of all players, the platforms often reserve the right to verify the identity of the players. For this, an identity card or a passport may be required.

How to earn money with eSports?

Before you get started and darken, take the time to think about the games you want to orient yourself. Then, once this selection is made, take the time to analyze matches, study players, etc. There is only by taking this time of observation and reflection that you will have the guarantee of quickly and sustainably earning money on Paris of sports .

Is it possible to bet on esports on mobile tournaments?

Yes, it is quite possible to pray from a mobile interface or tablet. To do this, you have two options: either you go directly through the Internet browser of your smartphone to go to a Casino Mobile, either you download the application of the platform from the Apple Store for iPhone, or from Google Play Store for phones using the Android operating system.

Paris Esport conclusion

Like many people wishing to acquire passive, complementary income, you seriously study the field of online sports betting . It seems that the constant growth of players in this area is right. Before all of its bets are supervised and limited, take advantage of now very advantageous ribs displayed on bookmakers . With all the advice we have just given you, the Paris sports have no secrets for you. Don't wait any longer before you get started!

The best games for betting money are Counter Strike Global Offensive et League of Legends . The recurrences and the available competition numbers offer players the opportunity to bet very regularly and therefore potentially increase their earnings. In addition, it is two platforms are very readable and facilitate the analysis of current matches and players. These two elements tend to save money permanently.

Undoubtedly, the best online Paris site is casinozer with its enticing welcome bonus of $ 500 and its freebeet $ 50.

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