The best online Paris sites on League of Legends

Nowadays, multiplayer games are a global phenomenon with Millions of Dollars from reward for the winners.

The concept has even created job opportunities because now it is possible to hear the term professional gamer. Intelligence to know is that thesport also attracts sponsors and bettors. They play their silver on the outcome of a match.

League of Legends or LOL, what is it?

League of Legends or Lol has been an online multiplayer since 2009. It is developed and published by Riot Game. The company was founded by two players from another famous game called Dota. League of Legends takes up the principles of this fun game, but is based more on the commercial aspect. The game opposes players from various countries.

However, there are international competitions that have the interest of bringing together the best players on the planet. The championship even was created in 2011. This is a first follow -up of a long line of Worlds League of Legends.

League of Legends is a game of type MOBA. This simply means that players are led to fight in an arena or map. It can still be played in cooperation mode after the induction of the option in the years 2011.

However, opponents will be bots. The game asked the company team for several years. Indeed, the project began in 2006. The number of characters is added as the updates. More than 150 heroes are present in the game as well as various items.

The best sports betting sites to bet on League of Legends

pour bet online on League of Legends as on cs go, you can go to different sites. After carrying out tests, we held the 3 best Paris sites namely Casinozer, Mystake and Casino360. Discover the advantage of each Paris ESPORTIF site.


Mystake is also a serious site so that you can play on lol. Once on the page, you will see a sober and pleasant interface. He has a Curaçao license. On the Bookmaker Mystake, you will discover various forecasts to refine your decision. ESPORT bets are possible all year round.

What is the welcome bonus mystake

During a first deposit, the amount is doubled at 100 % up to $ 500. You then have a bet capital of $ 1,000 by depositing $ 500.

How and why register on mystake?

The platform is easy to take in hand. For any problem, customer service will quickly answer your questions. The interface is also a major asset.

What are the means of deposit?

The means of deposit are legion on mystake. You can pay your funds with cryptocurrencies. But not all virtual currencies are accepted on the platform. For more simplicity, you still have the right to replenish your online betting wallet with a Visa bank card, cryptocurrency and bank transfer.

How is the withdrawal on mystake?

Mystake applies a VIP program. A member can increase their withdrawal capacities. But by default, you can remove $ 15,000 per month. You receive the money on your player within 2 or 7 days after the request.


casinozer Enjoy an excellent reputation in the world of bookmakers. Despite his young age, he knew how to attract the good grace of bettors. He offers LOL as well as Dota in his list of his games with direct bet. It is reliable and secure in terms of transaction.

What is Casinozer's welcome bonus?

The platform begins To reimburse your first loss betting up to $ 50 (Freebet 50 $). To obtain a Free Paris Bonus, you must put a minimum deposit of $ 20.

How and why choose Casinover?

The American must go to the casinover site and make a free registration there. The duration of the operation is 3 minutes in the max.

What are the means of deposit?

Casinover accepts cryptocurrencies. You can pay in Bitcoin or with other digital currencies. There are still traditional means of deposit such as CB or bank transfer.

What are the means of withdrawal?

A team from Bookmaker League of Legends is available to validate your payment request in just 48 hours. You can withdraw your earnings with a CB and a bank transfer $ 10,000 per month.


Casino 360 has a legal license, which has been issued by Curaçao. It is therefore reliable and puts the policy of the play responsible at the heart of its value. It has been designed to adapt to all mobile sites. It is also a newcomer to the market, but already collaborates with various suppliers.

What is the welcome bonus of Casino360

Mystake applies a Welcome bonus of 100 % up to 75 euros. But, it is possible to push up to a limit of 100 euros. In both cases, you get the reward after a first deposit.

How and why register on Casino 360?

Registration lasts only 2 minutes on casino360. It offers an exceptional display and thousands of games of money. By joining a VIP program, you benefit from the money offered worth $ 5 or $ each week.

How to deposit funds on Casino 360?

Mystake allows players to pay sums via their bank cards or electronic wallets like Skrill. He admits them popular cryptocurrencies For deposits and withdrawals.

What about withdrawals?

The authorized withdrawal ceiling is $ 10,000 per month. The transfer is validated over a period of 1 to 3 working days.

Competitive matches on League of Legends

Once in the game, participants choose a character from the list. Heroes have special skills and their own stories. There are tanks. It is the defensive legends that stand out with their high points of life.

We can still see fighters and mages. Players will also find shooters and units called supports. They are responsible for keeping the fighters alive.

The level of the players climbs according to the acquired experiences. They go up after eliminating bots and opponents. Apart from experience, players get gold to buy items in stalls to increase damage or defensive capacity.

The goal is to destroy the nexus of the opposing team. Three paths allow you to reach the Nexus. There is the midlane (middle of the card). We will still see the toplane (top of the map) and the botlane (the lower part of the map).

A priori everything is allowed to win. A world champion Can apply strategies and their own game styles. The heroes killed are waiting for a count before they can join the game. It is therefore penalizing for the whole team. The ban is yet another form of disability. It consists in removing from the hero's game from which the usefulness of learning many characters.

The different types of Paris Esports on League of Legends

League of Legends is a competitive game. The selection of heroes is strategic because of the Counter Pick. In addition, the player must know the chosen hero on his fingertips. In the world championships lol, errors can be expensive. Team members also know and know how to adopt a specific action.

Here are the types of bet you could meet in most bookmakers.

The Pari Simple

The simple bet is the easiest to play. The bettor will determine the team that will first destroy the opposing Nexus. The cote is low for favorites.

Le score exact

The Bet ESPORT consists in defining the number of rounds that will be won by a team. It offers the possibility of pocket huge gains thanks to its high risk level.

Le First Kill

The First Kill is to define the team that will kill the first enemy. In principle, the characters attacking at a distance have the advantage at the beginning. But everything will depend on the player opposite.

Le First team 5 ou 10 kills

Paris Esports take up the same principles as the First Kill. However, instead of a single recorded victim, the score must show 5 or 10.

First team to kill the dragon

In League of Legends, players can kill a dragon to improve their experiences while increasing the damage carried on the opponent team. The charges can be permanent. If the low -level characters manages to kill the dragon before the higher level competitors, the experience bonus increases by several percentages.

First team to destroy the inhibitor

Throughout the road, we will see sorts of pillars known with the name of inhibitor. They adopt a defensive position and send projectiles.

A low level champion will not be able to destroy the buildings from which the bots come out. He must first gain damage and life. All the pillars that the players meet on the journey must be rid of.

Number of kills peer or odd

At the end of the game, the score is displayed on the screen. The entire result is added.

How to win your online bets on League of Legends?

There is no mystery solution to win your online bets on League of Legends. As for sports betting on football, the best method for earning money is to learn as much as possible about the evolution of teams and matches.

It is also important to know the latest transfers of players, for example theKarmine team Corp Street Twitch Kameto recently purchased the player Rekkles Very well known for its excellent performance.

To earn money on League of Legends, it is advisable to analyze the way to play each team. You must know its strengths and weaknesses. You have to be based on the statistics. Finally, also favor the world champion to optimize your chances of winning. Regarding the type of bet live, the First Kill is the fastest way to win. But if you want safety, the simple bet seems wise.

After studying the operation of the three sports betting sites, Casinozer is the best for its bonuses, promo code and the fluidity of its page.