The best sites in Paris online counter strike global offensive

For years, video games have been used for commercial purposes. This means that they are no longer confined to simple entertainment tools. Besides, this new objective made it possible to highlight the concept of esports.
You know that millions of dollars are running in this sector each year. The funds come from sponsors Who do not hesitate to reward the winners of a tournament. But it's not just the players who pocket huge sums.
In this lucrative market, it is possible for players to win thanks to the Bookmakers of Paris CSGO online.

What is Counter Strike Global Offensive?

Global offensive is the descendant of the famous Counter Strike game. It is developed and published by Valve Corporation. The first opus was created in 1999. This is a game of type FPS. As such, it is a first -person shooting game. The CS: GO has been available since August 21, 2012.

It is played in multiplayer or solo mode. The latter will oppose the human player to bots. The players' missions change each year with 11 operations identified to date. The last one is the RIPTIDE operation released in 2021.

Global Offensive is an update to the original Counter Strike game. You can then see the addition of new cards, characters and recent armaments. The classic competitive is the most popular game mode on CS: GO. He is the one who allowed the game to cross the course with his community.

The competitions of Electronic sport on Global Offensive were thought in 2012 with only minor tournaments. The developers then decided to renew the operation each year while gradually developing the concept. Counter Strike is one of the founding games of thesport And has greatly developed electronic game competition scenes.

The community has seen the best players in the world parade. During the first tournaments (Steel Series Go), the world champion was NIP (Ninjas in Pajamas).

In CS: Go, rivalries are frequent. The viewers were for example attentive to the game opposing NIP with FNATIC.

The best sports betting sites to bet on CS Go

Three casinos are currently the most reliable and secure To bet ESPORT. There is Casinozer, Mystake and Casino 360.


The bookmakers Mystake was founded in 2019. It is considered a serious operator. In just a few months, he was one of the best game sites of the market. His notoriety is based on the varieties of games he offers for bettors.

What to remember from mystake

  • The Welcome Bonus of Paris Esports online is 100% up to $ 500
  • Players will see an ergonomic interface on the platform.
  • Prognosis is abundant for the CS game: Go
  • The dimensions are boosted.
  • Registration lasts less than 3 minutes.
  • The accepted currencies are legion among cryptos and transfers.
  • The withdrawal is transferred to the player after 72 hours max.


The bookmakers casinozer Allows you to place money on CS Go and other popular electronic sport games. He joined Counter Strike in his game list from 2020.

What to remember on Casinozer

  • The welcome bonus consists of a Refund of the first bet lost up to $ 50 (Freebet 50 $).
  • The interface is both fluid and ergonomic for a pleasant experience.
  • Matches are available throughout the year.
  • The coasts are significantly higher compared to other game sites.
  • The registration is carried out in 3 clicks.
  • The means of payment are swarming among the cryptocurrencies, electronic portfolio, bank card and transfer.
  • The operator operates with an official Curaçao license.

Casino 360

Sports betting site and Bookmaker Esports, casino360 Allows players to perform a live Paris. The minimum deposit is set at $ 20. The online casino uses a rich library. You will find various e-sport games like Dota, Lol or Counter-Strike.

What to remember on casino360

  • The welcome bonus: $ 75 of bonuses during a first deposit.
  • The platform is fluid and exists in a mobile version.
  • Payment methods are opulent such as electronic, cryptocurrencies.
  • The means to withdraw your earnings are all the more diversified.
  • The casino has a Curaçao license.
  • Players take advantage of a freebet or money offered.

What are the types of sports betting on CS Go?

On CS: Go, there are not only money games proper. You can also bet on objects like skins.

Skins bets

Skins are visual elements that optimize the characters look. They must be purchased. However, you will know that they do not influence the gameplay or the capacity of the military. Prices vary according to their rarity on the market. Owners can adopt various tips for increasing its market value.

For example, they can add stickers to the accessory. To bet with skins, just go to your Steam account and use the market place. The concept has become popular with the Streamer of Casino Bidule which became known with the field. You can bet with the weapons.

The different sports bets CS Go

To bet on CS Go, you must go to bookmakers. Once on the platform you select the ESPORT game. Several tournaments are listed in the table. You will see for example ESL Pro League or Efire Masterleague.

After selecting the competition, you will discover the events corresponding to your request. We can read the identity of the participants, the match schedule and the date. Prognosis is posted in the form of a rating.

Bookmakers offer varieties of Paris. The choice must result from your player profile:

  • The winner of the match : Just appoint the team that will win 30 rounds.
  • The tournament winner : You have to wait for the end of the competition to find out the result.
  • Handicap : In this bet system, the weakest team can earn additional points. And even if she lost, you will always have a chance of success after totalization of the points.
  • More less : At the start of the game, the forecasts set a specific number of stabs and Headshot. The player will become the outcome. The result can be higher or lower than the indication.
  • The most and the least : The player predicts the team who will have the most kills or vice versa.
  • The first blood : You define the team that will lose a member first.
  • Others : The bettor can also bet ESPORT on other options such as the TOP FRAGER. You designate the best individual player. You still have the right to choose the team that will win the first 5 rounds or the round knife.

The best CS Go professional teams

During the 2021 championship, the winners received a cash prize of $ 1 million. Note that the competition was at arrest for two years due to the health situation. The best world teams were able to compete for a week.

The tournament ended on November 7, 2021. You know that 24 teams of varied nationalities participated in the CS: GO majors. Here are the best professional teams to Counter Strike that we must know:


Astralis is a Danish team founded in 2016. Members previously played in Team Solomid. She won the major four times. The most impressive is that the team was victorious Three times in a row. She notably won ESL Pro League season 12.

The team's abilities are not only known in CS: GO but also on LOL or FIFA. She collaborates with various sponsors like Logitech or Hummel.

Born to win

Natus Vincere (Navi) has been a Ukrainian team active in sport since 2009. It is renowned on the international scene after a huge performance in the Katowice IEAM.

It is classified in 2nd place during the ESL Pro League. Opposition with Astralis took place during the IEM Global Challenge sold by a defeat. She is formerly NA’VI.


Vitality is the representative of USA in the CS: GO competition. It was ranked third for two consecutive years due to an uncomfortable start to the season.

The team failed twice in the final during the Blast First Spring and the CSSUMMIT 6 Europe. She holds two trophies and plans to add other rewards to her table.


The English team is one of the oldest in the world of esports. She has been practicing since 2004. The creator of the organization is a mother and her son.

She participates in different divisions. During the 2019 season, she had a great season by hoisting herself in 5th place. Then, a year later, she failed in the semi-finals of IEM Katowice.

She also arrived in the final in ESL Pro League season 10. They signed a victory in the ESL Pro League season 11 before going out in the group phase during season 12.

Competitive matches on CS Go

Competitive matches on CS: Go consist of clashes between 5 vs 5. The players take on the role of terrorist and terrorist. The winner of the round knife (part with a knife) chooses his function.

The game mode used during a tournament is by default the Bomb Defusal. Nevertheless, players are free to select an alternative from the Deathmatch.
Here the winner is the one who reaches a specific number of kills. The classic mode is split into two subcategories (occasional and competitive).

In Bomb Defusal, the goal is to neutralize the terrorists in the time procuresed. They can also defuse the bomb. The players only have 40 seconds to accomplish this feat. The length indicated corresponds to a round. The game takes place within 30 rounds. Note that there is a part called Casual. It is only 15 rounds.

Terrorists pose bombs on a site. They have the choices between zone A and B. They win after the detonation of the explosives. In CS: Go, players have only one life per round. There is no respawn. The game requires strategy and composure.

To earn money on CS Go, it is advisable to bet on the simple bet to optimize your chances of winning. In other words, we have to put our funds on the outcome of a match. On the other hand, an expert in the game can opt for other types of bets. However, they will have to analyze the statistics and consider them Rows of teams During their last competitions.

After a comparison of the different game sites, the casino a look like mystake There remains the best for the bonuses they offer to players as well as for the diversity of online Paris CS GO types. In addition, it shows an original interface.