Monopoly Live: rules and tips to win

Do you remember "Monopoly", this game you played when you were young? Do you remember the satisfaction felt when you pocket your earnings? Evolution gaming makes you relive this feeling through Monopoly Live, the contemporary and lucrative version of Monopoly available on platforms of Online casinos.

MONOPOLY LIVE Presentation and reviews

Monopoly Live is an online game that is inspired by one of the best known and most played games in the world, Monopoly. It was created by Evolution gaming, in collaboration with Hasbro, in 2019. He entered online casinos a few months after his release. It is available on Mystake, casinozer et Crest Casino. It is aimed at players looking for fun and earnings.

The game works such as its original version with some improvements to adapt to the needs of casino players. It keeps its lucrative appearance, but at the same time, it saves money. Indeed, you can make up to 500,000 euros in gains by playing Monopoly Live. Thanks to his performances, he was crowned " game of the year " during the'EGR Operators Awards en 2019. It is also classified in the top 3 of the games most appreciated by the players.

Monopoly Live seems to be a mixture between the classic version of Monopoly and Dream Catcher, another production of Evolution Gaming. It is played in two parts, the first of which is to turn a wheel as in Dream Catcher And the second takes up the principles of Monopoly.

How is a part of Monopoly Live going?

Before taking an interest in the course of the game, it is necessary to provide details on theinterface de Monopoly Live. It includes several sections, the most important of which is the bet zone. It is located in the middle of the lower part of the screen. On the right are the most recent results (21, in all). The "statistical" icons, which summarizes the results of the last 49 laps, "play" " +table" and "hall" are also displayed on the screen. "Hall" redirects to the Lobby Evolution. "Play" starts the game automatically. It allows you to resume a bet several times. The game is played out in the presence of a host or a host and Mr. Monopoly, who drinks his tea on an armchair next to the wheel. The latter accompanies you as soon as the bonus part is triggered.

The principe de Monopoly Live is simple and assimilate to that of others Fortune wheels. Just bet on the section of your choice. The wheel stops on it? You win and receive a gain whose value corresponds to the product of your bet and the number of points indicated by the wheel. For example, your bet is multiplied by 10 if you have selected the 10 section.

You can go to the tray mode, the second part of the game, as soon as the wheel falls on the 2 Rolls ou 4 Rolls. The number of dics varies depending on whether you come across the first or second section. You are entitled to two or four launched. Mr Monopoly replaces your pawn on the tray and picks up your earnings.

Monopoly Live bonuses

Monopoly Live offers several Bonus to players, including the 2 and 4 rolls as well as the "chances", as on the classic monopoly. We advise you to take advantage of it to make the maximum benefit.

Les bonus 2 rolls et 4 rolls

These bonuses open access to a game board where you can get multipliers each time you launch your dice. The number of launches is doubled or quadrupled depending on whether you come across the 2 rolls ou le 4 rolls. At the same time, they multiply your earnings by 2 or 4.

The lucky function

The bonus de Monopoly Live are designed to allow you to win multipliers several times. The "luck function" multiplies them as soon as you get 10 points. At the end of the game, your bet can be multiplied by 1500. According to the general conditions of use, you can perceive Up to 500,000 euros.

The best strategies of Monopoly Live

Do you want to pocket the maximum gain on Monopoly Live? We make you discover the best tips of users of this game. It is important to remember that it is a casino game where chance and luck are important roles. There is no way to change the results. On the other hand, you can put the odds on your side by adopting some strategies that have already proven themselves.

Strategies Results
Bet on bonuses 2 rolls and 4 rolls You are sure to see your bet being multiplied if the wheel stops on 2 rolls or 4 rolls.
Missing on 1 and 2 Sections 1 and 2 are more numerous than the others, which allows you to regularly earn a few additional euros.
Stop the game while there is still time You should withdraw if you notice that the game you play does not bring you anything. You risk losing the money you have.
Adopt the low or strong volatility strategy The low volatility strategy: you bet on bonus towers and on a few figures like 2, 5 and 10.

The strategy with high volatility: you bet on bonus towers only, but with a greater bet.

In both cases, you come out victorious.

The best online casinos to play Monopoly Live

  • casinozer : This is the young online casino whose creation dates back in 2021. He devoted himself to sports betting and casino games. It provides you with bonuses as soon as you register. Monopoly Live is available on Casinozer and is one of its casino games.
  • Mystake : Are you starting in casino games? You can play Monopoly Live on mystake. The platform is an example in terms of reliability and performance. It offers you welcome bonuses that can go up to 150 %. With this casino, you can receive 500 euros in bonuses to start your games.
  • Crest Casino : It was born in 2007 thanks to Azurolongo NV. He was among the first game platforms that offered players to players. Currently, it provides them with Monopoly Live, whose grip is facilitated by its intuitive interface.

Yes, it is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Online casinos provide you with different bonuses to allow you to play Monopoly Live. On Casinozer and Mystake, you can get 500 euros and 1,000 euros.

You can win up to half a million euros by adopting the best strategies when you play Monopoly Live.