Madness Bonus: The Site of the streamer Casino Vauses

That you are a lover of Online casino Or a simple person who wants to get into the world, you need to know the right sites. Madness Bonus is one of those thematic sites that offer various content on the world of online casino and silver games on the Internet.

In this site, you will find everything, ranging from a Casino comparison To the comparison of bonuses via various useful tips. Discover this site created by the streameuse casino Vause in detail in this article.

Who is the streamer of Casino Vauses?

The Madness Bonus site of By the way is born in July 2020. This is a long -term project of the famous streamer on Twitch.

The purpose of the site is to help a whole community of players and lovers of online silver games. That said, there are various contents such as special casino comparison sections, bonus comparisons, a special slot machine tab, a blog and even other offers in VIP mode.

In short, it is a useful support for different online players. In parallel with Vause's Twitch channel, this tool allows its subscribers to find easily Reliable sites. And on the other hand, it also allows streamers to create partnerships with casinos in different lines.


The story of Vauses

To better understand the site and its content, we believe that it is essential to know the story of this player at heart to pass from a simple online poker player in famous streamer.

From Navy to Vauses

Marine is her real first name, but it will be her nickname that will launch all her career. At 20, Marine leaves her native country, USA, to discover other horizons. She will travel to a few countries before landing in Hungary A year after his departure. Today, she still lives there and continues to write her beautiful story.

Online poker above all

Even if our streamer is only 27 years old, you should know that she has started playing for a very long time. Vaus was first a player of Online poker From the age of 18. This activity allowed him to live for 5 years by improving his technique.

However, we must specify that she has never played on table in casinos, Vauses only played on online poker. It also shows the conviction of the player to play on the internet from her beginnings. In summary, she played poker between 2011 and 2016. Then at 24, she abandoned poker, and moved on to a new experience which will be more decisive in S has a career.

Become a streamer of casino on Twitch

The streamer career started in 2017 for Vauses. She then decided to launch her Twitch channel to stream her game sessions. At first, Vauses played several online games, but started choosing a game game, it was H1Z1.

VAUSE then discovered Fortnite who quickly won his heart. It is also thanks to this new hand game that she began to develop her community. In addition, of his talent sport Shaped in the game, his atypical personality also contributed to his gratitude in the environment.


A dazzling year on Twitch and Youtube

So Vauses is gradually becoming known on Twitch since 2017, an event will change his life in 2019. Vauses will indeed launch a Youtube channel. Its goal is to share various videos linked to its activity in order to win more followers on the two platforms. Then, in March 2019, one of the videos became viral on YouTube.

In this video, she speaks with a 13 -year -old teenager who follows her online. The video quickly made the buzz. VAUSE then won more fans and subscribers than ever. Unfortunately, she stopped Fortnite in December 2019, because the game no longer suited her.

Conversion to the casino

As a reminder, Vauses has already had a past in the online casino when she was still an online poker player. That said, it was not until August 2019 that she started streaming casino on Twitch.

This new activity will allow him to win partnerships with online casinos. Bitcasino is the first which obtained an exclusive partnership with Vauses. This partnership has aroused the attention of other casinos, in particular Croesus who ed her. Then, at the end of December 2019, the two parties agreed on an exclusive partnership with 1000 euros to play every day.

Son premier site d’affiliation casino

The dream is just starting for Vauses. From the start of 2020, she created her first website under the name of This is where she really begins to make money thanks to new partnerships with several casinos. Its popularity rating increases and it earns more and more day by day until you can afford the car of its dreams.

The birth of Madness Bonus

To switch up a gear, VAUSE launches the Madness Bonus site in July 2020. This is followed by the Twitch Madness Bonus channel in November 2020. The site and the chain broadcast different content on the theme of the online casino, and also offer D 'Other surprises daily. Now Vauses has 126,900 followers on his Twitch channel and 184,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel.

What does the Madness Bonus site offer

As its name suggests, the main purpose of the site is to offer free bonuses to players. However, the site also includes other even more interesting content still in the theme of online casinos.


Opinions on online casinos

On the home page of the site, you will find the casinos menu. In this section, you will first find the list of all Online casinos Available on the site. As an example, we can see sites like Lucky8, Neon54 or casinozer. Dressed on a table, the sites are arranged according to certain details such as the max bonus and the minimum deposit.

And to serve you better, the Casinos menu also offers you the list of the most reliable casinos. With this list, simply choose. None of the reliable casinos selected by Madness Bonus is a scam site. You are then free to play and pocket your earnings afterwards. Finally, Madness Bonus displays your opinions on certain casinos on the site.

Indeed, when you have to choose between casinos, read the reviews will be useful to you. Madness does not only give opinions on casinos, he also notes them according to bonuses and return rates. Besides each notice, you will find a button that will take you directly to the chosen casino website.

Casinos bonuses

The bonus menu is divided into 4 types of bonus:

  • Casino bonus sans Wager : A bonus without wager is a bonus that you can withdraw without going through the conditions of the wager. Indeed, the wager prevents you from removing your earnings or bonuses until you complete a defined number of bets. It’s not all casinos that offer this type of bonus, but Madness has selected them for you.
  • Casino Bonus without deposit : The without deposit bonus is one of the most common bonuses of online casinos. This bonus allows you to play a game for free without even making a deposit. However, some casinos impose conditions to be fulfilled so that you can withdraw your earnings.
  • Casino cryptocurrency : If you like casino games and you are an investor in different cryptocurrencies you have the possibility of enjoying certain bonuses during your Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum or Tether USD deposit.
  • Bonus casino with free towers : Free bonuses are bonuses that allow you to play free tricks during the game. This is really beneficial if you play games like roulette or slot machine.


Casinos classification according to the payment method

Each player has a payment method which suits him most than others. For example, some will want to use a bank card to pay and get paid, while others will want to use cryptocurrencies. With Madness Bonus, just choose a payment method in this menu to discover the list of casinos that suit you.

Among the payment methods, we find:

  • Casinos accepting the Visa Carte
  • Casinos accepting MasterCard
  • Casinos accepting Neosurf
  • Casinos accepting CASHlib
  • Casinos accepting cryptocurrencies

In conclusion, we can say that the Vause site is a powerful tool available to players. The site allows you to choose a casino quickly according to your criteria in terms of reliability, bonuses and payment methods. The site even offers a selection of the best slot machines, a blog and a VIP mode. This is another success for Vauses.