Live Casino: the best live games

The online casino is an invention that has revolutionized the universe of games of chance initiated by Evolution gaming. Although the game sites offer bonuses that are not found in physical casino, the platforms did not have the opportunity to recreate the atmosphere of a real casino. Now thanks to large game publishers like Evolution gaming, it is possible to play all the table games against croupiers or real players, and that directly from your sofa.

Indeed, in recent years we have seen hundreds of new games live with real deales. Blackjack Live, live roulette, live poker, live baccara and even exclusive television games such as Crazy Time, Megaball, Cash or Crash or the famous OR No Deal Deal.

Thanks to these new exclusive live games, the online casinos game experience is exceptional. Each player can live their pleasure in the game more intensely.

Accessible on Best Mobile Online Casinos, live casino games are available from your smartphone, Tablet or any connected support Android ou Apple.

On which site to play at Live Casino?

If you appreciate the online casino and want to entertain yourself on live table games as if you were in Las Vegas, we will give you the best game sites to play. It is certainly important to find good bonus offers, but also to find a reliable casino which validates all the selection criteria before launching. Generous welcome bonuses, secure deposit and withdrawal methods, reactive customer service, fluid platform and full game library.

Selected according to our rigorous criteria, here are the 5 best online casinos to play the live casino games:

  • casinozer : 100% up to $ 500 to the creation of the player account.
  • Crest Casino : 150% up to 300 $ + 500 free spins at registration.
  • Dublinbet : 150% up to $ 425 On the first 3 deposits.
  • Nevada Win : 100% up to 2000 $ + 100 free spins On the first 3 deposits.
  • Arlequin Casino : 100% up to 300 $ + 10 free spins at registration

What are the best live casino games?

If you are a new internet casino player you probably wonder what are the possibilities that live games offer. Note that there are currently several hundred games available with live croupiers in real casinos. These games are available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. It is possible to play live casino in public transport, from your sofa or on your computer, rules exist but it is up to you to set your conditions.

Among the live casino games there are two main categories, Classic live casino games (blackjack, roulette, baccarat, poker, sic bo, dice, bingo, etc…) et Exclusive live casino games (Crazy Time, Monopoly, Deal or No Deal, Gonzo’s, Cash or Crash, etc…).

The best classic live games

BlackJack Live

Among the most famous casino tables. The Blackjack Live is played with 8 packs of 52 cards mixed in regular ways. Distributed by a real dealer, all Sides BET are available. Double, Splitter, Perfect Pair, continuation, color and even insurance, everything is there. There are also VIP tables for players wishing to bet big. Will you manage to do 21 against the bank?

Roulette Live

Discover all the variants of casters available live. American, European and even American are accessible with real deales. Access the content in different languages, different stakes and above all different possibilities. lightning roulette, Speed Roulette, Immersive Roulette, Double Ball Roulette, Private lounge, American roulette, Instant Roulette And still many others.

Poker Live

The most popular card game in the world could not not be in this list. Find on your best online casinos all live poker games thanks to Evolution Gaming. Poker Hold’em, Three Card poker, Caribbean Stud or Side Bet City. Face players from around the world against the dealer of a real real casino. Get the best hand possible and make big earnings with ribs that can go up to X100 your bet. Dynamic games and full of twists are waiting for you on live poker tables.

Baccarat Live

You like blackjack but you even appreciate its most famous variant: the baccarat. Take advantage of the prediction game most requested by high rollers around the world. Play baccara from your sofa, office or even from a waiting room and sauté the bank. Beat the dealer and try to get the jackpot that everyone dreams of.

Craps Live

In an elegant theme that would make us think of a Hollywood film. Live the live live experience with a live professional dealer. The aim of the game ? Predict the result of the launch of two dice launched by the bank. Thanks to the Evolution Gaming work, all the tools are available so that players can easily understand and play craps. The excitation of the game is optimal and the atmosphere at the table is incredible. Take advantage of your favorite dice game with potential gains that are still so interesting.

Sic Bo Live et Dragon Tiger Live

Pretty little known, these two Asian games are growing popularity. This is why Evolution Gaming offers its community to be able to play with real deales. Discover the SIC BO live, the most famous classic dice game with gains that can multiply your earnings Until X999.

For Dragon Tiger live you will have to choose your side, rather dragon or tiger? Discover this legendary Asian game live with real professionals in the game of chance. Take advantage of the thrilling action with secondary bets that will perhaps increase your earnings and win a good sum.

The best original live casino games

Crazy Time

Release in 2020, the Crazy Time is the game of Casino Live that has been talked about the most. Indeed, this exceptional original game developed by Evolution upset the entire igaming community. Offering fun and very lucrative content, it is one of the most popular online gambling.

Inspired by the previous Monopoly Live game, Crazy Time is a television game based on bonus games and multipliers that will make your head turn.

The action takes place in a very colorful studio with a large wheel launched by a professional dealer. The goal? Get a multiplier on one of the 4 bonuses offered by the game: Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Flip corner and Crazy Time.

The game is very very interesting and powerful, but it remains very simple to understand and take control for an inexperienced player. Put in Craazy Time Until X5000 your.

The Crazy Time is the game of live casino par excellence!

Cash or Crash Live

Much appreciated by online casino players, Crash Games have been experiencing unprecedented popularity for a few months. We first saw JetX On the casino Cbet then aviator on casinozer And here is a live game that will be available everywhere thanks to Evolution Gaming: Cash or Crash.

In this exclusive game, discover an original setting. Installed inside an airship that sails above a big city, you will have to go up to reach the stars. The functioning of the game is simple, placing a unique bet and hope that the bourier pulls the maximum of green ball in a row. Indeed, in the center of the cash or crash game is a selection of balls made up of 28 balls, 19 green, 8 red and a golden.

If a ball verte Fate in the draw, the airship goes go up a floor, with all the players who bet. The earnings will then go up a level for everyone.
If a ball Rouge fate in the draw, so it means it is l’action crash. The game ends and all the players of the players are lost, including the gains if you have not chosen to take the money offered in the previous round.
Yes the bales gilded Exit to the draw, it increases the future gains of each draw and it provides protection to players called Bonus shield (If a red ball falls behind, it will have no effect).

At the end of each round the player must choose between three options:

  • Leave your earnings and continue the game
  • Take half of the earnings and continue the game
  • Take all earnings and stop the game

Cash or crash is a live game with a dealer who can allow you to win up to X50,000 your If you have a golden ball and reach the last level. Try your luck, and who knows, maybe touch the stars with your fingertips.

Mega ball Live

This television game is another exclusivity of Evolution Gaming. Taking up in a delusional studio, Mega Ball is a revisited lottery game. Here you have to buy grids at the desired amount. The 20 -ball draw is made on a total of 51. Once the draw begins, you will need to make lines on your grids to multiply your earnings. At the end of the draw, a multiplier up to X100 will be selected, and if you have obtained a substantial gain with the last ball from the Mega Ball, then you can win up to a total of X1,000,000 The price of a grid ! It is possible to buy up to 200 game grids per part of Mega Ball Live. So don't wait any longer, make lines to get the jackpot.

Monopoly live

Who has never played Monopoly with family or friends? This entertainment by Casino Live is an online variant of the original Monopoly board game that is one of the first live casino games. Designed by Evolution Gaming, this live casino game is simple. Hosted by a dealer as well as Mr. Monopoly, the famous character in virtual animation. Just like for Crazy Time, the game host runs the wheel until she stops on one of the different segments.

When the wheel stops on a figure, this is a potential gain you have done if you have bet on this number, however if the wheel falls on "luck" or "2 rolls" or "4 rolls". You will have the chance to discover the incredible 3D bonus game. A captivating virtual reality that can bring you Up to a maximum of x2000 your.

Deal or no Deal

Directly inspired by one of the biggest television games of the 20th century, Deal Or Deal is a live casino game offered by Evolution Gaming. At first, each player must run the three -roll trunk to qualify. Each additional round defines the amount of money in the largest price bundle from X75 to X500 the bet. Once qualified, each player participates in the recharge tower of the suitcases which consists in betting to increase the multiplier of the case of your choice among the 16 proposed. You can choose to increase the rewards of several briefcases a little bit or a single enormously, depending on the strategy you want to develop.

Once the suitcases have been credited, the television game begins with a live presenter or presenter. This high intensity entertainment is based on intuition. Indeed, as in the real game you have the briefcases are first open 3 by 3. At each new step the banker will make you a real money offer. You will have the opportunity to stop and take the money or refuse and continue the Live Deal Or Deal game. Will you be able to find the most expensive mallet or will you accept the banker's offer? In this live casino game, you are the only master on board.

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live

Continuation of one of the most famous slot machines: Gonzo's quest of clean. For this unique television game, Evolution Gaming invites you to join the presenter in an exciting quest for hidden treasures. In a decor from Inca culture, obviously inspired by the original slot machine, Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live is based on a wall of 70 stones where prices will come to nest.

You will have to find the treasures by choosing the stones on the wall, to get some astronomical gains up to 20,000 by stone.

Gonzo’s Treasure is the first live casino game to offer a gameplay in virtual reality mode. Indeed, the game is available in VR mode with a helmet and a controller for a complete immersion in the world of Gonzo.


If there was a defect before on online gaming sites, it is now completely forgotten. Indeed, thanks to editors at the forefront of innovation such as Evolution Gaming, all players can now enjoy casino bonuses on game tables with real cumbers or even in exclusive television games to live thrilling moments unique. The online casino is no longer just a pleasure to share alone but it can also be done with the whole community.

All live casino games are available from your smartphone and any connected medium. Computer, tablet and mobile phone allow you to play live casino.

Among the best platforms to play entertainment of casino live we find:

  • casinozer
  • Crest Casino
  • Dublinbet
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