Lightning Roulette: our tips for winning x500 its

Most enthusiasts of online games follow the latest news allowing them to earn more. In addition to earnings, the followers of games Online casino are in constant search for pleasure, suspense and adrenaline rise.

One of the latest of the Evolution Gaming game publisher will certainly delight many lovers of roulette games. It's here lightning roulette, An online roulette which has appeared for a short time, but who already seduces many players in the four corners of the globe.

This online roulette owes its popularity to its Big real money gains up to X500 of your. Lovers of gambling will also appreciate the unique design and the very original animation of this live casino game. In the rest of the article, learn more about the Lightning Roulette.

What is Lightning Roulette?

Announced for several years by Evolution Gaming, the Lightning Roulette was officially presented in London at the Ice Totally Gaming show. Created by a developer with solid references in the Live Casino, the Lightning roulette combines all the features of a roulette standard And the one that allows you to make big earnings.

The circle of classic bets is present on this online roulette version, but it also has a winning multiplier. As with classic roulette, you play in front of a dealer. However, he is not a dealer as you are used to meeting on Roll tables.

It is, in fact, a fairly entertaining animator responsible for creating the atmosphere in each part in order to avoid monotony. The English word "Lightning" which means lightning refers to the special effects that decorate the game. numbers struck by lightning bring you the big gains, which increases the suspense in each turn.

To stand out from the roulette of land casinos and most Online casters, the Lightning Roulette is showing up to attract players. The latter are not likely to be bored, whatever the result of a game, thanks to the originality of the animation.

The dealer engages in a real TV show to push players to place their lightning tests. If your number receives the discharge, you can earn a sum that will change your whole life.

Certainly, the lightning Rarely in the same place, but the very simple operation of the Lightning Roulette offers the possibility of winning 50 times at 500 times in your at any moment. This European roulette variant also guarantees you a unique game experience thanks to its great accessibility.

The table can receive as many players and an unlimited number of simultaneous. The Technology RNG From the publisher Evolution Gaming, which is no longer to be presented in the sector, guarantees you total equity and good regularity.

How to play the Lightning Roulette?

Playing Lightning roulette is quite easy because the rules are similar to those of classic roulette. Before starting the game, players are invited to make their bets. On this live roulette variant, the most remunerative bets are those placed on full numbers or direct bets. Obviously, you can also bet on other types of bets according to your desires and according to your gain goals.

Before launching the game, the dealer makes a brief reminder of the rules of the game with his unique show. If you pay attention to it, its information will reveal some Lightning Roulette tips allowing you to place your bets well and increase your lucky luck.

Then he launches a machine that will select 1 to 5 numbers randomly. Each of these numbers will be associated with a multiplier or Lightning number ranging from 50x to 500x.

The game begins when the dealer activates the roulette with a button. The roulette turns and the ball travels every chance. The suspense ends when the ball stops on a number. If this number is one of the number of chances on which you have bet, you win your multiplied bet by the multiplier corresponding.

If you have bet on this issue, but it is not part of the number of chances, you will recover your bet.

What are the main advantages of Lightning Roulette?

Compared to other types of online casino roulette, the lightning is advantageous on several points. Thanks to a wide range of location possibilities, you will increase your chance to win the jackpot. But playing the casino by choosing this Roulette variant Above all, has the merit of having fun without getting tired. Each part does not look like another and brings its dose of adrenaline rise.

The animation is far from boring because the dealer always finds the right words to encourage you to try the X500. Your chance to get gros gains is constantly up to your risk taking. All the roulette techniques you know can be applied to this Evolution Gaming variant. In addition to the roulette tips which consist in betting only on full numbers and direct bets, you can choose to gain more frequently by focusing on simple bets.

The other great advantage of Lightning Roulette is in its overall functionality. The quality of the light and sound effects is incomparable. You will enjoy a High Definition Video Flow Who makes you forget your immediate environment to fully immerse yourself in a casino atmosphere.

How to bet and win on Lightning Roulette?

On Lightning roulette, there are a good ten possibilities of : on red or black, sixain, square, dozen, column, peer and odd, as well as on the transversal or on horseback. The biggest gain is to be won over the full numbers.

As for the gains, this variant offers a whole panel of reports ranging from 1: 1 to 1: 499. The maximum gain corresponds to the highest multiplier, that is to say X500.

Where to play the Lightning Roulette?

You can play Lightning roulette on many sites Online casinos who are open to world players. We recommend that you only play this roulette variant on Secure and reliable online casinos such as :

Can we use cryptocurrencies to play the Lightning Roulette?

The reliable online casinos that we offer accept cryptocurrencies on their sites. It is possible to Place your crypto currency wallet via its wallet And play freely. In the case of Mystake et casinozer It will also be possible to make a withdrawal of his earnings Directly on his Wallet crypto.

Lightning roulette can be played on different types of supports. The mobile and tablet version of the game has the great advantage of providing a more ergonomic and realistic visual rendering.

RTP or return rate Lightning roulette is 97.10%.

The main difference is in the maximum gain. With the Lightning Roulette, you are fortunate to win 500 times in the amount of your bet.

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