Lightning Dice: tips and methods to win often

Due to the technological evolution that our world knows, and in addition with the current health situation, more and more Online casinos offer Live games On their web page. One of the games standing most is Lightning Dice, a fairly cool and lucrative game. Discover some methods to win this game often in the article.

Presentation of the Lightning Dice game

Developed by the design company Evolution (formerly Evolution Gaming), the Lightning Dice game is an online casino game released the June 1, 2019. Quite simple, it's a game that is both entertaining and lucrative that can be played at any time. It does not require a great effort of understanding before being able to play it, which stands out for most other online casino games.

Lightning Dice: How to play?

The principle of Lightning Dice is quite simple. Three dice are thrown away, and you have to guess the sum of these three dice. As an example, if after launching it, the dice fall on 4, 2 and 1 the winning number will therefore be 7. To place your bet, there are 16 locations ranging from 3 (the smallest sum) to 18 (the largest sum). And each location to its coast ranging from X5 to X150 depending on the scarcity of the result. And all this happens before the activation of the Lightning function in the game. This function is a coast multiplier function.

Methods and strategies to often win at Lightning Dice

The first thing to keep in mind playing Lightning Dice is that it is a live casino game, so just like a Slot machine, chance has its presence there. However, there are still a few tips to be able to gain frequently in this game. First of all, choose a reliable casino like Casinozer to play it.

The first tip is that you need to bet on the most possible results. Indeed, there are sums that can happen more frequently, because there are several dice combinations that can form them. It is true that these figures will have a smaller coast, but it reduces your risk of loss. These figures are: 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13.

The second method, which is a little hazardous, is to place Paris on the two extremes, the 3 and the 8. See that these two numbers are very rare, they also have the biggest ribs. In addition, they can still obtain the Lightning function before launching the dice. There is no need to place a big bet, since it will be multiplied by a large coast. So, just for fun, you can put a bet on 3 and 18 so as not to have any regrets in case they come out.

The third method is reserved for courageous bettors, who have a pronounced taste for risk. It consists of betting big on the figures with the biggest ribs, that is to say on 3, 4, 17 and 18. If these figures receive the lightning during your bet, then we can say that you will have A very beautiful chest.

Lightning Dice game rules

To play Lightning Dice, you must follow some fairly simple rules. As stipulating higher, you will see on your screen a palette displaying boxes containing figures between 3 and 5. Each figure has its coast and the latter does not change at least at least the lightning. The ribs vary from 5 to 150.

You can bet on the number of boxes you want. The minimum bet is $ 1. The greatest admitted bet is $ 500 per number. The game can then start.

At that time, the host activates a lever, which will have the result of provoking the "lightning" of numbers randomly chosen by the system. After that, he will deposit the dice above the route. After the hatch has opened to receive the dice, they are launched.

Everyone is waiting for their arrival at the end of the course. Upon arrival, the numbers displayed by the dice are added and the winning number is announced. After receiving the gains by lucky bettors, a few seconds flow and the game starts again.

RTP (redistribution rate) of the Lightning Dice game

The Return To Player (RTP) or redistribution rate in American of Lightning DICE is estimated at 96,21%. However, depending on the number you have chosen, this RTP can strongly oscillate. Indeed, it can vary between 96.03 % and 96.21 %. This RTP is interesting enough for a live casino game; In addition to the fact that it can bring you big gains for fairly reasonable bets.

The best online casinos to play Lightning Dice game

As said above, several online casinos offer Lightning game to their customers. Here, below some of the best casinos doing it.


Mystake is the online casino offering the most games to its customers (more than 4000 Sous and a large diversity of casino and sports betting games). In addition, it offers 4 types of welcome bonuses to new members. Coupled with impeccable quality service and safe transactions, that makes him one of the best online casinos available on the market.

Crest Casino

Release in 2014, Crest Casino is the casino holding The best reputation On the American online casino market. Starting to evolve, the platform offers its kind customers nearly 2,500 games, including the best (some are even free). The casino also offers many exclusive bonuses and exceptional quality of service. In addition to that, the platform has good fluidity and safety to make deposits and withdrawals.


casinozer is an online casino created in 2021. In addition to the welcome bonuses it offers (up to $ 1,500), it has a library of more than 3000 casino games and sports betting. And in addition it allows to make secure deposits and withdrawals in cryptocurrencies. This makes him a suitable and appreciable casino for all types of players.

Arlequin Casino

New outsider on the online casinos market, Arlequin Casino is a game site that offers its bettors an extraordinary game experience. You will find most of all classic games. And if you want to go even further, you can become a VIP player to enjoy the incredible offers and bonuses offered by the site.


Lucky8 is an online casino released in 2017. Managed by the same team as Cresus Casino, it offers a $ 200 welcome bonus to new players. It has excellent slot machines, as well as various casino games such as the Play’n Go, Yggdrasil Gaming, Quickspin, etc. In addition to this it has a very secure deposit and withdrawal system.

Our opinion on Lightning Dice

The Lightning Dice is a tremendous game and this for many reasons. First, the simplicity of its rules. Whether you are a new or a follower of online casinos, you will quickly understand the principle of the game.

In addition, the gains are quite substantial. You can end up with final gains 1000 times higher that your starting bet. All of this will necessarily attract any player looking for a potential gain. Do not wait any longer. Go for it to go and play this superb game.

The other live gaming evolution games

A global renowned, Evolution Gaming is a European casino game studio. Lightning Dice is not their first production. Among the live games offered by this studio, you will find Deal or no Deal Live, Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt, Crazy Time, Dream Catcher, mega ball, etc.

The game programmers coupled HTML5 technology there. This allows players to access the game on their smartphones and tablets, whatever their operating system.

The Lightning DICE game benefits from a 96.21 %RTP, which is quite interesting for a live casino game.

The Lightning Dice is available on several online casino platforms, namely:

  • Mystake
  • Crest Casino
  • casinozer
  • Arlequin Casino
  • Lucky8
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