Lightning Blackjack, how to play and how to win?

The biggest reproach that was made to online casinos compared to terrestrial casinos, it was the lack of games with real croupiers. From now on, thanks to the initiative of certain large publishers it is possible to play as in a physical casino but from home. Thanks to Live Casino games, discover thrilling television games but also classics given to the tastes of the day, with potential, much more important.

Today we will see the latest novelty ofEvolution gaming : Le Lightning Blackjack.

What is the Lightning Blackjack?

The Lightning game range has been Invented in 2018 by the provider Evolution Gaming. Originally applied to online roulette, this concept allows you to add multiplicators offering possibilities never seen.

Offering a superb design of the studio, the Lightning Blackjack is not only a way to increase your gains online by playing Against a bank dealer. But it is also a electrifying and unique environment For fans of the genre.

Although elegant and subtle decoration is important, let's move on to business. Indeed, the Lightning Blackjack is a variant of the official game offering multipliers to players. Indeed, it is possible to carry out multiplied gains up to X25. For that, it's very simple, 6 different hand possibilities are indicated behind the dealer: 4 to 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, BJ. These hands are associated with random multipliers going from x2 to x25.

Each new lap, one of the 6 hands will become Lightning and therefore apply its multiplier to players winning the Tour with an identical hand.

Example : If an X10 multiplier is highlighted on box 18, and a player wins his hand against the dealer with an 18, he will then benefit next round of a X10 multiplier of all his earnings.

attention : The multiplier that is obtained during a tour on the Lightning Blackjack table is applied by the next hand.

How to play Lightning Blackjack?

This new black jack game does not have different rules of the classic card game in broad outline. In addition, the Lightning Blackjack is available on Best online casinos and so mobile on mobile, tablet and smartphone.

To play, start by finding a Reliable online casino Who offers the game. It is quite easy to find a Paris site offering the Giants of the Swedish giant Evolution gaming. Once connected to your player account, you will be able to join the Lightning Blackjack table and note that on this variant of Blackjack, there No number of players. Indeed, if you used to have to wait for a seat on a variant of blackjack table online, forget that, here install yourself, even if 100 casino players are already there.

Once comfortably installed at the table, choose the bet you want to bet between 1 and 5000 $. Just like on a table of Blackjack 21 traditional, The player wins if his hand is greater than that of the dealer without exceeding 21. In addition, the dealer does not stop drawing cards that after having obtained at least a score of 17. And we also note the application of the Six Card Charlie bonus rule is applied. This casino bonus allows the player to win if the player amasse 6 consecutive cards without having exceeded 21.

The difference that makes the Lightning Blackjack game very interesting is its multipliers Going to X25. As described previously, if a player wins with a Lightning hand, the associated multiplier will be assigned to the next round. In case of victory His earnings will be multiplied And will be able to reach large sums. For more details, see the YouTube video below.

How to win at the Lightning Blackjack?

Just like for the majority of online casino games, there are No magic solution To earn money quickly. But on the other hand, it is possible to optimize your chances of winning to the casino by learning Blackjack techniques and tips. For example, we advise you to learn the strategy table In Base, B CK Ja CK Before you start. Indeed, this official table offers you the possibility of knowing the best solutions. When to draw a card, stay or double for example.

Another tip is to adapt your technique. Indeed, the objective of Lightning Blackjack is fromGet a large multiplier then, next round of make a big gain. Therefore, you need to win a first “lightning” hand at first. Adapt your hands according to the light number to win and get a multiplier. Then, once the multiplier is applied, bet a larger sum, and win whatever happens to get Up to 25 times your casino earnings sur le Lightning Blackjack.

What are the best casinos to play the Lightning Blackjack?

To have fun playing Lightning Blackjack and enjoying an optimal gaming experience, it is important to benefit from Best online casinos and their welcome bonus. For this, our team regularly performs Best offers rankings online game sites. here are the 5 best casinos To play the Blackjack lighting:

What are the other Lightning games playable on online casinos?

It has been several years since players can take advantage of the innovations of the Swedish giant Evolution Gaming. With a first Electrizing live casino game Called Lighting Roulette, which had been a total success, we expected to see Variants of large classic online casino games. Now we can find different Lightning table games available online:

  • lightning roulette
  • Lightning Dice
  • Lightning Roulette First Person
  • Lightning Blackjack live


Blackjack and cards players will be delighted, the Lightning BJ appears and will increase the gains significantly. There are constraints such as the absence of sidebes, but overall this new game is very good news for players who can try to win the jackpot by multiplying their earnings explosive.

The Classic blackjack does not allow you to make such high earnings since one cannot save in normal times that x1 I x1.5 was muted In case of victory or blackjack (except Side Bet). Now it is possible to Win to X25 your bet to X25, and all thanks to the ever more innovative and original work of Evolution Gaming.

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