The lexicon of the online casino

Playing money on online game sites is not difficult. But to be sure to understand the rules and the different bonuses offered by Online casinos It is necessary to know certain vocabulary words. If you have already followed casino streamers on Twitch for example, you must have heard technical terms like free spins, BONUS, Jackpot or even payment lines. It is essential for new players To understand and appropriate the expressions of this particular universe.

Do not panic, in this exclusive article, Casino-Commparative experts invite you to discover All expressions of online casinos To allow you to enjoy the best possible game experience.

Casino expressions: definitions and technical terms


All-in : From the Online poker, the expression that translates "carpet" in American means that the player puts all his chips (all of his money).

Ante : meaning ‘before” in Latin, the ante symbolizes the mandatory put that must be paid by the players before the cards are distributed. Often used on online poker, it is a bet that aims to force players to play since they lose their wallet little by little.

Auto-spin : Automatic spin or auto-spin is a function found on most online slot machines. This option allows you to run the slot machine without having to click each new round. There are different possibilities depending on the casino games, but often you can do 10.25.50 and 100 automatic spins.

aviator : Aviator is a very well -known casino crash game. Among the most famous live games of online casino, Aviator is a reference. The goal is to bet on an airplane and pocket the maximum of gains before it crushes. Discover How to make money on Aviator of Casinozer in our exclusive article.


Back to back : This English term is used in the world of slot machines when a player wins a free towers bonus just after playing one. The famous Casino Roshtein player regularly uses this expression when he ends a free -sponsor bonus of a slot machine and try to get another one right after.

Balance : Also called Casino balance, the scale is a term that is used to talk about the money available on the casino wallet. A player's scale is often indicated at the top right of the menus of an online casino.

banque : When using the term bank in a casino game, this is often associated with the dealer. Indeed, when you play blackjack for example, the bank is symbolized by the dealer who plays for the house, the casino or the bank.

Bankroll : Unlike the scale, the bankroll is the amount that a player gives himself to play on online casino games. When we talk about Bankroll management it means that a player must manage the funds he will invest in the casino for a fixed period, and not just for a session.

Bet : BET is the bet or bet that a player chooses to play a casino game.

BlackJack : The BlackJack Among the most famous table games of physical casinos and game sites. The goal is to get a higher score than the bank without ever exceeding 21.

BONUS : The term bonus can have several senses because it is used in several situations. Its first meaning is that of a promotion granted by an online casino, welcome bonus, bonus without deposit etc ... But the "bonus" is also used when playing a slot machine and symbolizes free towers. When a player obtains 3 symbols, he obtains the free spins bonus of the game.

bonus buy : Purchase of feature or bonus buy is a function available on certain slot machines that allows you to buy free towers without having to play the slot machine. In exchange for a sum most often from X60 to X100 the bet, it is possible to directly access the most fun part of the slot.

Welcome Bonus : The welcome bonus is a promotional offer offered by most reliable casinos when a player account is created. Each new player then obtains the possibility of earning a bonus money as well as free towers when he registers on an online casino.

Bonus without deposit : Also called free bonus, this is another promotional offer available for new players in a casino. In the form of bonus money or free slot machines, this promotion allows new players to test a casino on which they have just registered without depositing real money. To discover all Bonus without deposit Currently available consult our official page.

Bonus Hunt : widely used by streamers de casino On the Twitch platform, the Hunt bonus is as its name suggests, a bonus hunt. Indeed, the most fun part of the slot machines is often their bonus, the goal is therefore to get a free spins bonus and then leave the game without playing them. Then start again until you have accumulated enough, then they then have to play them all one after the other to raise a maximum of earnings.

Boost Balance : Boost meaning strengthening, the Boost Balance is often a big gain that allows significantly increases its casino player portfolio. To get this boost, it is often necessary to play more aggressively by betting big.

Broke : meaning breaking in American, being Broke means that the player has lost all his scale while playing.

Bust : Used at Blackjack 21, Bust means that the player has exceeded the scoring of 21 and that he is eliminated from this tower.


Cashback : Cashback is a reimbursement offer that some game sites provide players. For example, the casino a look like mystake Offers a 15% cashback, which means that it will make 15% of the losses of a bonus money player (if the player has lost to casino games).

Cash-out : We use the term cash-out when you remove your earnings on your bank account, electronic wallet or cryptocurrency wallet. Cash-out is the most pleasant part of the casino, when you recover its earned profits.


Dead Bonus : The term Dead Bonus is used when the free towers bonus of a slot machine (which is supposed to be the most lucrative part) pays nothing or almost nothing.

Double : Used at Blackjack 21, the term double means double its bet. In some cases, it is advisable to double his bet in order to receive only an additional card and have a chance to make a bigger gain against the dealer. Do not hesitate to consult our official Blackjack table to find out when to make a double.


Expanding symboles : Symbols of expansion in American are present in certain slot machines called "Book of". For example in the famous book of dead or book of gold, a symbol is attributed when you get the free spins bonus. This symbol will be a symbol of expansion for the duration of the bonus. If you get 2 or more, it will get along the entire length of the roller to connect and make earnings.

Expanding Wilds : Like the symbols of expansion, in this case, it is the Wilds which extend over the entire length of a roll to connect all the other symbols.


Fast spin : Fast spin, or fast turn, is used when a player runs a slot machine very quickly. Fast spin is made to get a bonus quickly, for example during a hunt bonus, we often play in fast spin.

free spins : The free spins mean free turns in American. They can, like the bonus, have two different senses. The first is the free turn of a slot machine when you get its bonus with 3 scatter symbols. The second is a bonus offered by an online casino which offers towers of a slot machine without spending real money.

Fold : Fold or bed in the American language is used online poker to say of a player whom he decides to abandon the tour.

Football Studio : Football Studio is a live casino game that can be found on many online casinos platforms.


Gamble : This is the English term to say bet. We also say gamblers for casino players who like to bet.


High Roll : High roll means taking big risks when playing. A player is said to be a high roller when he plays big sums of money to a game of chance.


Igaming : Igaming is the official term used to talk about online casino games. Now a very powerful market, Igaming is the field of online gambling.


Jackpot : Like many players in dreams, the jackpot is a large fixed money that can be won by playing the casino. Often present in slot machines, casino jackpots can sometimes reach several million euros.

progressive jackpot : Variant of the classic jackpot, the progressive jackpot is a sum of variable silver which can be won on a gradual slot machine. Once a player gets her she starts zero again and gets bigger as the users plays her without obtaining it. Several progressive jackpots have reached sums of tens of millions of euros or sterling books.

tokens : The tokens are the symbolic currency used by a casino.

table games : Table games are as their name suggests the casino games playing on a table with a dealer. We find for example, poker, baccarat, blackjack, roulette or even dragon tiger for example. There are hundreds of them, different in each region and countries.

Play safe : Inverse Highroller strategy, playing safe means to play cautiously. Most often this expression is associated with playing an unimportant amount compared to its wallet.


Live Casino : The Live Casino is a new category of games available on online casinos. To replace the table games with rumps, internet casinos and publishers have chosen to offer players live casino experience from any or. Available on mobile, live games can be roulette with a real dealer as much as unique casino television games like Crazy Time or Monopoly.

Payment lines : System of slot machines, the lines connect the symbols horizontally from left to right on the games.

Game license : The game license is an essential element of a good online casino. The license guarantees players that the casino is legal and that it has been approved by a recognized authority. Do not play on online casinos that do not have a game license.


Martingale : American technique used at the original roulette, Martingale is a betting system that saves 100%. Often prohibited in many establishments, the system can be used to earn money intelligently at the casino.

Max bet : On most casinos, when a player benefits from a bonus, it is subject to a maximum or hand m in turn or by hand, it is called max bet. This maximum bet is most often 5 $ per turn, but it can sometimes be higher or lower. Casino comparison gives you all the information on the maxbet of each online casino.

megaways : deposited by the Big Time Gaming game supplier, MEGAWAYS SOULD MACHINES are evolving games offering a very large number of payment lines up to 117,649. Many other publishers paid the brand to produce machines Sous using this revolutionary concept. We find for example Buffalo King Megaways, Big Bad Wolf Megaways or Madame Destiny Megaways for example.

Multipliers : used in slot machines and other casino games, multipliers are symbols that are used to multiply the player's earnings.


Player : Player is the angle term which means player.

Provider : This term is used to talk about suppliers who make casino games. It is said that a provider is a game editor or slot machine. Among the best known providers are, for example, Play’n Go, Net, Evolution Gaming or Pragmatic Play for example.


Raise (bet) : meaning increase in American, the Raise Bet is the increase in the bet of a player.

Rollers : rollers or reels in English, are the vertical columns of a slot machine (unlike lines).

RTP : Retting to Player, RTP is the rate of redistribution of a game of money to players. This means that when a 96% RTP slot has only 4% of the total money will be absorbed by the game, and 96% will be returned to the players.

Raw money : The term RAW Money is used to symbolize the raw money deposited by a player, money that is not a bonus offered by the casino.

Retrigger : when a player gets 3 scatters even when he played a free towers bonus (which most often grants additional tricks).


scatter : the scatter or free spins symbol is a symbol of a slot to which, when a player obtains 3 or more, grants the free towers bonus.

Slot : used by the whole community, slot means slot machine in English.

Spin : the spin is a simple slot machine tour.

Split : used when playing blackjack 21, the split is sometimes available and it means that you separate its two cards and double its bet to play two hands instead of one.

Stand: This is another term of online blackjack that is used when a player no longer wants an additional card and he considers to have enough to win against the bank's dealer.

Sticky Wild : A Sticky Wild is a sticky Wild. Used in some slot machines, sticky wilds are fixed symbols that can replace any other game symbol.


Payment table : Also called the table of earnings, the payment table is a technical sheet indicating all possible gains of a game or a slot machine.

make a card : used in blackjack or in some card games, it means that the player wants an additional card.


Volatility : term used when talking about a slot machine, volatility expresses the variance of a machine to make big earnings. For example, a very volatile slot machine will tend to pay players more rarely, but to gain larger sum when a gain will be done. Unlike an inexperienced machine that will pay more often but less than large.

VPN : VPN is not a term of the online casino but it is used by many players to have access to all game providers. VPN is a virtual private network that guarantees user safety during its web use. In particular, it allows you to connect from an IP from any country.


Wild : Special symbol used in most slot machines, the Wild is the equivalent of the cards joker. It can replace any symbol in the slot. It often makes it possible to facilitate the symbol connections.

wager : The wager Indicates the number of times you have to play your bonus offered by a casino before it becomes real money.
Take an example, if you deposit 100 $ on casinozer And that you take advantage of the exclusive welcome bonus. You can play with your 100 $ Cash + 100 $ Bonus offered by the Casino which are subject to an X35 wager. This means that for bonus money to become cash you will have to play $ 100 x35 = $ 3500. Once you have played the sum of $ 3,500 on the various casino games, all of your bonus will become retrifiable money.