Keno online, how to play?

Keno is a game of chance known to all. You have heard of it and you wonder by what is its story and where to start? Casino-comparative experts are there to enlighten you. Here is our complete guide to discover this unique and legendary silver game that is online keno.

Why is the hysteri

Before going into more details, let's talk about the origins and history of Keno first. Although many historians and specialists agree that this lottery game has been invented in China, the real origins of Keno are still vague.

If we believe the stories, this lottery game has been set up to allow government officials to finance the defense of their fortified city during a period of war. This tax, developed in the form of a game, more easily encouraged citizens to pay their taxes. Keno would have been used in particular to finance part of the Great Wall of China.

But let's forget somewhat the legends of the Chinese lottery to come back to our contemporary era. The first modern Keno draws its sources in the middle of the 19th century. The Portuguese authorities of Macao chose to produce Keno licenses in 1847. Located in China, at the time, playing Keno was done with 80 traditional Chinese pieces. Subsequently, the Chinese population that flocked to the United States brought its traditional game with it. And the Americans soon appropriated this Chinese lotto. It is in Houston, Texas, that we hear the word Keno for the first time in the United States.

Today it is possible to play Keno and win big in many physical casinos, tobacco bars or online game sites like the FDJ for American players. This drawing game based on winning combinations offers a simple option to players to try to win the jackpot while playing in a relaxed manner. In addition, with the appearance of online Keno and its democratization, it is now possible to play on many Internet casinos to have fun.

How to play Keno online?

Keno is a game accessible to all players, and it will be particularly so if you have already tried your luck at the lottery. Just like playing Loto or Euromillion, at the start of each game, players must choose numbers, also called "spots" that will have to fall during the next draw.

Online Keno rules

  • Find a reliable online casino to play : Just like for blackjack, bingo or Slot machine, it is absolutely necessary to play on Best online casinos. If you have never played Keno, the secure game sites will allow you to play for free before you start real money.
  • Choose your Keno numbers : At each online Keno draw, 20 numbers are selected between number 1 and number 80. In a classic part, it is possible to choose between 1 and 15 spots of your choice. Several prices and jackpots are available according to the number of numbers you have selected.
  • Learn the best online keno strategies : To increase your chances of winning on an online game of chance, it is always necessary to know the probabilities and the possibilities that it offers. This is the case with online keno. Discover the probabilities and the ratings of the bets of this lottery game before you start real money.

Take a simple example, if you only bet on a single number and it is part of the draw, you will win your bet 3 times, a coast of 3 against 1.

  • Get started and place your bets : Thanks to Keno games available on online casinos it is very easily possible to choose your bet and bet. Potential gains will be displayed for each figures allocated. Once your bets are placed on the numbers, press the Play button, and wait for the result of the draw.
  • Consult the result of the draw and pocket your earnings : Once the draw has fallen you now know if you are one of the winners and if you have had the chance to find the right combination. If you have made earnings, the money earned is directly credited to your player account.

How to place your online Keno stakes?

We were talking about the importance of knowing the probabilities in Keno, and it is just as important to know the terms and possibilities of putting above all. When you are going to place your bets on the numbers, several possibilities will arise. A bit like roulette there is a specific lexicon for your bets:

  • Ticket Straight : The most classic ticket, it consists in choosing the numbers and playing a single part.
  • Ticket Odd/Even : Just like roulette, it means you bet on peer or odd figures.
  • Ticket Combination Way : This ticket offers the possibility of combining numbers on the same ticket.
  • Ticket Split : The Keno Split ticket allows you to play two games at the same time. A simple ticket is divided into two parts. His fault? You cannot play the same numbers on both simultaneous parts.
  • Ticket Way : It is probably the most complex to understand. Close to the Split ticket, you should only play this draw if you master its concept well. If you play a Way ticket you can choose several groups of numbers on the same grid. Some online casinos sites allow you to have similar numbers in the various series/groups.
  • Ticket King : The players choose a single figure which is the king. It is played and linked to other drawing figures.

Keno variants

Although overall all variants of Keno are close, there are different games offering unique experiences. Some online casinos offer a little different games from classic Keno, and sometimes these variants are an opportunity to make big earnings.

Like the variants of table games like roulette or blackjack exist, we find for Keno interesting innovations. Find for example the Super Keno, the Krazy Keno, the Keno with Progressive Jackpot (which can make you win jackpots of several million euros) and many others.

Play Keno for free online

We will surely never repeat it enough but do not hesitate to train on free games. Indeed, as for free slot machines, free roulette or free blackjack, free keno exists. It is possible to have fun for free without download or registration. Online casinos like Cresus offer all users to test and have fun for free.

Although you have heard of it, it is likely that you have never played Keno in your life. To familiarize yourself with this unique lottery, free Keno is the best option. It allows us to understand the rules, the different tickets, and the possibilities offered by the game. Before you start real money, do not hesitate to use free casino software. Once you perfectly integrate the rules of Keno online, you can get into real money on the best online casinos.

The best sites to play Keno online is a site that wants to help you enjoy the best possible game experience on the Internet. For this our teams work every day to find the best game sites. To play Keno we have selected 3 reliable casinos premium which will ensure you Generous casino bonus, of the Secure withdrawals, of the diversified games and one high quality customer support.

To play Keno online Find:

  • casinozer : This new online casino offering all games and sports betting offers 100% up to $ 500 As soon as you register on the site.
  • Crest Casino : Leader in the American -speaking market, benefit from a Free without deposit bonus as well as a welcome bonus of 100% up to 350% as well as 500 free spins to the creation of the player account.
  • Arlequin Casino : New very promising casino, Arlequin Casino offers upon your arrival on its platform Welcome bonus of 100% up to a total of $ 300 .

It is possible to play Keno online on game sites such as online casinos such as FDJ or E-Lotto. We advise beginning players to train on free casinos before embarking on real money.

To earn money in Keno is very simple. The player must choose between 1 and 15 numbers on which he can bet. Then 20 numbers fall during the draw, the more the player has good numbers on his grid the more the jackpot to pocket can be high.

There are many money games available to play lottery games like Keno. From Best Secure Casinos We find :

  • casinozer
  • Crest Casino
  • Arlequin Casino

To get a large sum of money it is often necessary to get at least 8 good numbers. Players have 1 in 230,000 chance of getting the 8 -issue jackpot.

It is quite possible to play Keno from all your connected devices. Thanks to Best Mobile Casinos, play Keno and all lotteries games directly from your mobile phone.

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