Chicken chicken game by the online casino Mystake

The Internet casino is diversifying to become a full igaming market. Players around the world can now access several thousand games on platforms Best online casinos.

The slot and table game machines are obviously the best known entertainment, but we now find the original mini-games. the casino fiable Mystake exclusively offers mini games as Dino and the chicken game Chicken.

🐔 Milerur Bonus Subscribed Mystake
🍗 Mise
0.20 $ at 1000 $
🕹️ RTP
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Enjoy this review of all the information on the game of mystake, reviews and the best chicken casino tips to earn money.

Best bonuses offered to play chicken game

The online casino Mystake offers bonuses from the Creation of the player. To take advantage of the best offers and promotions to play the Chicken mines game, here are the ones that are available on mystake:

What is chicken game?

The chicken game is a casino mini-game created by Mystake or you have to find more chicken than bone to earn money and take your earnings. Read our opinion below!

There are many interesting mine games that you can find on online casinos. For example, we can find MINES DE CASINOZER or Bank or Bust de Lucky8 which are casino games of classic mines. After revolutionizing the Crash Casino games with Dino, Mystake decided to come back to the front of the stage with Chicken.

The Chicken Casino mines game is the best because it offers unique advantages:

  • A potential for earnings greater than the competitors: X10,000 per bet (up to 10 million euros)
  • Graphics and an original design
  • Exclusive game of the mystake casino
  • Bonuses up to 1000 $ to play

How to play chicken game?

Who doesn't like chicken? This is what to wonder the Mystake Casino before embarking on the production of this game Fun and entertaining.

Indeed, the chicken chicken mini game is an original production and very simple to play. Accessible to all types of casino players, Chicken is a game of casino mines that you will love.

The goal of the chicken game is to find as much chicken as possible without falling on a bone to earn money. The more the player finds chicken, the more important his earnings will become.

But beware, if the player falls on a bone, the game ends and he loses his bet. It is therefore necessary and essential to know how to stop at the right time to win the jackpot.

Chicken Mystake offers a unique potential of gains being able to 10,000,000 de’euros (or x10,000 the bet).

Chicken Mystake: a fun and unique artistic line

As we explained earlier, the Mystake casino likes to distinguish itself with its explosive gains but also by the unique graphics of its casino games.

When you arrive on the chicken game Casino, the first thing we see is the difference With other classic mines games.

Instead of having a system of explosive bombs or pieces, as its name suggests the Chicken Casino game makes you earn money When you fall on the chickens, and the bombs are replaced by bones.

As if someone had eaten your plate. The developers offer the possibility of configuring the game to make it more or less difficult, and therefore more or less lucrative for the player.

The Chicken game, an original mystake creation

To offer a gaming experience that you cannot find in another online casino, Mystake offers mini-games that you cannot find elsewhere. Chicken, just as Dino are Exclusive games at the mystake casino.

Impossible to take advantage of these entertainment in a terrestrial casino, like free casino games, these mini-games are only available on the mystake site.

How is a game on the Chicken Casino game?

Mine games are accessible to all players. Very simple to understand and take in hand, the gameplay of this game of casino chicken is based on a size grid 5 Cases Par 5 Cases.

The Chicken game of Mystake therefore has 25 cases In the form of kitchen meals in which you do not know what is hiding. There can be a chicken, delicious and warm, which will allow you to make earnings, or a bone, which will make you lose the game and therefore the initial bet.

Basic, the game includes 5 bones on 25 dishes, or one in five chance to lose the game on the game Casino Chicken.

The player's goal is to find as much chicken as possible without ever falling on a bone. You have to discover enough for the gains to increase but not go too far so as not to lose everything by falling on a bone, usually represented by a mine.

To open a dish, you just have to click on it with the computer mouse, or hit it with their finger on a smartphone or mobile. If it is a chicken that appears, a Gain multiplier rewards the player.

The more the player finds a chicken, the more the Chicken multiplier increases, and thus increases the payment of the game. To win the jackpot of the chicken chicken game from mytakes 10,000 times the, several consecutive multipliers will have to be obtained.

It should not be forgotten that there are several solutions to the chicken casino game. It is indeed possible toIncrease the number of bones present in the dishes. The more many chicken bones are numerous, the more powerful the multipliers of earnings when the player finds them. It is possible to put up to 24 bones on 25 dishes!

When you want to collect the earnings, know that it is possible, at any time, to do your Cashout Chicken mystake. Indeed, it is possible, after having opened only 2 or 3 boxes to stop and cash your money earned.

Chicken gains are Charting at any time, if you think you have discovered enough dishes and continue has too much risk of losing money, stop and press "Cashout”To instantly collect all the benefits of the game.

Is the chicken game reliable?

When you discover a new online casino game, it is legitimate to wonder if it is trustworthy entertainment. Chicken is a reliable game, first of all because it is on one of the, if not the Best online casino of 2022.

In addition, the Chicken game of Mystake guarantees its integrity and encryption thanks to the system of PROVABLY FAIR game. This cryptographic technology works with blockchain to guarantee players as well as casino that no third party can intervene in the results of the game. The equity of the Chicken game and its sessions is 100%guaranteed.

How to make money on the chicken game?

As you need to know, the online casino is partly based on chance, which is why there is no perfect technique to gain 100%. However, there are Casino Chicken tips to try to increase your earnings potential, and optimize your chances of winning.

In the case of casino mines games like Chicken, it is possible to develop simple strategies by modifying the number of bones present in the dishes.

For example, those who appreciate more volatile games, it is interesting to increase the number of mines or bones, and to make 2 or 3 maximum discoveries before cashout ses gains Chicken.

The multipliers being greater, the gains can quickly be interesting and the risks more moderate.

Our opinion on the game of mystake chicken

After carrying out several hours of testing on the game, we quickly noticed the qualities he could offer to players. Easy to play and very lucrative, the chicken money game is interesting for all types of players.

It offers very interesting possibilities thanks to a tto Redistribution to Players (RTP) of 97% with a potential of gains going up to 10 million euros.

Very balanced, reliable and unique in its kind, Chicken of the Mystake Casino is one of the best games of Casino Mines that we can find.

To enjoy the best bonus on the game of Chicken chicken in mystakes, Click here.

For beginner players, we advise to take the Welcome bonus of 150% To have a better bankroll and increase your chances of winning (For example, deposit 100 $ and play with 250 $).

For confirmed players, we recommend the Mega bonuses of 100% up to 1000 $ (deposit 1000 $ and play with 2000 $).

Add unique and fun graphics to this recipe, a system of live cat as well as bonuses on very interesting deposit, and we get a sublime recipe.

Ultimately, if you like simple games that pay strong, the Chicken Mystake chicken game is the entertainment you need.

More and more players are using their mobile to play casino, which is why it is essential that the best casino games like chicken are accessible on Smartphone, tablet and computer. All games of casino mobile Mystake are available without download from all browsers.

Several promotions allow you to play Chicken from the Mystake Casino. The best offer is the welcome bonus of 100% up to 1000 $ or 150% up to 200 $ offered on the first deposit. If you have already used this offer, there is a Second deposit bonus of $ 500, only on the mystake casino!