How to deposit and remove on the Casino Lucky8?

Lucky8 is a Online casino Launched in 2007 and which offers a large selection of table games, slot machine games and various mini-games. It is very famous with American and American -speaking players for its reliability and fairness. The casino also holds a game license issued by the authorities of Curaçao.

Among the many advantages offered by this online gaming site, payment and withdrawal methods which are very flexible and accessible to all major players.


How to place money on Lucky8?

To can Play on the online casino Lucky8, you must create an account, validate your identity by providing proof of identity and home as well as a bank identity statement or a scan on both sides of your credit card if you choose one of these payment methods.

Then follow the following steps to Make a deposit on Lucky8 :

  • Connect to your account created on Lucky8;
  • Go to the “Depot” section located at the top right of the home screen;
  • In the new page that appears, choose a payment method to make the deposit. The online casino offers several payment methods: Visa or Mastercard, Ecards, Cashlib bank card (prepaid card) and cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and Litecoin.
  • Once the payment method has been chosen, you must enter the information relating to the card, the Ecard or the Crypto account from which to take the levy.
  • Define the amount to be deposited, it must be greater than the minimum deposit which is $ 10 and validate.

The amount you put on your account Lucky8 is available after a variable time depending on the payment method you have chosen.

How to withdraw your earnings on Lucky8?

Like many Online gaming sites, the payment methods authorized for withdrawals from the Lucky8 online casino are more restricted than the payment methods authorized for withdrawals. On this online casino, it is not possible to make withdrawals only by bank transfer.

To can Make a retreat on Lucky8, you must have provided a banking identity statement on which the same name appears as that given for the creation of the account. It is then necessary to have a minimum amount of $ 30 below which it is not possible to request withdrawal.


To request a payment of your earnings on Lucky8, you must follow the following steps:

  • Connect to your Luxky8 account;
  • Go to the “My Account” section;
  • Click on the “My wallet” button;
  • Click on “withdrawal”;
  • Find out the amount you want to withdraw and then validate the request.

Withdrawals by bank transfers can take 3 to 5 working days.

What are Lucky8's withdrawal conditions?

For reasons of safety and transparency, all Online casinos, including Lucky8, impose certain rules and conditions that the player must fulfill to be able to withdraw his earnings.

To can Make a removal on Lucky8, you must first have a completely validated account. To do this, you must create an account, confirm your email address, then confirm your identity.

The identity verification is done with a procedure which begins by clicking on a link sent by e-mail after registration. The online casino then requests to provide several supporting documents which must be valid and perfectly readable:

  • The scan of a passport, an identity card, a residence permit or a driving license.
  • Proof of address: an electricity bill, a tax document, an insurance bill or any other official document proving your residence address. Proof of address must have less than three months.
  • A scan on each side of the credit card if you choose to use this payment method. The card must be in your name. However, make sure to cover the CVV code.
  • A banking identity statement with IBAN and SWIFT codes.
  • For online cards and wallets, you must justify that they belong to you by screenshots.

As said before, on Lucky8, it is not possible to request a withdrawal of an amount of less than 30 $. You must therefore have on your Lucky8 portfolio an amount greater than this minimum to be able to make a withdrawal.


What are the conditions of withdrawal during a bonus?

Lucky8 offers many interesting bonuses to his players. However, you must be careful and attentive to the conditions of withdrawal under bonus, because the bonuses are subject to wager And these can block your withdrawals if they are not completed. To find out the rules that apply, do not hesitate to read the "Terms and Conditions" section that you can find at the bottom of the online casino home page.

If you play without using any bonus, so using only your own money, or Raw money In English, no restriction is applied by the online casino to your withdrawals, except the obligation to play at least once the amount of your deposit to be able to request a withdrawal. This measure dates from a few years and it is intended to fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism and organized crime.

If you play with bonuses, the rules that apply can affect your deposit possibilities.

Among these rules, the most important on Lucky8 are:

  • The withdrawals of earnings that you make by playing with your welcome bonus without deposit are limited to 100 $.
  • If you have a bonus and make earnings by using it, you will only be able to withdraw these earnings after fulfilling the conditions related to the bonus, also called the Wager. Thus, on Lucky8, a bonus can be linked to an X 40 Wager, which means that you have to bet 40 times the bonus amount to be able to unlock it and unlock the earnings it has generated.