Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live: Go to the treasure hunt

The famous explorer Gonzo in search of the Eldorado is back for a new treasure hunt ! Following the success of Gonzo’s Quest By Netient and the buyout of Evolution Gaming, the conquistador goes back to the adventure of Live Casino with his game Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live, in the heart of an Inca temple.

Presentation of the Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live game

Gonzo takes you with him in him in A brand new adventure in South America, alongside a facilitator or an animator in an explorer, responsible for animating and commenting on the live parts.

Directly inspired by the slot machine Gonzo’s Quest, Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live presents itself as an interactive live game of chance, compatible with virtual reality. However, even without VR headphones, immersion is total thanks to the decor in synthetic images and the dealer which is an integral part of the frame.

Faced with a huge carved wall, you are invited to find the treasures hiding behind. Between television game and online slot machine, Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live is the first live casino to the world to offer this format.

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live : comment jouer ?

The goal is simple: find the treasures hiding in the wall and betting on the right stones among six different stakes (1x, 2x, 4x, 8x, 20x and 65x). Each block has its own value, which can still evolve if Gonzo drops the Prize Drop above.

You can select up to 20 blocks per turn by placing a hand on it. You are free to place them or let the computer do. The multipliers are distributed as follows:

Color Value Amount
Marron x1 27
Orange Cover 20
Violet kch 12
Vert x8 7
Bleu x20 3
Rouge x65 1

Methods and strategies to win often in Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live

Since Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live is a game of chance, in other words subject to the RNG, there is no infallible method to win: it all depends on your luck. Nevertheless, for win more often, you can opt for one of our strategic advice:

  • Mise little, on a single multiplier, but select the maximum of hands (20);
  • Bet on a few colors and place many hands to cover as much as possible;
  • Select all the bets and all your hands to ensure big earnings.

Of course, the less risk, the lower the reward. Conversely, the more risk you take and the more likely you are to win. If it is possible not to reimburse its bet in each turn, you also have a chance to win the jackpot. Simply adapt your way of playing your balance to combine pleasure and luck. In any case, you will notice that Selecting the maximum number of blocks is essential !

Gonzo’s treasure hunt live rules

The rules are as simple as for other live casino games. You now know that the goal is to Find the treasures hidden behind the blocks stone displayed on the wall. And to get there, the selected blocks must correspond to the bets made. Here's how a tour of Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live takes place:

  • The player selects the colorful bets he is trying to find in the wall
  • The player chooses the number of hands, up to 20 possible
  • The player places his hands on the blocks of the wall he thinks likely to contain a treasure
  • at the end of the time allocated, gonzo activates the drop prize, that is to say bonuses which are added to certain blocks
    • PRIZE Drop of multipliers: from X2 to X100
    • PRIZE DROP OF BONUS Added: from +3 to +100
    • RE-DOP arrows: The Prize Drop is triggered again, up to 10 times.
  • Multipliers are displayed one by one, from the weakest to the highest, to reveal the gains.

The RTP of the Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live game

The rate of redistribution, or RTP, is the Return to bets, which allows you to know what will be redistributed to the players and what will be kept by the casino. RTP of Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live Being 96.56% on average with neutral volatility, the gain of small sums is regular. That of large sums is therefore rarer, but the amount is very high, until X20,000 your bet.

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Our opinion on Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live

It takes a few laps to appropriate Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live, but the immersion is immediate. Gonzo fans will certainly be, like us, delighted to find their mascot in this hybrid version of his adventures. Thanks to the prints that accumulate, the Possibility to win 1 million euros And the suspense of Prize Drop pushes us to cross the doors of this Inca temple and to stay there. Overall, the high RTP and the interactive aspect make this live treasure hunt an excellent game of casino. Evolution Gaming has appropriated the Gonzo universe to offer a better version.

Yes, it is possible to Play on your smartphone or tablet If you have an Internet connection. The game has been optimized so that it can be displayed on all screens, so nothing prevents you from betting from your mobile.

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live RTP is 96.56% on average, which is higher than the majority of games online casino.

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