History and best online scratch games

Famous in Portugal, the United States or USA, scratch games have become an element of the culture of many countries around the world. Very appreciated by bettors and other gaming players, scratch tickets have not finished surprising us. Invented in America by John Koza, the concept of Scratch Cards has developed to become what it is today. We can, for example, find in American tobacconists great suppliers like La Française des Jeux who offer scratch cards: Jackpot, Cash, Solitaire, Blackjack 21, X20, Millionaire, Bingo, Goal etc…

To have the chance to win the jackpot, it was originally only possible to play in real, now we can find all the Best scratch games On the Online casinos. With better redistribution rates, Bonus without deposit Or the possibility of playing for free, online scratch cards are much more advantageous for players. Find out what are the advantages and the best online gaming sites to make real money by scraping.

The story and the beginnings of scratch games

Before we talk to you in more detail about online scratch cards, we have to start talking to you about the history of these games.

The first man to have thought of Inventing a scratch game is John Koza. It is by observing the different Lottery games in 1960, that this Michigan student thought invented the first scratch cards (Scratch Cards Games in English). But the marketing will not be done until several years later by the Astromed Inc company which chooses to win the players instantly, with games to scratch never seen. Unlike all lotto games of the time it was possible to know right now if we won or not, and it was quickly unanimous.

It was in the 80s that we started to see the first scratch games on the European continent. And more precisely in 1984 that they arrived in USA. LA American games chose to distribute with the help of the tobacco offices its scratch tickets. Little by little, the bird makes its nest, and the FDJ lists in 2020 About 25 million players in his physical sales points. The millions of scratch games sold in USA would represent 16 billion euros in Paris Of around thirty different games.

Although they are still experiencing significant success, they are increasingly marketed on the Internet. Now, large European gaming groups such as the American Games and the Belgian national lottery offer their entertainment on mobile platforms. We find for example Keno, bingo, lotto, Euromillion as well as all scratch games.

The various confinements, as well as the dematerialization of games of chance leads more and more players to change their consumption mode. And there are also more and more new sites and specialized online casinos offering scratchcards. The advantages of online casino games are numerous and we will give them to you.

What real scratch games are the most profitable?

  • The millionaire : players can win until 1 million euros with a redistribution rate of 73.5%
  • The cash : the possibility of winning until 500000$ and a redistribution of 72% stakes
  • The jackpot : a jackpot until 500000$ maximum and a return rate of 72%

What are the best scratch games online?

  • Scratch Gold : Gain max de X100,000 and an RTP of 85.25%
  • Chaos Crew Scratch : Gain maximum de X100,000 and an RTP of 80%
  • Scratch Match : Gain max de x30,000 and an RTP of 97.25%
  • Happy Scratch : Gain max de x10,000 and an RTP of 92.02%

The advantages of online scratch games

Far from the usual shots of casinos, scratch tickets have become one of the most used entertainment on Igaming platforms. So much so that there is now more and more casino specializing in scratch games like the Gratowin casino for example. The Advantages of scratching online Rather than in physical point of sale are numerous.

Here is why the scratch games on the best casino are more advantageous:

  • Play for free : You may not know it but it is possible to play online casino for free. And that doesn't stop at the slot machine. It is possible to scratch virtual silver tickets to discover new games or just have fun with friends without taking the risk of losing real money. Find our Casino list at the end of the article and Play all free scratch games without registration or download.
  • Greater chance to win : Just as we indicated a little higher, one of the facts that justify that players prefer online games are the probabilities of making earnings. Standard scratch games certainly offer larger sums to be won, but less often. The rate of redistribution to players (also called RTP) is greater on online tickets. The average RTP on online casinos is to 85% at 97% versus 60% to 73% On real scratch games. Each player sees things differently, some prefer to scratch with a coin, and others put all the odds on their side by playing online.
  • Casino bonuses : If we find an advantage to play any online game it is this one. Online casinos offer Casino bonus Can double or sometimes triple the amount of your deposit. We certainly do not find the atmosphere of the tobacco bar or a Las Vegas casino, but online game sites offer all players to have fun twice as much. And that's not all, in addition to the bonuses on deposit, online casinos offer Bonuses without deposit. These free bonuses allow you to obtain a sum of money usable on all scratch games with a Simple registration on the site. If you complete the wager conditions, it is possible without spending a penny to make a withdrawal.
  • New games regularly : Most scratch games available in American -speaking countries are funny and entertaining. Unfortunately there are very little new features, and you quickly fall into a scratch routine. Publishers of Online scratch games as Hacksaw Gaming are constantly evolving. They offer audiences new games, again Funny concepts And larger and larger jackpots.
  • Game stakes and settings: The list of advantages is long, and here is one more. On online scratch games, as for slot machines or table games, it is possible to change your bet as we want. A scratch game is usually only at a fixed price. On online games, you are the master, if you want to buy a scratch card in 10 cents or 50 euros, everything is possible. The gains will be evolving depending on the bet.
  • Play from anywhere : The last asset, and not least, is the possibility of playing from any place in the globe. Online scratch cards allow players to have fun from their smartphone, mobile, tablet or computer. In public transport, during a coffee break or even at the bar with friends, mobile casinos allow you to scratch everywhere!

What are the best casinos for scratch games?

We have told you about the many advantages that the online game provides, but to take full advantage of it you have to find the best online casinos. Our team of the game expert selected the 3 best sites To have 100% having fun with scratch tickets:

  • Mystake : 100% up to $ 1,000 on the first deposit.
  • Prince Ali Casino : 10 $ free without deposit and 100% up to $ 3000 on the first 3 deposits.
  • NEVADAWIN : $ 10 free without deposit and 100% up to 2000 $

To earn money on online scratching, no need for a coin. Connect to a reliable casino like mystake, find the scratchcard game you like and have fun! It is possible to gain up to 100,000 times its bet.

Some casino game publishers have become online scratch specialists. If you don't know, watch the hacksaw gaming scratch games, which provides the best online scratch tickets.

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