The Megaball 100x game: the Live Live of Gaming Evolution

Have you heard of the game of Live Casino MegaBall 100x ? Do you want to find out more about it and know how to win? Below everything you need to know about this casino game. We deliver its secrets and its particularities to you.

Presentation of the Megaball 100x game

Megaball 100x is a signed product Evolution gaming. He was born from the association of bingo A you keno. It works on the principle of casino games typical of its creator. The game provides satisfaction and pleasure to players. It is presented online live, which creates an atmosphere favorable to games. The Live takes place in a studio, whose decoration has been specially studied to motivate players. This is embellished with colors. The interface displays a shooting machine as well as an animator in charge of settling the tone for the game.

At each Megaball round, your earnings can increase in a hundredfold, or even up to 1 million times, your bet. Therefore, you can get up to half a million euros.

Evolution Mega Ball 100x: How to play?

Like the other games of its type, Mega Ball 100x is simple to play. You just have to follow some instructions to earn more money.

Buy bingo mega ball cards

The live game Mega Ball has a very special bet system. Indeed, the Evolution Live Casino game provides you with several kinds of cards, whose unit price varies Between 0.10 and 100 euros. You can buy up to two hundred cards per turn if you wish. They are available per unit (1, 10, 15 and 25). You take 200 cards at 0.20 euros per unit, your bet is 40 euros.

To help you play, it must be noted that a Mega Ball card includes 24 numbers. In the center is a joker or winning area. It has 12 lines.

Change the value of Mega Ball cards

Do you have all your cards in hand, but their value does not convince you? You can change them as long as you do it at the time of the bet. The chosen value leads to the modification of your other cards.

Change your numbers if necessary

The cards you bought are not suitable for you? You can replace them by pressing the "refresh the numbers" tab. This feature is available before the opening of bets.

The live game draw

Did you bet? The machine pulls 20 balls successively and automatically. Whenever a ball comes out, the corresponding number on your card is marked and the cards are classified according to whether they bring you closer to victory. Your earnings are revised according to the drawn numbers. You are entitled to a bonus turn at the end of the draw. You benefit from Two Mega Balls to do go up your earnings.

The launch of the multiplier wheel

As its name suggests, the multiplier is the function that allows multiplier vos gains. He can increase them from 5x to 100x. How to launch it? It appears automatically. A selection wheel is triggered and turns. It stops on the figure with which your earnings are multiplied. Then a ball comes out of the machine. If it allows you to fill a line of one of your cards, you win the expected bonus. Do you decide to shoot a new ball? The drawn number fills another line? You can choose the multiplier The most advantageous.

The result and the end of the draw

When the 20 balls of the draw all out of the machine, the winning cards are displayed on the screen. They are organized according to the gains they have made it possible to generate. Do you have no winning card? Your best cards are highlighted.

Methods and strategies to win often at Live Mega Ball

Do you want to earn money thanks to Live Mega Ball? Find out how the best players win on Online casinos.

Play several cards at the same time

Playing with a single card is not enough to generate high earnings. We advise you to take as much cards as possible at each game. It should be noted that you can play 200 games.

Play according to your budget

To avoid losses, when you play Mega Ball, we recommend that you determine your bet according to money, which is at your disposal. You can use between 5% and 10% of your budget, for example. Start by taking 10 cards for 10 euros or 200 cards for 2 euros.

Payment of Mega Ball

You are paid for each winning card On Mega Ball, that is to say that you can get a gain from the moment you fill a line on a card. However, you must know the RTP, which allows you to understand how Your earnings increase.

RTP (redistribution rate) of the game

The redistribution rate of Megaball 100x is between 95,05 % et 95,40 %. Ideally, the player must reach the maximum RTP to obtain the maximum gain. This rate corresponds to the yield of 1 game/1 million laps.

How to launch games in automatic?

To do this, simply launch your bet. The machine automatically pulls 20 balls. With each ball trip, their number is automatically registered on your cards. These are also classified according to their filling rate. The numbers that remain to be marked are displayed on your cards with your possible gains if they are fired. The multiplier is triggered when the 20 balls are drawn. You have cards with one or more line, your earnings increase according to the figure it indicates.

The best online casinos to play Megaball 100x game

Megaball 100x is available on many casinos renowned online, namely:


With its Warranty Warranty Bonus of $ 300 from the creation of the account, Montecryptos offers new players the chance to quickly earn money on many live games like Mega Ball 100x, Crazy Time or Lightning Blackjack.


Mystake is an online casino that stands out from the others by its library embellished with multiple casino and sports betting games. It offers several advantages to players, including 4 bonuses for new registrants, 4,000 slot machines, 90 publishers and 100x Megall. To take advantage of it, activate your Bonus the 1000 $ From the creation of the player.


You can play Megaball 100x from the online game platform casinozer. It offers you a bonus that can reach 500 euros and 50 free laps of slot machines as soon as you register. You can use it as you wish. Besides Megaball 100x, you can find up to 3000 additional games in its library. Casinozer guarantees the safety of your cryptocurrency earnings.


Do you like live games? Go to the casino Lucky8. You can find Megaball 100x. Many bonuses are waiting for you. Your payments are secure and you benefit from the performance of its customer service. It is recognized by Curaçao. And to have fun enjoy more than 200 $ offered at registration !

Yes, like all the games developed by Evolution Gaming, it is compatible with all mobile devices.

Yes, cryptocurrencies are the recommended currencies to play Megaball 100x.

The RTP of this game is 95.40 %.

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