Live studio football: our opinion and the tips to win at the casino

Real reference of online game, the publisher Evolution gaming offers a wide range of products: classic or innovative games, the concepts of this daring provider fill all the players of Online casino. In 2018, the firm developed a game combining Football and Casino : The Football studio Live. But what are the cogs? And how easily ?

Presentation of the game football studio live

Football Studio Live is a live casino game that offers you a totally interactive experience. The presenter exchange lives with the bettors. In addition, the set immerses you in a setting worthy of a football stadium, with in the background match sequences and Goal analyzes. The concept of the game remains simple: each player relies on one of the two teams (premises or visitors). The ideal opportunity to combine your passion for Game and that of football.

Live studio football: how to play?

To play Football Studio Live, go to the online casino of your choice (casinozer, Mystake or Arlequin Casino). The majority of Online casinos offers the entire Evolution Gaming catalog on their platform. Finding Football Studio Live should therefore pose no difficulty. Once connected to the interface, you just have to bet. The bets are divided into Six levels (1, 5, 25, 100, 500 or 2500 tokens).

The rules of the game football studio live

The game takes up the basics of a football match : a confrontation between two teams (home and outside). Each player relies on the victory of one or the other. But you can also bet on an equality between the two clubs. For each team, the dealer returns the associated card. And the highest card wins.

Methods and strategies to win often at Football Studio Live

Simple and consistent, the game football studio live also delights the most strategic bettors. To develop tactics, use the elements integrated into the game as the display panel (which list the number of victories for the first or the second team) or the percentage of stakes (integrated at the table). In addition, know that equality benefits from a Rating at 1:11. It is therefore always advised to bet on the latter.

The RTP (redistribution rate) of the game football studio live

For this game, the rate of return to players (RTP) rises to 96,27%. With a High RTP And relatively low volatility, Football Studio Live does not guarantee disproportionate benefits, but gives you a good regularity of earnings. For the "equality" result, the return rate offers other perspectives since it is evaluated at 82.17 %.

The best online casinos to play football studio live game


With a neat, futuristic and ergonomic interface, the Casinozer site offers a set of products adapted to all players: Online casino, sport bets et Pronostics d’Esport await you on the platform. Add to her Welcome bonus of $ 500, a structured classification system, where each user can access new products, trends, Slot machines or at games Live Dealer.

Arlequin Casino

The site is based on a colorful and mysterious interface that will attract more than one bettor. The home page offers a detailed report biggest sums won On the platform (notified gain with game and initial bet). An effective way of coaxing players looking for a good Casino promotion. Specialized in online game, Arlequin Casino stands out from its competitors by offering its users BONUS without wager up to 300 $ and free towers.


Like Casinozer, Mystake offers a wide choice of products (online games, sport bets, sport). But it also offers other entertainment such as virtual football matches, tournament and Mini games. In addition, its simple and efficient interface optimizes access to games. A complete site for all bettors with a Welcome bonus of 100% up to 1000 $ As soon as registration!

Our opinion on Football Studio Live

Football Studio Live appeals to football enthusiasts like the followers of online game. Animated, captivating and efficient, this game is distinguished by its unique dynamics (visual effects, interactions with the dealer, football atmosphere or even Chat with the other bettors). Combining simplicity, strategy and fervor, Football Studio Live promises memorable moments of games. Each round guarantees an atmosphere worthy of the biggest football games! In addition, theRegular gain of gain makes this game an accessible and entertaining product. A ideal game So for all bettors, experienced or amateur.

Other Live Evolution Gaming Games

Lightning Roulette

This game of Roulette is one of the essentials of Evolution Gaming. The Lightning Roulette rules are identical to those of a so -called classic roulette: each player is betting on one or more figures, the dealer launches the roulette then announces the winning numbers. To make the game even more animated, Evolution Gaming has developed an original concept: a roulette aux sound and visual effects catchy. In addition, the game takes place in a studio, with the presence of a CroPArs. A way to optimize interactivity. Also note that the Lightning Roulette has a fairly large multiplier (50x, 100x, 200x, 300x, 400x and 500x). A significant asset which guarantees considerable gains.


Crazytime is a colorful adaptation of the Wheel of Fortune. The concept is simple: rotate the wheel (made up of 54 sections and 8 symbols) and win a maximum of gains. Thanks to its various multipliers and numerous bonus games, Crazytime suggests great game prospects. Like Lightning Roulette and Football Studio Live, the game takes place in a studio And is animated by presenters often dressed extravagantly. The atmosphere of the set, whimsical and burlesque, leads the players in a completely crazy universe!

The different sections of Crazytime

Symbols Number of sections RTP
1 21 96,08%
2 13 95,95%
5 7 95,78%
10 4 95,73%
Coin Flip 4 95,70%
Pachinko 2 94,33%
Cash Hunt 2 95,27%
CrazyTime 1 94,41%

blackjack live

Renowned as the Best blackjack game All platforms combined, Blackjack Live is based on a simple dynamic: optimizing access to the tables (available tables at any time) and develop the Multiplicity of bets. Live and interactions with the dealer offer quality rendering. The rules of this emblematic game are clear: beat the bank and develop strategies to increase gains. Luck is not enough. Each player must define his tactic and master all the methods (puts, secondary Paris, etc.).

You can play Football Studio Live on your computer, but also on your Tablet or your telephone. To be able to benefit from a full and improved game experience, equip your systems with a recent version of your navigation software. Football Studio Live adapts to the features of your device. In this way, you can enjoy an optimized version of your game.

The rate of return to players is 96,27% for domicile/outdoors and 82,17% For Equality.

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