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Casino game publishers

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The best game publishers

The best publishers of Slot machines offer complete games, as much graphically as in the gameplay. Being innovative and understanding the virtual world of online games is, of course, an essential part of the development of software Online casino, and the best developers must be incredibly creative and innovative.

The game publishers were perhaps land entities at the start, but over time and the evolution of people's needs, they followed the pace of time and entered technology and cyber future.

There are countless online gaming companies, and we will provide you with all the information to help you find the ones that you like and best suits you. This article aims to highlight the best publishers of games and slot machines online, so that you can focus only on the pleasure of the game.

The 5 best game suppliers

Suppliers of online slot machines are numerous and varied, so you must understand what to look for in your casino game suppliers. NetEnt, Microgaming, Play’N’GO, Big time Gaming et Pragmatic Play are all at the top of the list of casino game platform suppliers.

This article highlights the different characteristics of each of these online casino suppliers and describes in detail what you need to search when you choose your favorite casino platform provider.

NETET - pioneers in the sector

Net Entertainment is generally called NETET and is a Sweden-based company that was created in 1996. NETET was one of the first software developers to be produced on a Java platform. They are considered the pioneers of the sector and first launched their own platform for Online casino. However, today they manage more than 140 casinos in many languages.

Although NETET is often overlooked because it is next to many more recent platforms, you must pay attention to this supplier of online slot machines because it produces some of the best games to which you can never play. NETTE is authorized and regulated, which means that you are assured of the integrity and practices of these games. NETET produces machines for PC -based browsers and mobile browsers, which means you can play their slots at home or on the go.

Recently, NETET has also added live croupiers to its casinos, but remains above all known for its slot machines and innovative conceptions. Among the most popular slot machines produced by net we can find Gonzo’s Quest, Dead Or Alive, Vikings or Secret of the Stones.

Microgaming - The father of the online game

If Nettent is the pioneer of online slot machines, then MicroGaming is the father. The microgaming has definitely made a name in recent years and when its name is mentioned, professional players bow.

They are based on the island of Man and we can say that microgaming was the company that put the term Igaming on the world map. Although little known in USA and on American -speaking online casinos, there are more than 850 different casino games at MicroGaming. Usually their games are available on your browser and can be downloaded so that you can play it.

Their main objective is to create unique and original games that their players find the highest quality. The company also has the largest and perhaps the most diverse game of games available online. If you are looking for a casino software developer with which you can count, then microgaming are a safe bet.

Play’n Go - Independent and unique

Play’n Go is a Sweden -based company that targets the European market. It has been operating independently since 2004 and offers more than 150 slot machines available in more than 30 languages. Most of them are also available on a mobile platform, which makes the game all the more pleasant than you play anywhere, anytime.

Play’n Go has a full game portfolio that offers high quality software for an instant game. The graphics are all in high definition and are handled to adapt to different markets. The unique feature that Play’n Go offers is the attachment to the widget, which allows players to add the widget to their browser and enjoy it at any time.

They can also be used in advertising banners and other promotional people to encourage you to play the games they offer. Play’n Go has also developed solutions that have enabled these slot machines and online games to be supported on smartphones and tablets. They are attentive to their customers and are very successful thanks to this.

Big Time Gaming - Megaways, a revolutionary concept

Although Big Time Gaming can be considered a small game publisher by its number of online slot machines than these competitors, the publisher has revolutionized the world of online games and casinos with its megays concept. Indeed, the Australian provider Big Time Gaming not only developed his legendary "Megaways" license but he was also the first to offer the possibility of "bonus buy" on his online slot machines.

We can now find MEGAWAYS SUB -LAGISTED MACHINES OF BIG TIME GAMing at almost all the other publishers (Red Tiger, BluePrint, IsoftBet, Pragmatic Play, etc…). Big Time Gaming has chosen to favor innovation and influence the entire online slot machine market rather than producing a large amount of games.

Pragmatic Play - the new conqueror

Pragmatic Play is a new editor of online slot machines which was born in 2015. Ambitious, in just a few years the provider flooded the igaming market of hundreds of its online slot machines. And the least we can say is that it works wonderfully.

Indeed, we no longer count the Pragmatic Play classics: Dog House, John Hunter, Buffalo King, Sweet Bonanza, Wild West Gold, Release the Kraken or Fruit Party. Like Play’n Go, he chose to favor a wide range of slot machines to conquer the online casinos market and it is a success. Pragmatic Play won in 5 years as the most promising publisher on the market.

Choose the right software publishers

Game publishers like those mentioned above flood the market, but how can we know how to choose the right service provider for you? Well, there are a few simple elements that you should examine before choosing your favorite providers.

You want to find online casino publishers who can bring an innovative and unique touch to their games to entertain you and make you win the jackpot. When you consult a list of casino software providers, you want to make sure that the publisher is attentive to its players, then check their demographic data and see if you are part of it.

Above all, you need to choose the slot machines that attract your attention. It's a safe bet that if you like a particular game game, you will probably like them all.

How to compare publishers

The best way to compare publishers of online slot machines is to read the criticisms that concern them. is an excellent place to learn and have constructive and impartial criticisms. You will find information on suppliers, online casinos, live games or slot machines.

We do not discriminate, so you are sure to find all the information you are looking for in the right place. You can also test free slot games and machines in our slot machine tab.

Software characteristics

The basis of everything Online casino is the quality of these software and the technology they use. Each platform has its own way of developing games, innovating and providing the orientations of the sector.

As with any other aspect of technology, casino software is developing and evolving at a rapid rate, but there are certain key characteristics of the software you need to know. A friendly interface is one of the most important aspects of a casino.

The ease with which you can deposit or remove money is another feature that deserves to be underlined, and of course, the availability of your favorite games is a determining factor. The variety of slot and game machines at your disposal is also an important element to take into account.

Each of these elements must be integrated into the business plan of a game provider. A good supplier will be able to understand the needs of its users and to focus on them ”while keeping up to date with the latest technologies and innovations.

Pay attention to game payment percentages (RTP)

In addition to relaxation, the main reason why people play online games is to earn money. The expected chances and returns on investment are elements that you need to take into account when choosing a casino game publisher.

The rate of return is the first thing to take into account after finding the provider you like. Most of the opinions you will read on will give you the expected rate of return (RTP) for all online gambling. You want to search for games that have a rate greater than 95% return to the player (RTP).

The future of game suppliers

Online casino games have been around for twenty years now. As they evolve in a constantly changing sector and an era, significant changes will certainly occur in the near future.

Traditionally, casinos were supplied by unique casino software suppliers. However, the new casinos go against tradition and fill their sites with several software providers and hundreds of games for your pleasure.

The biggest development on the horizon will probably be larger and more progressive jackpots. The world is globalizing, and this is largely due to technology. It is therefore quite natural that Igaming follow these traces and globalizes himself.

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