Dream Catcher: the live of fortune live

The Dream Catcher game is a game of Casino a Live Created in 2017 by Evolution Gaming, a large publisher of live casino games on the internet. Dream Catcher is a game that stages a big wheel that works like a wheel of classic fortune. Players can win important gains and enjoy bonuses. Here is in detail the operation of the Dream Catcher game and many assets.

Presentation of Casino Dream Catcher's game

The game of Casino Dream Catcher presents itself as a TV game board with a large wheel with many bright colors which is installed in a setting that recalls the atmosphere of the fairgrounds. The tray is filmed with many camera angles for more dynamism. A presenter turns the wheel live and animates the game. He has a real role as a host and interacts with the players.

The progress of a game of Dream Catcher

The animator runs the large wheel which includes 54 segments made up of six numbers: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 40 and two multiplier bonuses: X2 and X7. You must then guess which segment will fall. To do this, you need to bet among the six numbers displayed at the bottom of the screen. Each number corresponds to an identical multiplier: 1 = x1, 2 = x2, 3 = x3, 4 = x4, etc…
If the wheel stops on one of the numbers you have chosen, your corresponding bet will then be multiplied by the number in question.

The distribution of multiplier numbers

The wheel is divided into 54 segments which consist of two multiplier bonus boxes: the X2 and the X7.

The other segments are distributed as follows:

  • In yellow 23 times the number 1, the least remunerative because the bet is multiplied by only 1;
  • In blue 15 times the number 2 with a multiplied bet by 2;
  • In purple 7 times the number 5 with a multiplied set by 5;
  • In green 4 times the number 10 with a multiplied bet by 10;
  • In orange twice the number 20 with a multiplied bet by 20;
  • In red 1 time the number 40, the rarest with a multiplied bet by 40.

Les bonus Dream Catcher

The wheel includes two segments which constitute the two bonuses X2 and X7 which are in fact a multiply by 2 and a multiply by 7. If the wheel stops on one of these two segments, your earnings are then multiplied by 2 or well by 7 for all the numbers on which you will have bet. The wheel is then relaunched and the next number you have chosen will see its modified multiplicative value. Thus, if the wheel stops on the X7 multiplier and the next figure is 6, this is 6 × 7 = 42. The winning bet will be multiplied by 42. If the wheel falls on an X7 multiplier, all the figures are Again multiplied by 7. So, if the X7 multiplier falls twice and the next figure is 5, this is 5x7x7 = 245. So your winning bet will be multiplied by 245. The Dream Catcher bonuses allow you to win very important gains.

The best online casinos to play Dream Catcher

Many Online casino invite you to play Dream Catcher. Among these is:

  • Arlequin Casino : new casino launched in 2021, it offers a bonus without wager from 100% up to 300 $
  • Nevada Win casino : Little brother of the Casino Prince Ali, Nevadawin Casino is a site that offers 100% up to 2000 $ On the first two deposits.
  • casinozer : New online casino most appreciated by American -speaking players, it is possible to play Dream Catcher with a bonus of 100% up to $ 500.

Dream Catcher game review: our team's review

(Give a positive opinion on the game, explaining that it is interesting for casino players)
The Dream Catcher online casino game is a playful game with a classic fortune wheel with a pleasant display and well -dosed colors and brightness. The dynamic animators add to the game a nice atmosphere. The image is also worked thanks to several cameras that offer the best images to the different stages of the game for more suspense. In addition, the live casino game Dream Catcher can be very lucrative thanks to its two multiplier bonuses: X2 and X7 which can make your earnings fly away.

Dream Catcher is an online casino game available on all your mobile devices. Available on many online casinos, Evolution Gaming has thought of a version of its live game that adapts to the format of your tablets and your laptops.

According to online casinos, the bonuses to play Dream Catcher differ. The online casino Nevada Win offers you the best bonus to date. Indeed, on Nevada Win, you can gain up to $ 2,000 in bonuses on your first two deposits.

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