How to place money on an online casino?

In the middle of Online casinos, it exists Two types of players : those who play for fun and those who play money. The first category brings together people who like to play casino games, but who do not want to bet real money in online casinos. These people can take advantage of the games without worrying about losing or winning. The second category brings together real players. Those who really involve their money in online casinos. These people play as if they are really in a real casino with tokens converted into money.

However, online casinos do not have tokel counters. Instead, we find the bankrolls who require money deposits. That said, the Deposit and withdrawal methods Vary for each online casino. There are several types of methods that have their advantages and disadvantages too. We will dissect this in this article.

Before depositing money

Depending on the methods, depositing money on your online casino account remains relatively easy. However, each payment method includes its own assets and its own limits. As a result, one method can advance you compared to another according to your situation.

We then advise you to find out about the methods before even registering. In general, this information is in the “Terms and Conditions” section or in frequent issues. A casino can offer you one or more payments for your deposits and withdrawals. It's up to you to see if the proposed methods suit you or not.

Different deposits methods

There are many Deposit methods Available on the internet. We classified them in 4 main categories:

  • Bank cards
  • Electronic wallets
  • Cryptocurrency wallets
  • Prepaid tickets
  • Payment services

For each category, we find the most famous and most used means of payment of the moment.

Bank cards

Bank cards are common tools used universally in any business. They can be found on online purchases, the various services, stores and in online casinos. With a bank card connected to a bank account, you can easily deposit money in your bankroll. These cards are relatively secure and require less work on your part. Sometimes you just have to communicate a few codes and voila. Here are some most famous bank cards:

  • Visa : Visa is one of the best known and most used networks in the world. In a way, we find this brand all over the world. It is then normal that it is also among the most widespread means of payments in the middle of online casinos.
  • MasterCard : Mastercard is the main visa rival in terms of network of bank cards. Like its competitor, it is also available in different countries. You can easily find this payment method in popular online casinos.

Apart from Visa and Mastercard, there are also other cards to consider as American Express and Maestro. Nevertheless, read the conditions of the sites well, because certain platforms refuse the cards mentioned above.

Electronic wallets

Electronic wallets The middle of online payments have been revolutionizing for a few years now. These methods require registration with your personal data, then you can link your portfolio to your bank account, bank card or other source of income. To pay, you will no longer have to communicate your personal information. You can pay safely in a total anonymity. The drawbacks of this method are the costs taken for each transaction as well as the restrictions of certain American sites. Indeed, electronic portfolios like Skrill, Neteller, Papaya or UPayCard are the most used in the world, but some American online casinos no longer allow them to be used.

The funniest with electronic wallets remains the fact that they can Accept cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin and Etheless. These cryptocurrencies are the future of world currencies and trade. Indeed, these currencies do not depend on international monetary institutions in the world. These are virtual currencies generated by blockchain technology. That said, it's more secure and faster in transaction.

Cryptocurrency wallets

And precisely, speaking of virtual currencies and the revolution, it is now possible on most casinos bitcoins Online to deposit and remove your gains only in cryptocurrency. Investors of different cryptocurrencies are more and more numerous, therefore, it becomes more and more necessary for game sites to adapt their deposit methods so that all players can be entertained.

More and more reliable online casino like Montecryptos or casinozer offers innovative means of deposit such as crypto wallet. Allowing to take advantage of the bonuses as soon as the account is created, Bitcoins allow almost instantaneous funds in deposits such as withdrawals.

Prepaid cards

The system of prepaid tickets Suitable for people who do not want to take the lead with the complexity of online payments. That said, if the two categories of previous methods do not interest you, you can opt for this payment method.

The principle is very simple. You must go to the authorized shops to sell tickets to buy units corresponding to the amount you want to deposit. Once you arrive in the online casino, you just need to inform a few numbers to feed your Bankroll. This method becomes more and more popular because it does not require any bank account or bank card. Here are some examples of the best known prepaid ticket services: Paysafecard, Ukash, CASHlib et Neosurf.

The other advantage of this method is the total anonymity to play online casinos. Nevertheless, accustomed players do not appreciate the fact that the value of the tickets is fixed. This does not allow them to fully control their deposits.

Online payment services

Apart from all these methods, there are also other online payment services accepted by online casinos. The most famous PayPal. This service known in the world is an effective alternative to bank cards. By creating a PayPal account, you can link it to your bank cards to make completely anonymous transactions. There are also other services like Trustly, INSTANTLY or Moneyclic.

In summary, there are a multitude of choices to make your online deposit. Each method presents its advantages and limits. One method can correspond to a person and can disadvantage another person. It's up to you, but never forget to consult the conditions before registering on An online casino site.

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