How to count the cards in blackjack? Authorized or not?

It is not only with the roulette or poker that you can apply your talents in mathematics. Indeed, there are several games of money where you can apply calculations to win, or to be more likely to win. Among these games, we find the BlackJack, a game which consists in counting the points of the cards to get closer to 21. This game is one of the most popular in real casino and in Online casinos. That said, how to count the cards in this game? We will answer this in this article.

Reminder on the rules of blackjack

To better understand the counting of the cards we will offer, let us first recall the rules and operation of blackjack.

Goal of the game

The Blackjack a lignings is played between the player and the dealer. On a table, there can be up to 7 seated players. That said, each player plays against the dealer for a tour. The dealer controls the hoof which contains 1 to 8 games of 52 cards. The goal of the game is to get closer to number 21 without exceeding it. Between the player and the dealer, the one who obtains 21 or the one who gets closer to this number wins.


During the player's round, he must bet a sum and then receive two cards. The dealer receives only one open card and an closed card (hidden face card). In the European rules of the game, the dealer receives only an open card at the start. After the first card distribution, the player totals his cards, and can receive even more cards or stop. For example, if he obtains the score of 13 at the beginning, he can still continue to receive hoping for an 8 or a 7. On the other hand, he can also stop even after the first distribution.

For his part, the dealer continues to draw a card until he obtains or exceeds 17. S ’he exceeds 21 then the player wins. For each gain, the player wins a 3: 2 ratio compared to his initial bet.

Other forms of stakes

The base of the Blackjack then comes down by the action "hit"Or make a card et “Stand"Or stay. However, there are other events that can occur for a game.

First, the player can use the option "Double”Which consists in overtaking his bet and drawing a single card. Second, if he obtains a pair of cards at the first distribution, he can also divide The two cards to have two distinct hands. Finally, there is the option assurance which consists in protecting itself from a blackjack if the dealer receives an AS (counted 1 or 11). During this kind of situation, if the dealer gets a blackjack, the player wins. Otherwise, it’s the dealer who wins.

Card values

In a blackjack game, cards from 2 to 10 have their nominal value. Figures cards have a value of 10. AS is worth 1 or 11 points depending on the player's choice.

Card counting

The counting of cards is not not an illegal act, because it is not often a great risk for the casino. For good reason, counting the cards in blackjack requires a sharp memory, mental calculation skills and composure. Therefore, not everyone can do it. However, this is an easy -to -understand practice. There may be several types of counts and variants. But, the simplest and most used principle remains the system Thread.

Hi-lo system

This system was created in 1963 by Harvey Dubner. In this system the card games are divided into 3 categories corresponding to 3 values:

- Small cards (2 to 6) count +1

- 7.8.9 count 0

-10 and the figures count -1

For each card that appears, you must add it to your account (in the head).

Example: if the following cards appear in your hand or that of the dealer:

5, J, 3, 8, 2, 5, K, AS give you a total of 1 (+1-1+1+0+1+1-1)

What is the result for?

This result will be used to predict the majority of the remaining cards in a shoe. That said, if there are more small cards in the hoof, it will be to the advantage of the dealer. And if there are more big cards in the hoof, it will be to the advantage of the player.

How to know the quality of the advantage?

To be able to act after counting, you must interpret the result of your account. Indeed, the quality of the advantage depends on your account, the total number of games in a shoe and the number of card games already used. For this, the player must convert his current account or "running count” (RC) in real account or "True count” (TC).

What is RC and TC?

The current account or RC designates the current result of your count. This results from your long patience to count the cards. On the other hand, TC designates the real account relating to the whole hoof in play. Here is the formula.

TC = RC / Remaining packages.

Example: if you get a +15 RC, it indicates that on the cards already out, there was a difference of 15 small more cards. This also implies that there are 15 big more cards in the package. If there are 3 packages in the hoof, your TC is + 5. This tells you that in each package, there are 5 large cards more compared to small cards. With a more or less higher TC 10, you have enough advantage compared to your dealer.

Is it allowed?

It depends on the casino. Most land casinos prohibit card meters. It’s understandable for their business. However, if you play at Blackjack a lignings your house, No one will get you If you count the cards. It is then a fairly reliable technique, but who requires a lot of training.

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