What should be done in the event of a blocked online casino account?

You like to play money games and have opened an account in a Online casino. But, unfortunately you notice that it has just been blocked. There are solutions and unlocking your account can be very easy. Just take a few simple and quick steps.

Before you alarm yourself, or even get upset, the best is to start with identify the reason.

This first step is essential. It will, first of all, allow you to Contact Customer Service in peace and knowledge of the facts. Then, this will simplify and above all speed up the unlocking of your access to the casino platform.

Rest assured, an online account interruption is rarely irreparable!

What are the reasons for blocking my online casino account?

In order to resolve this situation, you will check if it is due to one of Five possible explanations. These are causes that are commonly caused the impossibility of continuing to play on these online gaming platforms.

Several attempts to connection with erroneous identifiers

You have forgotten your identification codes on your casino account or made mistakes during your entry. And that on several occasions. It can be your registration email and/or password.

Or someone else tried to connect to your account. This is thus blocked as a safety measure. This is the most common cause of a blockage, but it is also the one that is the easiest to solve.

The verification of supporting documents is responsible for blocking

If your access is blocked as a result of your gains request, this may come from the verification of your identity.

Proofs have been requested and they are absent or incomplete, even non -compliant. Or you have not confirmed your documents.

Some sites make this verification upon registration, but sometimes it is carried out when you want to withdraw your earnings. The situation is temporary and you can quickly unlock your account after handing over the appropriate evidence.

A violation of the general conditions of use of the site is found

Impatient to play you may not have taken the time to read all the terms and conditions of use of the online casino platform.

Unfortunately, and probably without knowing it, you have undoubtedly committed certain offenses. Now is the time to read or reread the general conditions of use to identify where the problem comes from.

The ideal being to have done it before your registration. And on this occasion, do not hesitate to also check the conditions for bonuses.

A double account was detected by the online casino

The regulations authorize you to open only one account by online casino platform. If you have opened two or more, they will all be blocked. This can occur at all times: during a simple verification by the casino, but frequently when requesting the withdrawal of earnings.

The use of an IP address identical to that of your online account by a third person is in the same way assimilated to a duplicate.

The data communicated is false

When registering, the information about you that you have transmitted to the online casino is wrong. For example, if you have communicated a false date of birth, because you do not have the legal age regulated by your jurisdiction to play gambling.

It’s illegal and considered fraud. This can also be the detection of fraudulent activities on your online account.

In these two cases your account is automatically and immediately blocked by the casino platform. And it will undoubtedly be irremediable.

How to unlock my online casino account?

Now that you have studied any causes of blocking, you will be able to act. Whether you have found the reason or not, you must get in touch with the platform Online casino if you want to unlock the situation.

Contact the assistance service to unlock your online casino account

Generally several possibilities are possible: live cat, telephone, email. You will choose the most suitable way depending on the problem encountered.

If your account is blocked following several Connection attempts Or a lack of supporting documents, the email may be sufficient. Customer service will return you a reset email in the first case. In the second case, it will reactivate your account upon receipt of appropriate supporting documents.

But if the reason is of the order of the general conditions of use, double account or false data, the cat or the telephone are to be favored.

You will also choose the live if you have not identified the cause of blocking your account. The person with whom you will exchange will be able to indicate the precise reasons for locking and help you reactivate your online access.

Transmit a complaint via an email to the online casino that blocked your account

You have done these two steps, but your account is still not reactivated? Or do you not agree with the decision and the reasons invoked by the line game platform? Other remedies are possible to find a solution.

The first is to submit a complaint by email to the online casino in question by following the procedure of its complaint service.

But if that does not solve the blockage and you always consider that this measure is not justified, you can turn to other online mediation services. These intervene with certified casinos in order to resolve disputes between players and online gaming platforms.

As a last resort and if all these attempts have failed, you can the Casino license agency via their form.

By what means to customer service to unlock my account?

For information and reactivate your account, each online casino offers you the possibility of ing their customer service or support. You just have to click on the link of the platform in question to access the different accessible connection methods.

Casinozer Blocked account: How to Casinozer support?

This online casino platform offers you several means that we find on the Casinozer website.

From it you have access to the cat live, but also to the various information. You know precisely the temporality of each method: 45 minutes for the phone, 10 seconds for the cat live and 24/7 for the email.

In addition, on the home page of the site, you have the possibility of exchanging live and snapping via the Telegram Messenger messaging application.

Cresus Casino Blocked Account: How to Cresus Casino?

In order to communicate your dissatisfaction and make an appeal you will send an email to the accessible address by going to the Cresus site.

Do not say to indicate in the object of your message the word "complaint" so that it is transmitted to management for rapid treatment of your complaint.

Your account being blocked you cannot use the live cat which is only accessible to connected players. But you have the possibility of ing by phone at suitable times if you want to exchange live.

Mystake Account Blocked: How to Mystake?

Different electronic addresses and an online cat are active at the bottom of the home page of the money game platform Mystake.

Namely that livechat is only offered in English, Russian and American. For a service in American, you must send the email to the support service.

Nevertheless, if you want more information on the complaint and appeal process following the blocking of your account, you can consult this page dealing with disputes: https://mystake.com/fr/static/ TERMS/DISTRIBUTERESLOGNES.

Lucky8 Blocked account: How to Lucky8 support?

The means to be used to make a complaint are indicated in chapter 10 of the terms and conditions of use accessible directly on the Lucky8 site.

For by email, you must also indicate as an object the term "complaint" for rapid treatment by a manager. But you can also the online casino by phone during opening hours.

The live cat is only accessible to connected players you cannot use it to resolve the blocking of your online account.


Since 2021 this online gaming platform has been prohibited in certain countries by the authorities. It is therefore no longer possible to access this online casino through Internet browsers.

For American -speaking players from authorized countries, it is until then possible to the support at this email address: [email protected].

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