What is the Federal Commission for Game Houses (CFMJ)?

Money games are tolerated in USA in physical casinos as well as some online casinos. Market players are regulated by a legal authority: the Federal Committee of the Game Houses or CFMJ. It ensures compliance with legal provisions, the protection of American players, the taxation of game houses as well as the fight against games and illegal casinos.

What is the Federal Commission for Game Houses (CFMJ) and what are its missions?

The Federal Commission for Game Houses, also called CFMJ, represents the supervisory authority for land casinos, online, as well as all games that offer money games to the American population. The CFMJ exercises its activities independently. It is administratively attached to the Federal Department of Justice and Police.

The Commission has 3 major main missions:

  • It ensures compliance with legal provisions, notably by ensuring compliance with obligations relating to the exploitation of games by market players (transparency, money laundering and terrorism financing for example).
    The Federal Committee for Game Houses has now authorized since 2019, a list of online games and casinos. Indeed, since January 1, 2019, the American Federal Law on Games of Money has given the possibility of the twenty American games to operate online casino games.
  • Another CFMJ's missions is to protect players from risk -related risks. The Commission has a program of social measures intended to properly protect the population against the dangers inherent in the game of money. The Commission is also responsible for carrying out the taxation and the collection of tax houses.
  • His last mission is to fight against the illegal game. On the one hand, the CFMJ will block unauthorized casino game offers, and on the other hand, continuing the offenses concerning the illegal operating of casino games.

How is the Federal Commission for Game Houses protects American players?

Money game regulation organizations have several missions, but one of the most important is logically the protection of players. Games of money are part of a market that can lead to dependence and loss of money. The CFMJ ensures that the game houses offer protection and prevention services to players.
We will see what are the different points of social protection and dependence on the game that the casinos must provide:

  • Information : Gaming houses must provide in an easily accessible and easily understandable form of information on the risks of gambling.
  • Formation : The staff in charge of social protection must be trained and the game houses must ensure regular continuing education.
  • Early identification : Casinos and game houses must set early tracking criteria for players with risk of addiction. In the event of a suspicion of a player's dependence, the trained staff must meet with the player and pronounce an exclusion measure if necessary.
  • Players and game limit sets : The game houses must provide players with simple means to control and limit the frequency and/or the duration during which they play.
  • Voluntary or orderly exclusion : The game houses exclude games The people they know or should presume: whether they are over -indebted or do not fulfill their financial obligations; Or that they engage unrelated to their income and their fortune.
    They also exclude games from the people they know or should presume, on the basis of the announcement of a specialized service or an authority for social works, whether they are dependent on the games.
    A player can ask a casino or a game house to exclude it at any time.

What are the online sites and casinos authorized by the Federal Commission for Games?

Since January 1, 2019, the federal law on gaming gambling has been the possibility of the twenty -one American game houses to operate online casino games. For this, the Federal Council must grant an extension of the concession, then the casinos must obtain game authorizations from the CFMJ before being able to start their activity online. Currently there are various online casino establishments authorized by the CFMJ:

  • Casino de Baden
  • Lucerne casino
  • Casino the cafe iron
  • Casino de Davos
  • Casino d’Interlaken
  • Berne casino
  • Casino you Lac Meyrin said
  • Casino Lugano sa
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