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Online casino Belgium

Discover the ranking of the best online casinos available in Belgium. Choose your reliable casino offer to win.

The best online casino in Belgium

Playing online casino in Belgium is legal, However, it is not possible to play on all sites. We have tested all Belgian online casinos to provide you with the best game conditions.

Discover in our opinion Casino online Belgium, The most advantageous platforms for Belgian players.

Ranking of the best online casinos in Belgium

We invite you to discover on our site the ranking of Best online casinos in Belgium. This ranking is updated regularly according to the new features offered by fully legal game platforms. Our main goal is that you can simply and quickly analyze the offers available on the market and choose the best online casino according to your needs and expectations.

The offers offered by casinos in Belgium

Since March 1, 2020, all welcome bonuses and promotions - Free Spins, Bonus without deposit Or after first deposit - were prohibited by the Belgian Council of State. The main reason for this prohibition is that there was a form of unfair competition between sports betting establishments or land of land money and online sites.

During your online research to find the casino that suits you best, beware of sites that self-proclaim "partners" of Belgian online casinos and promise new players welcome bonuses. This is totally false because it is illegal in Belgium.

What are the reliable online casinos in Belgium?

Belgian online casinos are subject to very strict regulations and are controlled by the Gaming Commission in Belgium (CJH). The advantage for players is that they are sure to be on a reliable site that has a license recognized by the Commission.

We offer below the 5 best Belgian casinos approved by the CJH.


The Belgian online casino 777.be is held by the well -known spa casino. This is the first online casino in Belgium. The site is secure and offers a high quality game experience for all players with a very intuitive interface. The casino game games are well expanded with many recognized developer games. The 777.be site offers players all the most secure payment methods available on the market.

Circus casino

Circus.be is a very famous casino game site with Belgian players. He is especially recognized for the originality of the games offered. You can play roulette, blackjack, poker or many Slot machines present on the platform. The casino offers players to test almost all games in demo mode in order to increase the chances of winning with real money and why not win the jackpot.


The casino a look like betfirst One of the best Belgian online casino sites. The site is very safe thanks in particular to its official licenses from the Belgian Chance Gaming Commission. Players can choose from a wide choice of quality games developed by the biggest game studios such as: Evolution, Isoftbet, Novomatic or Betsoft. Betfirst.be offers players all existing payment methods in Belgium for the deposit and withdrawal of money on the player account.


Ladbrokes is a giant of sports betting and online gambling and offers a safe quality game experience. The LADBROKES Games offer is complete with various and varied games (more than 500 games) of renowned developers such as: Evolution Gaming, IGT or even microgaming. Customer service is available and effective to meet the needs of players.


Bwin is a site that enjoys a very good reputation in the world of games of chance. The interface is very modern and easy to use to the delight of visitors. Bwin offers all the existing secure means of payments for its players. This is one of the most reliable internet casinos thanks to a very professional and reachable customer service via various communication channels (telephone, e-mail, live cat). The toy library is quite rich with more than 200 references and a live casino comprising more than 50 different rooms.

How to choose an online casino in Belgium?

The number of Belgian online casinos is quite limited with 9 sites authorized by Belgium. However, the offer varies strongly from one site to another, which is why it is important to know what you are looking for and what are your expectations in order to choose the casino that suits you.

Take the time to think about the following points:

  • What type of game do you master or like to play?
  • What do you hope for by playing online casino?
  • Do you want to play on your mobile too?

Once you've answered these questions, it will be easier for you to choose. Be sure to analyze the opinions of other players on the web to find out more about the customer service made available as well as the quality and variety of games offered.

If you want to play safely on the best online casinos in Belgium recognized by the Games of Chance Committee and offering players an optimal game experience, go to our ranking.

How do we classify online casinos in Belgium?

In order to offer you the best Belgian online casino sites, our team performs a careful and continuous analysis of the offers offered on the basis of well -defined criteria.

The game game library - We take the time to go to each of the platforms in order to test the quality and the number of games offered by the online casino. With the many journals already made by us, we have the experience necessary to find the best offers on the market for you.

Payment methods - The more a casino site on the Internet offers different payment methods to players and the better it will have a better place in our ranking. We consider it important that players have the opportunity to choose the payment method that suits them best.

Customer support - An available and professional customer service is essential to have a quality and complete game experience. We test the responsiveness of customer support and analyze the comments and advice of the players on the web.

What are the documents to provide to play on an online casino in Belgium?

In order to be able to play legally and safely on an online casino in Belgium, just register on it. The registration procedure is very simple and quick.

Just fill out a form by mentioning your name and surname, address, email address and telephone number. No copy of an identity document will be requested, but you will have to mention your national number which appears on the front of your identity card.

attention : To be able to play casino games in Belgium, you must be at least 21 years old.

Can we play with a mobile on a Belgian online casino?

Most game sites offer the Casino Mobile version. In other words, you can also play your favorite games on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

There are two ways to play on smartphone:

  • via your mobile internet browser,
  • By downloading the Casino mobile application.

What are the payment methods offered by casinos in Belgium?

Most sites offer the same payment methods to make the deposit and withdrawal of your money. You should know that all the methods are very secure and respect the confidentiality of the personal data of the players.

Among the best known we can cite:

  • Electronic portfolios like Skrill or Neteller,
  • Ban which is one of the preferred means of payment of Belgians,
  • Prepared tickets like Cashlib and Paysafecard, perfect for people looking for discretion,
  • Credit cards,
  • Classic bank transfer.

In order to choose an online casino in Belgium, we advise you to analyze and compare the different sites between them by based on certain determining criteria such as for example: the game game, customer service, payment methods, opinions Online Internet users, the reputation of the site, etc.

Do not hesitate to go directly to the site that arouses your interest to test it in demo mode and get a more precise idea. Only select the sites authorized by the CJH.

Belgian online casinos which are approved by the CJH are entirely legal. Belgian online gaming sites are regulated by the CJH - Games Commission in Belgium - very strictly. The number of approved online sites is 10. So take the trouble to verify that the site that holds your attention has a license recognized by this commission and appears in this list.

The answer is yes. Most online game sites offer players to play for fun with most games that make up their toy library completely free. This is a very effective method for beginner players to familiarize themselves with one or the other game before betting real money.

Online casinos in Belgium offer Belgian players various payment methods, whether to make a deposit or the withdrawal of your money safely. The most used means are: Ban, credit card or the traditional bank transfer.

There are 9 terrestrial casinos in Belgium to the delight of the followers of table games or slot machines. This may seem little against USA for example which has more than 200 establishments, but compared to the area of Belgium it is very easy to go to a casino in less than an hour by car. The spa casino is the best known in Wallonia, while the prestigious Knokke Casino enjoys the best reputation for Flanders.

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