How to deposit on an online casino with a visa card?

more 70 million bank cards are used in USA in 2018. This figure is equivalent to more than 13 billion transactions. They are used both by companies and individuals. Visa cards are among the most used with 45 million cards in circulation.

Although there are other ways like Neosurf, Paysafecard or CASHlib, the bank card is the most popular payment method by online players, especially in virtual casinos.

How do they work? What are the advantages ? How to deposit on your player account?

What is the visa payment method?

The Visa card is a payment card offered by the American company Visa. This Californian company specializes in payment technologies. Its system is based on the Visa network which makes it possible to carry out international and national transactions. A visa card is made up of a magnetic strip, a 16 -digit number and a micropuce. It allows you to make payments or withdraw money from various distributors.

The launch of the Visa card dates back to 1976 when the Bank of America replaced his name. For its part, Visa Inc is created in 2007 following the merger between several companies. The company aligns on the European market by merging with the Visa Europe.

Currently, the VISA network is available on nearly 1.7 million automatic distributors. He is present in Over 200 payss and is used by more than 29 million traders. This payment means represents the first solution for online purchases.

Therefore, it is a bank card that you can use in both USA and abroad. You can use it on your online player accounts to make Paris Esportifs, to play Poker or to Crazy Time in casinos.

How to deposit with your card


These last years, Deposit money On his visa card has become easy. In the case of online banks, you can select the "Debit card deposits" option. Then you just have to enter the number of your card and enter your expiration date. Before validating the transaction, check that it is the amount to be deposited as well as the related costs. This avoids unpleasant surprises related to unexpected costs.

Then, you are asked to choose the source of funding. This can be your bank account, a credit card or another source. When this various information is entered, a small revision is essential before Validate transactions.

How does a visa card work?

Visa cards are issued by the majority of financial institutions. You can ask near your bank. They offer the same services as conventional cards. However, they do not present the same rates. In addition, a bank freely chooses its supplier of transaction processing network. Therefore, your bank can set different conditions from another bank concerning its visa cards.

In USA, all adults can request a visa card. To get yours, you can request it by providing a Proof of identity and domicile. Note that your bank does not necessarily accept the request for a card. She studies each profile in detail before granting a card.

To obtain a visa card, it is essential to open a bank account at first. After opening your account, the bank informs you by mail that your card is ready. Once it is delivered, activation is necessary to carry out transactions. This is to enter passwords during a transaction. When active, you can make transactions from your physical or online traders.

In online banks, Visa cards are generally free, but under certain conditions. Some impose, for example, a minimum income of 1000 euros.

How to deposit on an online casino with a visa card?

The Visa card represents one of the means of payment The most widespread in online casinos. More and more casinos use it given its Secure transactions. Do you want to deposit by Visa card? Know that most online casinos accept visa cards. More accessible and less expensive, Visa is representative of players from around the world, hence the interest of online casinos for this payment method.

The first step for Deposit money On your account is to go to the online casino. Arrived on the site, log into your player And select the "Remove" option. This option is generally at the top right of the site. Once you have selected the "Remove" option, a new window appears on your screen. She asks you to choose between the different payment methods like Paypal, Mastercard or Visa.

After selecting Visa, another window opens and asks you to enter the amount to be deposited. It offers different options. If the choices do not suit you. You can enter it manually. When you select " to file », You are redirected to another page that asks you to enter your Banking details. When all the information is entered, rely on " payer ». Some banks may request a confirmation code to validate the deposit. In this case, the code is sent by SMS on your phone.

What are the best casinos to deposit with my Visa bank card?

The Online casinos The most reliable that allow you to deposit with a Visa bank card are:

  • casinozer : 100% bonus up to $ 500 On the first visa deposit
  • Mystake : 100% bonus up to 1000 $ On the first visa deposit
  • Millionz casino : 100% bonus up to $ 500 On the first visa deposit

Visa's advantages and disadvantages

The first advantage of the Visa card is its availability in the worlde. For your trips, you don't necessarily need to take liquid with you. In addition, Visa offers great security in transaction. Whether for your purchases or for your deposits on your player account, this payment method remains theOne of the most reliable. When you enter your data on the Internet, your data is protected. Each transaction, a validation code is requested in order to strengthen security.

The Visa card is available in different options. Professionals and individuals can choose the offer that corresponds to their income. Furthermore, its use involves costs. Know that obtaining this card is not free. In addition, you must pay a monthly expense. The main drawback of the Visa card remains the gap between the time of purchase and the realization of the transaction on your bank account. Indeed, you can deposit a sum on your online casino, but this deposit is only effective after 24 to 48 hours depending on the banks.

Among the vogue casinos who accept Visa payment, there is Jackpot City, Ruby Fortune, Spin Casino, All Slots, Euro Palace, Tortuga, Cresus, Fatboss, Lucky 8, Diamond Club VIP.

Carrying out a money on Visa is very simple. Just connect to your account on your online casino. When you select "Place", Visa appears in the means of payment. All you have to do is select this option and register your card numbers.

In addition, the withdrawal of earnings is not yet possible on Visa. It only serves as a deposit method. However, you have other options to remove your earnings. This is the case with Skrill and Neteller electronic wallets.