Cashlib to play casino: how to deposit and remove?

Cashlib is a much appreciated means of payment by online casino game players or sports betting lovers allowing to make payments at no cost in a simple, fast and safe manner. Discover in our review on the operation of Cashlib and why this is an ideal payment method for playing the casino.

Casinos that accept payments with cashlib

We invite you to discover a selection of 3 of the best online casino sites that accept cashlib as a payment method.

Prince Ali Casino

Prince Ali is a new online casino launched in 2020 offering players a very extensive toy library with more than 2,500 references available. The site has already built a very good reputation thanks to very attractive bonuses for new players.

Wild Sultan casino

Wild Sultan is an online casino with a very good selection of games, bonuses on fair conditions and above all a very good reputation with players.

Sticky Wild Casino

The online casino Sticky Wild Casino is secure and offers a high quality game experience for all players with a very intuitive interface. The casino game games are well expanded with many recognized developer games.

How does the cashlib tickets work?

The operation of cashlib tickets is very simple. It works in the same way as cards Neosurf et Paysafecard. Just get a cashlib ticket, in the form of a prepaid card, which contains a set of 16 printed digits. With this card, you are able to make any type of payment or online transaction without having to communicate your banking data and your personal data. You must then go to the site of your choice, select Cashlib as a payment method and introduce the issues mentioned on the card to make online payment.

Good to know : tickets are available for different amounts according to your needs. A single ticket can vary from $ 10 to 250 $ maximum. It is nevertheless possible to buy up to 4 tickets to reach a maximum total amount of $ 1,000.

How and where to get cashlib tickets?

To get you cashlib tickets, two solutions are available to you: online purchase or in a physical store.

Online purchase

This is the fastest and practical method to get a cashlib coupon. There are many websites specializing in online sales of this type of prepaid card. Go to one of these sites to buy your ticket to the value of your choice. Generally, you will be asked to provide your email address to which a confirmation code will be sent to you. Once the validation has been carried out, you will have to go to payment by bank transfer or with a credit card (visa, maestro, etc.). Once the payment has been accepted and the procedure completed, you will have your ticket with its single 16 -digit code.

All you have to do is access your favorite online casino site and use your cashlib ticket to deposit your money on your player account.

In a physical shop

If you do not want to go through your bank or just do not have a banking card to make your purchase online, it is possible to buy live tickets live in various physical stores. Many types of businesses have cashlib tickets, such as tobacco offices or bookstores.

Why use Cashlib on an online casino?

Cashlib is a payment solution that enjoys many advantages, especially to play online casino. Find below the main advantages of this means of payment.

Privacy - With Cashlib, you do not need to open an account on one or the other site. You are able to make your deposits discreetly.

Fast and simple to use - The purchase of the prepaid ticket is fast and easy as is operation.

Safe payment - There is no longer any risk of online account or flight hacking via this payment solution.

Great freedom of payment - You can buy tickets ranging from $ 10 to $ 250. In addition, you can choose the amount you want to use on each individual ticket.

Popular payment method - Almost all of the online casinos offer players to make their payments via cashlib.

How to use cashlib tickets on a casino?

Once you are in possession of your cashlib ticket, in the amount of $ 10 to $ 250, you must go to the online casino and go to the page allowing a deposit. Select Cashlib as payment and indicate the 16 -digit code to transfer the money to your player account. Note that you can combine up to 4 different cashlibs in a single transaction to reach the maximum authorized ceiling of $ 1,000.

Unfortunately, Cashlib does not allow players to make the withdrawals of the money present on their player account.

Good to know : Some online casinos offer exclusive bonuses to players who use Cashlib as a means of payment.

Almost all of the best online casino sites offer players to make deposits on their player account via cashlib. We can cite for example: Prince Ali Casino or Wild Sultan Casino.

You can get cashlib tickets or online via stores specializing in the sale of prepaid card or directly in a physical shop, such as your newsagent or a tobacco office.

The operation is very simple and fast. Once you are in possession of your cashlib ticket, you just have to choose cashlib as a payment method and encode the 16 -digit code printed on your ticket at the desired time.

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