Paysafecard card: a reliable solution to play online casino

Paysafecard is the world leader in prepaid cards. This is a reliable, fast and ultra secure payment solution to play online casino without hassle. Discover in our review, to find out more about the functioning of Paysafecard as well as the advantages of this payment method increasingly requested by casino players in USA and everywhere else in the world.

Casinos that accept payments with Landscaper

Know that most of the online casinos in the world accept payments with Landscaper. We invite you to discover 3 of the best online casinos that offer Paysafecard as a payment solution.

Prince Ali Casino

Prince Ali Casino Offer to players a high -quality game experience with a very intuitive interface with more than 2,500 various and varied games of the most famous developers on the market.

Wild Sultan casino

Wild Sultan casino is a site that already enjoys a very good reputation in the world of online casinos. The interface is very modern and easy to use in order to choose from more than 3000 games to the delight of visitors.

Sticky Wild Casino

Sticky Wild Casino is a fairly recent site offering hyper attractive welcome bonuses for new players. Players can choose from a wide range of quality games developed by the biggest game studios.

The landscape cards, how does it work?

Paysafecard cards are prepaid cards - like cards Neosurf or CASHlib - which make it possible to carry out financial transactions online at no cost and in complete safety. Thanks to a landscaped card, you can pay quickly and very simply all your online purchases or play online casino. The cards are available for the following amounts: 10, 25, 50 or 100 $ and include a single and secure 16 -digit PIN code. When you decide to use a landscaped card, you do not have to use all of the card value, the remaining balance remains available for your next transactions.

How to get and where to buy Paysafecard cards?

It is very simple and quick to get a landscaped card. You have the choice between the two following two methods: online purchase or purchase in a physical point of sale.

Purchase in a point of sale

Paysafecard cards are available worldwide in many businesses, such as service stations or tobacco offices. You can very easily find the points of sale close to you on the landscaped site by indicating your address. The advantage of buying in a business is that the process is 100 % anonymous because you must not transmit data from your bank card or your personal data.

Online purchase

If you prefer to stay at home to get your landscape or there is no nearby point of sale, you can buy your card online in a completely safe manner. Go to the site of an authorized landscaped reseller to buy your PIN code. Know that can also open a free MyPaySafecard account to buy your card. If you choose the online method, you will need to buy your Landscaper by bank transfer or using a credit card for example.

Why use a landscaped card on an online casino?

There are several advantages for players who use landscaped cards.

Security - Thanks to payment with Paysafecard, you must not disclose personal information or data from your bank card.

Speed - Transactions are instantaneous. Count a maximum of a few minutes after having a deposit to see the money on your online casino player account.

Versatility - Paysafecard is a very popular payment method that allows you to make online shopping, player at the online casino or even make sports betting simply and quickly.

Anonymity - You should not communicate your personal data to use Paysafecard.

How to use landscape cards on an online casino?

To use your Paysafecard card, go to the online casino site of your choice and go to the page to make the deposits on your player account. Select the Payafecard payment method and indicate your 16 -digit PIN code when requested. Your money will be transferred instantly and your player credited. You just have to play your favorite games and have a good time of entertainment in a completely secure way. Unfortunately, it is not possible to withdraw money using Paysafecard.

Paysafecard is a much appreciated payment solution by online casino players around the world. Most of Reliable online casinos So offer their players to carry out their transactions via Paysafecard.

You can get Paysafecard cards either online on an authorized Landscaper deafecard reseller site, or in a physical point of sale, such as a tobacco office, a supermarket or even a service station.

Once you are in possession of your landscaped card with its unique 16-digit PIN code, go to the online site of your choice and select the Paysafecard payment method. When you are invited, insert your PIN code. The transaction is instantaneous and fully secure.

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