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The best bonuses without wager and 2022 stake conditions

A bonus without wager offered by a casino is a promotion without condition of bets whose earnings superior to the bonus are receivable.

The best bonus casino without wager

If you are an online casino player, you will need to know the different types of bonuses that exist and their respective advantages. A majority of players prefer Bonus Sans Wager, also called Bonus Wager 0. Indeed, these platforms offer players greater freedom.

Taking advantage of the best bonus conditions is essential to remove your earnings quickly after a big gain. For this purpose, our team has tested and listed the best bonuses without wager available on the market.

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What is a bonus without wager?

And Bonus Sans Wager offered by a casino is a promotion Unsadon whose gains superior to the bonus are perceable.

The condition of, also called "wager”Represents the number of times you have to play your bonus money Offered before it becomes cashable money.

When we talk about a Bonus Sans Wager, this means that there is no requirement to make your bonus money. All the earnings which will be superior to the sum which has been credited to you initially will be eligible for withdrawals.

To help you choose the best Casino bonuses according to your style of play and your desires, our team of online games experts gives you all the best bonus offers without wager and explains how it works.

The Online casinos offer 3 categories of promotions subject or not to conditions of bet:

The bonus casino without wager

The bonus without wager is often preferred by the players. Indeed, if your wager is 0, it means that there is no condition for removing the earnings you will do with your bonus money. For example, if you deposit $ 100 to enjoy the Welcome bonus of 100% of the Arlequin casino You will have 100 $ bonus offered, so 200 $ to play.

The bonus money offered can be used for playing and winning. All the money will be above the 100 $ initially offered will be eligible for withdrawal from your bank account. If after an hour of play, your balance is at $ 500 for example, you will be able to cancel your bonus and withdraw $ 500 -100 $ (bonus) = $ 400 eligible for withdrawal.

Casino bonus with Wager

If you choose a bonus casino with Wager, and decide to enjoy the Welcome Bonus of 100% you casino Mystake By depositing $ 100 for example. Once your deposit has been validated you will be able to play with $ 100 in cash and $ 100 in a bonus with a Wager the X30.

So that your 100 $ bonuses submitted on condition become cash you will have to play 100 $ x 30 or 3000 $. Once you have played the equivalent of $ 3000 of Slot machine and/or casino games, all of your bonus money (even if it has increased) will become fully retrifiable and cashable money.

How to get the best bonus without wager?

Being the players ourselves, we place the game experience at the center of our interests and we try to always understand the needs of user online casino sites. This is why our team establishes precise and rigorous criteria for choosing the best bonuses without online casino wager.

To allow us to find the best offers without wager we tested and selected the casinos according to different criteria:

  • The quality of the bonuses without wager (maximum amount, max))
  • Quality and quantity of Casino games Available in the library
  • The advantages and quality of customer service
  • The means of deposit and withdrawal

What are the advantages of the bonus without wager?

Online casino players know this, bonuses are very advantageous promotions but they have conditions that are important to know. If you decide to play on a slot machine, a mini-game like Aviator or even online roulette, it is essential to know the terms and conditions of your Casino bonus to be able to make sure to withdraw all your earnings when .

The bonus without wager has advantages that are interesting for new players. Indeed, as we specify above, it allows players to withdraw their money as soon as he wishes.

If you have played 15 minutes, win a big Jackpot And that you want to recover your money, no need to bet your bonus money several times, you just have to cancel your bonus and do the Withdrawal of your real money.

What is a non-stricky bonus?

Among the bonuses with Wager, there is an alternative called: bonus non sticky. Most often, casino bonuses are sticky or "sticky". This means that you need to bet your bonus money several times to make a withdrawal. But some online casinos offers bonuses with Wager Non Sticky (like Winoui, Wild Sultan or Lucky8 for example).

The bonus non sticky will not require by betting your bet several times As long as you don't use your bonus. For example, if you deposit $ 100 and benefit from $ 100 bonuses, you will first play your real money amount, so if you earn your earnings will be added to your "real" money and it will be cashable without having to fill in condition of bet.

The non -sticky bonus is therefore a compromise between a bonus with and a bonus without wager.

What are the best bonus casinos without wager?

It is difficult to provide the large standing services that are found in a Las Vegas terrestrial casino, of course, but it is possible to offer online casino players a different, but just as exceptional gaming experience. Thanks to the minimum conditions of the bonuses without wager offered by casinos like Cresus Casino, Arlequin Casino or Prince Ali, it is possible to increase his chances of winning and being able to play longer.

Among The best bonuses without wager From the online market we find:

Arlequin Casino

This brand new online game site offers a superb Welcome offer without wager of 100% up to 300 $ as well as 10 free spins. With a library of games and slot machines of several thousand references, there is no doubt that you will love it!

Crest Casino

Leader of the American -speaking market, the reliable casino Cresus is an institution that many players know. Take advantage of your account from a bonus of Welcome without wager of 150% up to $ 300 as well as 500 free spins exclusively.

Millionz casino

New online casino without wager on the American -speaking market, Millionz is a prestigious site which offers offers and bonuses without condition to its players. With a welcome bonus without wager to $ 500 from the creation of the account, have fun with more than 5,000 slot machines!

Casino Montecryptos

This site is one of the precursors of Casino in cryptocurrencies. Long attached to a wager, Montecryptos now offers all these bonuses without wager. No need to make any bet when you play at the Montecryptos account, and it starts with the Welcome bonus of $ 300 !

Prince Ali Casino

To grant your greatest wishes, what could be better than the online casino Prince Al. With a Welcome bonus without wager of 100% up to 3000 $ on your first 3 deposits, more than 3000 slot machines and even A bonus without receipt of 10 $ offered To test the platform. At Prince Ali, it is up to you to pocket the jackpot.

Casino Madnix

At Doctor Nix, the offers are certainly less impressive by their amount, but completely regular and the site is of impeccable quality. Over 2,000 slot machines and table games make up the toy library you will have the chance to survey with a bonus without a condition for 100% up to $ 100 without any condition (No wager, no maximum bet, absolutely 0 condition).

Casino Banzai Slots

The universe of Japan makes many of us dream, Banzai Slots has managed to link the Empire of the rising sun with the universe of the online casino in the best way. Benefit from registration from a Bonus of Wager without wager of 100% up to $ 250 as well as 200 free spins offered.

casino Magical Spin

This online experience casino offers its new players a Promotion without condition of WAGER of 100% up to 3000 $ on the first three deposits. The Casino toy library is large and contains several thousand slot machines and live casino games.

Best-USA-Casino.net offers you the best casinos without wager on the market. Reliable, secure and in possession of an official license we find:

  • Millionz casino
  • Arlequin Casino
  • Prince Ali
  • Crest Casino
  • Vanzai Slots

Online casino bonuses are subject to minimum stake conditions. A bonus without wager does not have any condition. That is to say that all the gains that are made beyond the bonus amount that has been credited will be eligible for withdrawal. No need to bet your bonus several times to make a withdrawal.

All games are available during a wage bonus: online blackjack, online roulette, slot machines, baccarat, keno, bingo, live casino games, etc.

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