Online casino cashback bonuses

The bonus cashback is a sum that an online casino reimburses you when your bets are losers. Its granting mainly encourages you to persevere, since you will have the opportunity to try your luck a second time.

However, it is not always systematic and its withdrawal is often subject to conditions. Some establishments allow you to recover it immediately, others will require that you will replay it a number of times with your deposit before granting it in real money.

It is not extended to all their games either, but is only reserved for some (mainly to slot machines) for a limited period. Below, we present in detail the characteristics of this bonus.

Top 3 Best Casinos with Bonus Cashback

Le casino Mystake

In case of loss, the casino MyStake undertakes to offer you a 10 % cashback on deposits made in cryptocurrency during the month. All end of the month, this refund will be calculated from your lost stakes.

If you have, for example, deposited $ 1,000 in Bitcoin between the first and the 30 (or the 31st) of the month you lost it, Mystake will reimburse you $ 100. This amount will be automatically credited to your account.

To obtain your payment, simply fill out a request form before 5. After studying your file, you will receive real money that you can withdraw until the 10th of the month. Everyone is eligible for this cashback, since it has no maximum bet or withdrawal condition.

Le Casino Cabarino

Every Monday, the Casino Cabarino Credit your account of a cashback calculated from the losses recorded between Monday at 0 hours and Sunday at 11:59 p.m. of last week, whatever the games you played.

Its rate depends on your VIP table. He's from :

  • 9 % if you are part of the super star table
  • 7 % for celebrity statutes
  • 5 % for members of the icon table
  • 3 % for revelation players.

All the losses recorded on any game give you the right to a cashback. Its amount is obtained by cutting off bonuses, withdrawals and deposits of your balance. Each player can claim it, whatever the amount of his bets, however, he must wait for his value to reach at least 1 euro before requesting his payment.

Your bonus will be paid to you in the form of virtual money. Later, you will have the opportunity to bet it (as well as the gains that you have withdrawn from it) on your bets, on the condition that its value:

  • does not represent more than 10 % of the available balance
  • Do not exceed $ 5 per turn.

The gains generated by your bonus can be removed. Also note that bets are deducted from your real balance and if it is zero, they will be entrenched from the bonus balance. At Cabarino, a player cannot withdraw his bonus as long as he is active.

It must first give it up before requesting its withdrawal from customer service. Otherwise, The expiration of the bonus occurs 7 days after its activation. It is within this period of 7 days that you must proceed with it. Finally, any bettor can only have one bonus at a time, this cashback cannot therefore be accumulated with other active bonuses.

Le casino Magical Spin

Magical spin gives you a cashback every Sunday. Its value represents 5 % of the total amount of deposits made during the week if you are a first -level VIP player and 10 % if you are a second level VIP member.

This bonus is evaluated by subtracting the gains from the deposits. You will therefore receive a refund of $ 10 if you have bet $ 300, but you have won and pocketed $ 200.

This cashback is a real money bonus that you can withdraw as you wish, whatever the amount of your bets. However, it can only be granted if your balance is empty and if no withdrawal is in progress.

Magical Spin also gives you the possibility of integrating a magic school in which you will benefit from an advantage which will increase as you go up. Upon entering Nadhur the Necromancer, you will receive a bonus cashback every month. The higher your level, the greater its amount.

Its rate is included:

  • Between 5 and 6 % for levels 2 to 18
  • Between 6 and 7.5 % for levels 19 to 36
  • Between 7.5 and 8.5 % for levels 37 to 54
  • Between 8.5 and 9.50 % for levels 55 to 70
  • 10 % for the final level 71

You can only take advantage of this cashback on the condition of making a monthly deposit of at least 25 $. It is calculated as follows:

Cashback = ((deposits - (withdrawals + bonus)) x rate according to the level

What is a casino cashback bonus?

The cashback bonus is money returned by your casino whenever you lose your bets. Its objective is to give you your morale despite the disappointment of failure, since you will always recover a portion of lost money.

Cashback is also a way to thank you for your loyalty. Indeed, through this strategy, the casino will hold you on its platform so that you do not think of frequenting other establishments despite your losses.

The rate of this bonus as well as its duration vary from one establishment to another. He can also take the form of real money. In this case, it will be possible for you to withdraw it or use it for the payment of your bets.

Refund in the form of virtual money is also offered by certain establishments. However, they can demand that you place it a number of times with your deposit before giving you the opportunity to withdraw it. It is therefore obvious that it is best to enter the casinos offering cashbacks in real money.

The conditions for granting this bonus are not the same either. Some casinos reserve them for customers fulfilling certain criteria, VIP for example. It is also possible that it is limited to certain games only. Refund can be weekly or monthly. On the other hand, it is sometimes only available when the player's balance is zero.

How to get a casino refund bonus?

It is above all advisable to enter a legally constituted casino which offers cashback in its offers. Also check that he pays players well and has a reliable assistance support.

The payment of the cashback bonus is periodic, at a weekly or monthly frequency. Casinos automatically calculate it with each deadline and it will then be up to you to request its payment.

To access it, you must apply via a form. It will then be paid to your account or in the bonus balance.

How to make money with a cashback bonus?

Bonus cashback is a promotional offer that is sometimes limited in time. It is therefore wise to enter a casino which offers it permanently or at least over a fairly long period. To make your choice, you can also check the maximum amount of the refund sold, even if most providers do not cap it and require any minimum stake.

Also make sure that cashback is offered on your favorite games. If it is paid as real money, you will have the opportunity to pocket it or replay it and win gains.

If your cashback is paid as virtual money, several conditions will apply so that you can touch it. For example, you may have to bet it a number of times with the deposit before pocket the gains.

What are the conditions for a casino cashback bonus?

The cashback bonus is in principle due as long as you take losses. Each casino can nevertheless enact its own conditions to make you benefit from it. We can therefore demand:

  • that you play regularly during the offer period (monthly, weekly, during the days of cashback) and that you place a minimum deposit;
  • Whether you are part of the VIP members: people with high status being entitled to more important bonuses, you will be even more motivated to play on the platform;
  • that you bet your bonus with your deposit a number of times to be able to remove it;
  • that the bets are placed within a period defined by the casino otherwise you risk losing your bonus and its earnings;
  • that the amount of bets including the bonus does not exceed a certain sum;
  • that the bonus amount reaches a certain value before being paid. It may also be capped.

The cashback may finally be only available for some games only.

FAQ: Questions about the cashback bonus

How to win a casino cashback bonus?

Any loss of play allows you to win a cashback bonus as long as your casino is offered.

Is it possible to earn real money with a cashback bonus?

Yes, several casinos allow their members to earn real money and pocket them, with or without conditions.

Are there conditions applied to my cashback bonus?

Yes, conditions may apply. To know them, it is indicated in this case to read the terms and conditions of your casino.