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Play blackjack online on the best casino

Although very old, blackjack is a table game still very appreciated by the players. With simple rules and a quick rhythm, the blackjack has all the assets to appeal to online casino users.

To take advantage of the Best game experience Possible, our team provides you with a free demo, the rules of the game as well as blackjack tips to improve you.

Discover our classification of best sites of casino to play blackjack, take advantage of our Exclusive bonus And try to beat the dealer on live tables.

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What is online blackjack?

The objective of online blackjack here is to beat the casino which is here called the bank. To do this, you will have to get a higher hand than that of the bank by getting closer closer of 21 without exceeding this number.

Remember that the best hand, the famous Blackjack, is the one whose sum of the first two cards gives exactly 21 points. If you come to exceed 21 points, you lose your hand whatever the sum of the cup cards.

How to play blackjack online?

A true icon of casinos, Black Jack has become a central element of popular culture. The phenomenon is such that the game frequently takes the headliner at the cinema and has interfered in all cultures around the world. So, you too want to try the adventure?

Discover the whole story of this game, and learn our tableau the Blackjack official to optimize your chances of winning as much as possible.

The origins of blackjack

Invented at the end of the 18th century, the Black Jack is still called on the 21 indicating the number of points required to beat the bank. It is in the United States that the name changes because, little appreciated by the players, casinos managers decide to add a bonus when some cards are fired by the player. The "black valet" characteristic of this process, then becomes the "black jack".

Blackjack rules

Black Jack is a card game, where a maximum of seven players individually face the "bank", personified by a Casino dealer. The goal is extremely simple, match or approach 21 points without ever exceeding them.

To find your way in the points, there is no great difficulty, each card is worth the value inscribed there, and the "heads" are worth ten points. That is to say ladies, kings, and valets. The AS is the only one that can have several values, either 11 or 1 is up to you to choose according to the context.

Now that you know the values of the cards as well as the goal of the game let's move on to the more concrete rules.

First of all the distribution, the dealer gives two cards to each player as well as himself. All cards are discovered, for players, the bank has a hidden face card.

Each player then chooses to draw a new card to get closer to 21, or to stay, that is to say do nothing and keep the points possessed so as not to exceed the limit. If you have an ace we will see later, what is the most skillful way depending on the context in question.

Also note that the required bet depends on the table in question it can therefore vary greatly.

Special maneuvers can be carried out in specific situations:

  • The first dealer's card is an ace, the player can make sure, against black jack potential. To do this, he pays half of his bank in the bank and makes a zero benefit if the bank draws a "head" as a result of the AS already fired.
  • If a player obtains two cards of the same value, for example two five, it is possible to to separate. That is to say playing in a way on two tables, pulling the first time from five stay, then start over on the second five. And so get two totals, a chance to beat the bank. If a third five is fired after having separated it is sometimes possible to separate again and therefore play this time on "three paintings".
  • Finally it is possible to double after receiving two cards. This operation is carried out when the player thinks of having a good draw. It is therefore possible that he also doubles his gain, but in return he will be able to draw more than one card.

What are the different types of online blackjack?

The online blackjack presents many variations with the same principle, but presenting some differences between them. Your chances of winning will differ according to the type of game that you choose.

Here are some versions of online blackjack accessible here:

First-person blackjack

This online game takes up the Bonus and Principles of Game of Blackjack Live Dealer fromEvolution gaming. You will play here against 3D software. The goal is to get a hand greater than that of the dealer without exceeding 21 points.

In the First-person blackjack, you can also put up to two additional hand -by -hand bets. These bets are betting on the probability of having a combination with the three cards or having a combination with the two cards in your hand.

Blackjack Multi-hand

On this table, you can play Several hands simultaneously To optimize the game experience and the challenges. Your games will be more interesting, because more bets increase sensations with more potential gains. You can even play up to three hands at a time to get the pleasure triple.

European blackjack

It's here The most popular version of Blackjack. The hoof consists of two card games, the coast fixed at 3: 2 and all the cards remains visible throughout the game. L'European blackjack imposes more limits on the decision -making of the players. Each element of the game is easy to understand, because the table is well arranged.

American blackjack

In L'American blackjack, when the player doubles his bet, the cards received are distributed in front of hidden and are only revealed once the turn is finished. The bank distributes a closed card at the same time as its first visible face card. The hidden card only returned once the players' hands have been played.

The player here has the possibility of giving up Long before the end of the game if he believes that the dealer's hand is unfavorable to him. In the event of abandonment, the player loses only half of his bet.

L'American Blackjack Permets the Limit losses. This is the blackjack version recommended for beginners.

Blackjack VIP

This Variant you blackjack is proposed by the provider isoftbet. It represents a more complete, more private, more interactive and more exciting version of traditional blackjack. The VIP table is only accessible to players that can afford large amounts of money. The bets here is greater from 100 to 1000 euros.

in Blackjack VIP, you can double, separate or both at the same time your maximum bet, within the limit of your total scale.

Play blackjack online in real silver and free mode

Online blackjack is not only easy to play, but also offers great probabilities that you will not have with other formats.

You will find on our site an online blackjack version in free mode and also a Real money variant. Free or not, each version has its strengths and its own gaming experience. Here is a summary of the advantages of each of these two versions to allow you to choose better.

Free online blackjack assets:

  • Ideal for assimilating Blackjack rules and even its different variants.
  • No risk of losing money.
  • Ideal for trying to new strategies.
  • No stress for leveling almost identical to online game with real money.

The advantages of online blackjack in real silver:

  • Possibility to earn money.
  • Gains and losses optimize the excitement of the game.
  • Allows you to test the card counting systems in reality.
  • Possibility of unlocking casino bonuses.
  • Optimization of the pleasure of the game by winning or losing with your friends by playing in multiplayer mode.

Blackjack strategies

Black Jack is a probability game, so it is important to observe the cards at stake. Counting cards is however a myth. Indeed, several card games are used at the same time during the game so it becomes very complicated.

However, some decisions are more adequate than others. If your first two cumulative cards are worth 11 points it is wise to shoot, above it becomes risky, because exceeding 21 becomes likely.

You must then follow your flair, but above all observe the cards on the table. If many "heads" have been drawn, and you are 14 for example it can be interesting to shoot, but it obviously has a risk.

Any card having a value greater than or equal to 8 will make you lose in this specific case. Depending on this example, you have 6 out of 13 chances of losing by considering the theoretical card package.

To conclude there is no magic formula to win suddenly, however continuously reasoning in probability is a good approach to limit the breakage, and trying to make an unexpected benefit when it timidly shows the tip of its nose.

Methods to win blackjack online

Online blackjack is not a game of pure coincidence. It is therefore essential to find your own strategy. Each of your decisions will influence the course and the result of your game.

here are some Simple and easy tips To help you establish a basic strategy to help you start well.

Get closer to the 21 without ever exceeding it

The principle of blackjack is simple: You have to beat the bank flat sewing. For that, you must bring closer to the number 21, ideally reaching it without however exceeding it. If you reach blackjack, that is to say a card that is worth 10+ an AS, your bet will be paid 3 for 2. You will win your bet once you beat the dealer without reaching 21 points.

Chance certainly plays in the distribution of cards, but you still have to help yourself by using strategy. An informed player will know when he is more judicious to abandon or continue the game. He will have to take into account the hands of other players and the bank.

Understand the value of the cards and remember it

There is no point in having strategy or luck if you do not know the value of the cards. So try to know them and remember them:

  • Each of the cards from 2 to 9 has their own nominal value.
  • The logs have a value of 10. These are the ladies, the kings, the valets and the cards of 10.
  • The aces are worth 1 to 11 depending on the player's game. Indeed, if your hand is less than 21 then the AS is equivalent to 11. If on the contrary, your hand has more than 21, your AS will only be worth 1. In all cases, the AS will always have a value calculated to the advantage of the player.
  • If you receive an ace and a card from the start from the start, which gives a total of 21 then you have the famous "Blackjack" hand.

Basic strategy to win more often

The basic strategy is the first method to assimilate to Reduce the chances of the casino up to less than 1 %. This technique is based on observation and its principles are quite simple:

  • If the bank has a card between 2 and 6 then it cannot win. Indeed, even if he has a "log", the sum of his hand will never exceed the 17. The player will therefore have to draw an additional card.
  • If the casino draws a map of 7 then you must redouble a vigilance. If he manages to release a "log" then his chances of winning are increased.

The basic strategy therefore consists in knowing Anticipate the possibilities of the bank's game While evaluating your chances of winning. By knowing all of this, you will know when to stop, when you will have to double your bet. You will know even when you need to draw two equal cards.

Remember to memorize the Basic strategic table. Do it before you embark on the implementation of counting techniques or your own strategy. You will be able to play in all circumstances. At least, be sure to have it before your eyes during your online blackjack games.

Do not take insurance

When you play blackjack online, it is the dealer who shares the first cards on the table. As soon as the cards are distributed, the player can decide between different game choices. You can shoot one or more cards, stop, double your bet, separate a pair in both independent hands.

If the visible face card of the bank is an ace, you can also Take insurance against his possible blackjack. By choosing to take this insurance, you can bet up to 50 % of your main bet.

If the dealer really receives a blackjack, you will lose your initial bet, but you will win your insurance bet in return. You will therefore be paid 2 against 1. Your gain will therefore cover your loss.

If the dealer does not get blackjack, you lose your insurance and your first bet is set to you normally. With one hand greater than that of the bank, but less than 21, you win the game. In the opposite situation, you lose your bet.

Now that you understand the operation of the insurance in blackjack, Now you have to ask yourself whether you have to take it or not. The answer is no, and this is one of the things on which most of the Blackjack experts agree.

Experts all agree that you should not take insurance, as it benefits the bank. This insurance has a report of 2 against 1 while the bank has 3 out of 14 chances of obtaining a blackjack. Statistics therefore confirm this advantage granted to the bank by taking insurance.

Always separate the aces and the eight

In the basic strategy, the rule adopted to play a pair of ace or eight is simple: pairs must always be divided.

The total of the pair of aces is 12, which is bad for the player. In addition to that, when you separate your pair of aces, you are more likely to receive a ten. Which will bring you directly to the 21st, the famous “Blackjack” hand.

Be aware, however, that in most casinos, you will only receive one additional card after the division of your AS pair. Separation in both separate hands does not allow you to act to improve your hands. You don't also have the opportunity to divide your AS pair a second time if you get another AS.

This is also the case with a pair of 8, because its sum is equivalent to 16. At each separation, your map of 8 receives a new card and becomes a separate hand. You can therefore act to improve your hand by shooting, remaining or dubbing. You can even divide your pairs of 8 as many times as you want.

Ignore the advice of other players

Despite their possible good faith, The other players will give you in most cases, poor advice. So you need to camp on your position and stick to your personal strategy. Do not let yourself be diverted from your strategy by what others can think.

Learn the blackjack painting

Each type of online blackjack uses different rules and configurations. There is therefore no universal strategy adapted to all circumstances. However, the strategic table basic will give you a global view of the whole game. So you will know when it is supposed to divide your cards.

In this tableau, you will at least remember to remember these points:

  • Never take insurance.
  • If the division of your cards is impossible, adapt your game to the score of your hand.
  • If you cannot double your bet, pull another card, but camp on your position with a flexible 18 in hand.
  • Don't be afraid to give up.

How to choose which blackjack table to play on?

On online casinos, you have the choice between several tables. Each of them has their particularities in terms of bets, software, insurance or abandonment options. That you are a expert or beginner, you need to determine your favorite table. To do this, you need to test the different types of blackjack online in free mode.

Remember that by playing blackjack online in free mode, you can try all the variants of this game. You can have fun, find your own strategy and even refine it while taking zero risk.

By playing online blackjack in real money, you will live an intense experience of play. Betting with real money brings more adrenaline thrusts. You can also remove your earnings when you wish.

Play blackjack in the playgrounds

Playing in the playgrounds, in black jack casinos is the most traditional way to indulge in it. However, there is no casino in each city, and this can be binding depending on the region in which you live.

In addition, this approach can be perceived as more oppressive for a beginner player. Of course if it is adrenaline that is sought, nothing can match the one felt during a real part!

Play blackjack on an online casino

In recent years, the law has softened many online platforms has offered to play games originally practiced at the casino. These are real Online casinos On which you can bet real money and play with real players against a computer, or sometimes also with a real dealer, filmed is visible on your screen.

In most cases, it is possible to play for free.

Play blackjack on your mobile

Finally in the same vein as the Online casinos, you can access multiple platforms from your phone from your phone, that of playing online. In the same way, you can practice black jack or any other chance game available on the application with other real players, or not, it depends on the service offered by the application.

How to count the cards in blackjack?

The Card counting or card counting consists in guessing whether the cards that have not yet been distributed benefit you or not. You must count and memorize the cards distributed while holding account of the cards that benefit from you and those weaker. Among the advantageous cards, you have AS and logs. For those weaker, there are 4, 5 and 6.

When enough bad cards are released, you can so Increase your stakes. The hoof contains more good cards for your next hand. On the other hand, if it is the right cards that are the most out, place only small bets. You can also refrain from betting at least until the hoof is mixed again.

The lexicon of online blackjack

  • 17 souple (soft 17) : A hand whose sum is equivalent to 7 or 17, because it contains an AS card and another of 6.
  • 17 rigide (hard 17) : A hand containing an AS equivalent 1 like AS-6-10.
  • To abandon : Alternative allowing a player accessible to the player consisting in recovering the 50 % of his bet by sleeping just after the first deal.
  • Assurance (insurance) : In the event that the casino has an ace as a visible card, it can offer a second bet to the player. This additional bet is capped at the value of 50 % of its main bet. If the player receives the famous hand worth 21, the insurance is given to him, but he loses his main bet. So don't take insurance unless you are sure there are still lots of logs in the shoe.
  • BlackJack : The name of the game itself and which also indicates a hand made up of an ace and a log, the sum of which is 21 points.
  • Burn, die (bust) : Exceed the sum of 21 in one hand. Which is equivalent to losing it.
  • Log (Paint, Card side) : The cards equivalent 10 to blackjack such as the 10 card, the valet, the lady or the king.
  • Capital (bankroll) : The total amount of the amount you have to play.
  • Burnt card (Burnt Card) : This is one of the five cards defeated by the casino.
  • Cup card (Cut Card) : Plastic card which marks the stop of the distribution of a shoe.
  • Case (box, spot) : One of the 7 zones on the carpet where the player can put his bets. The player can bet on several areas at the same time.
  • Donne (dealing) : These are the two cards given to the player and the first offered to the dealer.
  • Doubler (double) : The option allowing a player to multiply by two his bet by taking only one more card. This is a recommended strategy, especially when you have an 11.
  • Double hidden face (Double Down) : Identical technique to "double" and "hidden face", but relating to the distribution mode of the next card.
  • Equality (Draw) : The equality situation between a player and the donor.
  • Point (Pat hand) : A hand equivalent to a sum between 17 and 21.
  • Tip (TIP) : It is not compulsory, but you can give it when you win. Especially since it constitutes the major part of the croupier's salary. Remember, however, that tips are prohibited in England.
  • Naturel (natural) : Synonyms the blackjack.
  • Discard : This is the place to the right of the dealer. We put the cards played there after a tour.
  • Rester (stand) : Refuse to take an additional card and stick to your result.
  • Rigide (hard) : A hand without ace or the ace in hand is only worth 1.
  • Sabot (deck/shoe/talon) : This is the drawer from which all the cards are distributed.
  • Soft (soft hand) : This is the hand where the AS card can have a value of 1 or 11.
  • Spread : The number of boxes used by the player.
  • Stiff hand : A hand equivalent to a sum between 12 and 16. It is a hand likely to jump from where the term "tense", "difficult".
  • Penetration rate : Indicates the location of the cutting card in the hoof.
  • Tirs (hit) : Claim another card from the dealer.
  • Thorp (Edward O.) : The inventor of the cards count.
  • Uston (and) : The inventor of the APC (Advanced Point Count) method and author of the Dollar Blackjack book.

Are there software to win blackjack online?

oui, there are software for Optimize your chances of gain to this online game of chance. It is not always enough to rely on your instinct and your luck for win this game of chance. You can also use a simple method to boost your gain likely based on mathematical principles.

So play intelligently by making rational decisions. Keep in mind that, during a game of blackjack, you can receive up to more than 340 different hands. The blackjack table allows you to act according to your cards and the open map of the dealer. So reduce the chances of the casino to less than 1 % and optimize yours.

Other games of chance accessible online

All casino games are accessible. Craps, poker in all its forms, baccarat, Slot machines et Roulette are waiting for you to pocket the jackpot!

Millionz is currently the best casino site to play Blackjack 21 against croupiers. Thanks to its dozens of live tables and exclusive bonuses, live the best blackjack game experience.

Absolutely. If you play blackjack online on an online casino with license and your country's jurisdiction allows it, this is legal.

To win there are different blackjack strategies

  • Know your blackjack painting by heart (available on our page)
  • Always double on a score of 9, 10 or 11
  • Place more money on the side bets (pair, bank, color, etc.)

If you want to play blackjack on the internet several solutions are available to you, the best sites are:

  • Millionz casino
  • casinozer
  • Mystake

To make a blackjack 21 the player must bring together a total of 21 points with only two cards (AS + a value of 10).

The bank stops shooting if it has a value of 17 or more. If the bank is over 21, all unlimited players win.

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